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        In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

The moon in the stars.


  • Part- 5 :- Quranic Verse from Sura  Al Hujarat.


  • Translation of verse   16, from Sura Hujarat.

  "   Say thou (our Apostle) What ! teach ye  God about your religion , and God knowth whatever is in the heaven and whatever is in the earth; and God knowth all things, "

COMMENTS :-     This holy verse mentions about the  people who were not having proper understanding of Prophethood and  they  also did not have the correct understanding about God. Such people were present in the circle of sahabiat and were considered as faithful sahaba. Now if all the ways and means for comments and detection are blocked on  the name of  respect of Sahaba and if the whole lot is declared sincere and every one of them becomes the star of hidayat what type of Islam will flourish ? ?  


  • Translation of verse   17, from Sura Hujarat.

     "    Lay they an obligation upon thee that they have submitted (embraced Islam ) Say thou; Lay ye not upon me any obligation by your submission rather God layth an obligation upon you that He guided you unto the faith if ye be truthful ones. "

    COMMENTS :-     Now in the light of this holy verse what comment can be made on the faith of those people (Present around the Holy Prophet ) who did not know  that the submission  is for their own benefit and not for the benefit of God and the Holy Prophet.  Many of them were obligating the God and the holy Prophet for their Islam. The God has made them realize that it is His obligation on them that He has guided them to Islam " IF they are true in their submission"  by putting the ' IF ' God has put a question mark (?) on the Islam of many of them who all are( by hard luck ) considered 100% true faithful followers and any comment on their Islam is considered against Islam ! ! ! 


  • Translation of verse   1 &2, from Sura Najm.

      "     By the star when it goeth down "

      "     Erreth not your companion nor is he led astray "

    COMMENTS :-    In this holy verse God has used the word ' Sahib '   ( word Sahabi is derived from word 'Sahib ) means companion. It is a fact that holy Prophet was not the companion of munafeqeen , there were such people who were companion 'Sahib' but even then were blaming the holy Prophet as an errant and misguided one ,therefore the Holy verse was revealed to protect the holy Prophet that your Sahib is not errant. 


  • Translation of verse   12 &13, from Sura Mujadilah.

 "     O' ye who believe ! when ye consult in private with the Apostle , then offer some alms before your consultation , that is better for you and purer; but ye find not any means then verily God is Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful. "

"      What Restrained ye that ye give alms before your consultation ? Then since ye did it not and God turned unto you, then keep ye up prayer, and pay ye poor-rate and obey ye God and his Apostle ; and God is All aware of what ye do. "

COMMENTS :-    These holy verses have exposed the reality of  spending in the way of God (alms) of many of the people around the holy Prophet . As per holy Quran they were not ready to spend a single Dirham in the way of God in order to consult with holy Prophet so God due to his mercy turned his order !  Though God  took his order back but the position of many of them was exposed, now when according to holy Quran they did not spend a single dirham as alms how one could believe the history (written under the influence of kings ) which talks about some of the people among them spending whole of their holdings in the way of God ? History contradicts with the holy Quran  so in such case a Muslim should believe history or Quran ? But the sorrowful state is that people narrate the history to uplift their self made personalities and overlook the Holy Quran. There was  one who openly said that I was the only one who acted on this holy verse, and said, " I was having one dinar   I got it changed in to ten dirhams and by spending one dirham as alms I consulted with holy Prophet  ten times and on his open claim no one  contradicted him .


  • Translation of verse  11 , from Sura Al-Jumah.

      "      And when see they merchandise or sport, they brake away unto it, and leave thee standing . Say thou what is with God is better than sport and merchandise, and god is the best of sustainers. "

      COMMENTS :-    On the day of Juma at the time of Juma prayer a merchant used to bring  goods out side the mosque for selling  and on his arrival he used to beat a drum, on listening to the beat of drum the people used to slip off by breaking  the Juma   prayer and leaving the holy prophet alone (a few faithful used to remain ). From this situation imagine the level of  Islam and Iman of these people who were considered  the stars of guidance for the future human race.


  • Translation of verse  1 , from Sura Al-Munafiqun.

      "       When cone unto thee the hypocrites said they ; ' we bear witness that verily thou art the Apostle of God. ' and verily God knoweth that thou art certainly His Apostle ; and verily God beareth witness that the hypocrites are certainly the liars.   "

     COMMENTS :-    In this holy verse ( which highly favors our point of view )God says that like faithful followers the hypocrites also used to witness the Prophethood but God knows that the hypocrites were false in their witness. The falseness of hypocrites was known by God but a common man could never knew their reality , and  some of the hypocrites were so deep that as per holy Quran even Prophet did not  know them ! The most dangerous point is that when some one saw some body who witnessed the Prophet hood he will consider him as a  faithful sahabi and will accept his witness and the people of far off areas will accept the teachings of Islam from him by considering him the faithful sahabi but infact this hypocrite will not preach the real Islam at all. In this way those who did not get Islam from the Holy race  harmed  themselves , and these hypocrites took away the love of holy race from their hearts.


  • Translation of verse  5 , from Sura Al-Munafiqun.

      "   And when it is said unto them ' come ye ! Apostle of God will seek forgiveness for you ' they turn back their heads, and thou seest them turning away while they are the arrogant ones. "

        COMMENTS :-     In this holy verse a very famous sign of hypocrites (open or hidden ) is described. Such people are found in every age who consider themselves above the help or support of holy prophet. In the time of holy Prophet when they were asked to seek forgiveness through holy Prophet they used to reject it so Quran has called them arrogant. and the generation of those people are found even today with the same believe and this common factor could easily be seen in the hypocrites of past and present.  


  •  Translation of verse   3 &4 , from Sura At- Tahrim.

     "  When the Prophet confided unto one of his wives a matter but when she divulged it and God apprised him thereof, he made known a part of it and avoided a part of it ; so when he informed her of it , said she ; ' who informed thee of this ' He said ; ' informed me , the All-Knowing , the All - Aware. " 

   "  If ye two turn unto Him ,then indeed your hearts are inclined but if ye two back up each other against him, then verily God it is who is his protector, and   Gebriel, and the Virtuous one among the believers, and the angels thereafter will back up.

       COMMENTS :-     These above verses are so clear that they do not need any comments, but still for those who close their eyes from the facts and deny the facts we must say that at least from these verses it is clear that there are two wives of holy Prophet who backed each other against the holy Prophet , their enmity against holy Prophet  is proved from the holy Quran and their enmity was so dangerous that God managed a heavy protection for His prophet against their  wide spread enmity. At the end of our article we say the same what we said in the introduction of the article that people fit the frame of principles on their self made personalities and then de shape the principles according to their personalities , people even ignore the holy Quran but defend their popular personalities at all cost . In these verses the enmity of two wives of holy Prophet is proved from Quran but people by just ignoring and overlooking the Holy Quran have given highest respect and regard to the same two wives of holy Prophet only because they were among their popular personalities ! ! and have taken  50% of teachings of holy Prophet from the proved enemies of holy Prophet !!!


     Ending Comments and conclusion :-

   In this article with the help of holy Quran it is made very clear that the people around the holy Prophet generally called Sahaba -e- Karam were not all of the same status. All of them were not faithful and sincere. Among them there were the people who were highly sincere and faithful to Islam and to holy Prophet and these were actually respectable Sahaba -e-Karam ( Rezwanullah Elahim), They proved their faithfulness in every critical time, but among these true and sincere followers there were such people that their spiritual position was so weak that even after their submission  they used to doubt on the Prophethood. Some were cowards and in dangerous situations they were only  worried about  their own safety and such people many times ran away from the battle field. Some did not have the sense of addressing the holy Prophet , Some were only looking for financial benefit , some were open munafiq  and some were deep  hidden enemies and the common man used to consider them among the faithful  sahaba. This was the mixed gathering around the holy Prophet. The holy Prophet was well aware of the situation but in spite of all this the holy Prophet did not fight openly with sword against the munafiqeen !   

   All types of munafiqeen were deadly enemies of the holy Prophet , their main aim was to finish Islam and the holy Prophet . They remained against the holy Prophet firstly as  non believers ( Kufaar) and after wards as a munafiqeen .Once they tried practically to kill the holy Prophet in the valley of Oqaba but God protected his Apostle and holy Prophet left this world successfully by completing his holy mission. Munafuqeen badly failed to take revenge from the holy Prophet .The holy Prophet while leaving this world said that I am leaving two precious things among you  for your ( Ummah ) permanent guidance and they are the book of Allah ( Holy Quran ) and my holy race ( Itrat ),and further he said that you (Ummah ) will never be misguided if you firmly hold both of them, ----   Again he said that my Ahllal Bait are as the boat of Nuh the one who got in will be successful and one who failed to get in will end in disaster, ---- And then he said that my Ahlal Bait are protection for the inhabitants of earth as the stars are protection for the inhabitants of sky, ----And then he said that be afraid of God about my Ahlal Bait, ---- On one occasion the holy Prophet got Hazrat Ali , Hazrat Fatima And Hassnain all of them under the sheet and addressed to God, O' Allah these are (Only ) my Ahlal Bait. Their blood is my blood , their meat is my meat ,their war is my war and their peace is my peace, their enemy is my enemy  and further Holy Prophet said ' Ali is from me and I am from Ali ;  Ali is with right (Haq) and Haq is with Ali ' Fatima is my part, Hassanain are my two flowers and they are the masters of inhabitants of Jannah. 

            Now please think with cool mind  and open heart that the worst enemies of holy      Prophet ( Munafikeen ) after the above sayings of holy Prophet  about his Ahllal Bait would love the Ahlal Bait or would be the worst enemies of Ahlal Bait ? 

           After the death of holy Prophet  the whole enmity of Munafiqeen  with holy Prophet was transferred to the holy race of the Prophet. 

         Every one has seen that soon after the sorrowful death of the holy Prophet the Ahlal Bait were put in terrible troubles. Everybody irrespective of faith and believe can visualize  with open mind that the holy Prophet who changed bloody and Errant Arabs into civilized beings , who taught them humanity, saved them from dropping into the terrible hell , and guided them to heaven. Now we see that after the death of this great saver of humanity his  holy race was cut into pieces , even their children were slaughtered, their houses were burnt ,their graves were dug out,  their holy women , who were the daughters of holy prophet were made prisoner and were forced to pass bare headed through people who claimed to be Muslims  and the followers of their grandfather, ( The holy Prophet ), and no one protested. And then the endless chain of troubles started for holy race which is continued till to this day. If the powerful  Munafiqeen were not among the faithful followers around the holy Prophet  then who is responsible for the destruction of holy race?  The daughter of holy Prophet  whose age at the death of holy  was hardly eighteen years could not survive  more than 90 days after the holy Prophet and she died in a condition that her bones were broken, She was buried in the midnight with the presence of not more the ten persons , WHY ?  where as Madina was claimed to be full of the followers of Islam.

      Ali !   lived thirty years after the holy Prophet but in which conditions? Come and ask the history !! and ultimately  his head was hit with the poisoned sword during the prayer . He was also buried in the mid night and the sign of his grave was wiped off , WHY ?

      Hassan was also poisoned , and his liver was cut into pieces, His body at the time of burial was put on the arrows and was not permitted to be buried near the holy Prophet, Why ? 

       Hussain !   The pages of the Muslim history are red with the blood of Hussain and his faithful companions, Why ?  

     As a Muslim and being a lover of holy Prophet have we not a right to think and to ask that why the house of our holy Prophet met this sorrowful destruction, and who were responsible for all this ?  

       The people or group or party who are responsible for this terrible deeds directly or indirectly , by directly involving in these cruel  deeds or by not protesting against these cruelties and helping to hide the cruel , or by supporting the cruel groups or by showing the sympathy to cruel people ,  all such classes of the people are to be respected or supported through which angle ? ? ?

        All such people and the groups can not be respected and regarded under the cover of Sahabiat and the holy status of sahaba Karam must not be disgraced by including such criminals in the holy group of sahaba Karam  and they must be brought out with their real face to the Ummah and this is the best way of protecting the Namus-e-Sahaba -e-Karam. 


          Our second article is completed with these last comments . We pray to Allah, that He may help all the Muslims to distinguish between friend and foe , Haq and Batel. Zalim and Muzloom.

         At the end we pray for the dignity of Islam and Muslims  and pray for the establishment of Dolat-ul-Karema.



The moon in the stars.