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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


 PART-2, General Introduction  ON WAY OF PRECAUTION :-

        In the first part of the article we have discussed the two options or the two ways in order to reach to the era of the holy Prophet. It was also discussed that only one out of two is reaching to the true teachings of the holy Prophet but which of them is the right way  was left to the conscious of the readers.....!! 

      Here in the second part we will discuss the two schools of thoughts on the basis of two options or ways already discussed in the first part of the article. On the basis of these two options there are two main schools of thought  in Islam one following the route of Bani Ummayia /Bani Abbas which recaches  to Khilafath called by them as Kelafath-e-Rashidha to the holy Prophet this is known as Sunni School of thought, and other following the route of Bani Hashem through A-Emia Asna-e-asher  (12 successor from the race of the holy Prophet) reaches to the holy Prophet is called Shia school of thought. These are two basic schools of thought in Islam. Each one of them claims to be on a correct path according to the true teachings of the holy Prophet.  There is a great difference in the Tafaseer (elaboration) of the holy Quran and in the Ahadeeth of the holy Prophet as earlier discussed in the first part of the article that the way of approach to Quran and Sunnah of both the groups is quite different therefore there are vast differences between both schools of thought and between them there is an open  field of research but everyone is not able to step in, this field because vast knowledge and patience is required for this field therefore except a very few  majority of the people rest keep  moving on the  pre-decided routes. 

      Let us step in, the vast field of research for the search of truth with a new approach and this new approach is the  :- WAY OF PRECAUTION :- 

       Let us view both schools of thought from a new angle. The nature of human being is that they want to adopt the safest way in their life to protect themselves from dangers. The way of precaution is the most safe way to be adopted in every branch of life.  Suppose we are just new and not aligned to any school of thought and we step in the field of research by keeping both the options or schools of thought in view then we come across the following four options:-

1.   Sunny school of thought is correct.

                      2.   Shia school of thought is correct

   3.   Both schools of thought are correct.

                         4.   Both schools of thought are wrong.

      By viewing the above four options in the light of precaution we will adopt the way of precaution. It is clear that option No. 3 cannot be adopted  because both schools of thought cannot be correct as discussed earlier in detail that they are following different ways and routs which are opposite to each other so both cannot reach to the same destination. Likewise the option No. 4 also cannot be adopted because the both schools of thought cannot be wrong otherwise the basis of Islam will be demolished. Now we are left with first two options and among them one is surely correct and other is surely wrong, but which one is correct ? We will follow the way of precaution which will definitely  lead us to the correct way.

       First of all we must be sure that the Holy Prophet is the main standard for us.  We have not seen the God and there is no chance in the future to see Him. We have not seen Gebraiel (A.S) . We have not seen the heaven nor the hell. We have accepted every thing that we believe, by the saying of the Holy Prophet. The decision of the Holy Prophet is standard  for us. If he said right to some thing then that is definitely right and if he said wrong to something then that is surely wrong . If he said Haqq then that is Haqq and if he said Battel then that is Battel, whatever he gave we have to take and whatever he rejected we have to reject. What is Haqq Holy Prophet is to tell and what is battel also the Holy Prophet is to tell. The Holy Prophet is a standard for the whole Ummah and the standard is always above all the changes. As every action of the Holy Prophet is standard for Ummah  so it must remain same in all the  circumstances but if it is different at different times then it can not be standard. Take the example of Prayer if Holy Prophet while praying some time kept his hands on his chest and some time kept them on the belly and some time kept them open hanging  (as unfortunately it is believed ) such action can never be a standard and even an ordinary man will not do it how the Holy Prophet who was standard for whole universe could do such things? Whose every action of life is under the direction of God ( Wahhi ) and who knows that he is giving the code of life up to the day of judgment. How the action of such a great person can not have the similarity and uniformity? If the standard himself has no uniformity how he can produce a uniform Ummah? Therefore it must be understood very clearly that it was a great conspiracy of Munafeqeen against the Holy Prophet to destroyed the standard in  his actions to make his teachings suspicious otherwise all the actions of the Holy Prophet weather performed in the day or in the night , in the light or in the darkness , outside openly or in the closed room were just the same and were based of on the unique uniformity. There was no conflict or confusion at all. In fact if different people at different places at different time see some action of the Holy Prophet and those different people from different places get together to reproduce the action of the Holy Prophet there must not at all be any difference in their performed action then such an action could be called the action performed under the direction of Wahhi and such action could be called the standard action. 

    After this introduction in next sub topic of the article we will discuss  the way of precaution.