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   In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

The moon in the stars.


  • Part- 4 :- Quranic Verse from Sura Al- Ahza , Mohammad & Al Hujarat.


  • Translation of verse , No 10& 12, from Al - Ahzab.

  "     When come they upon you from above you and from below you, and were turned dull the eyes and reached to the throats the heart, and ye did imagine about God diverse thoughts. "

  "    And then began to say  the hypocrites and those in whose hearts was disease that ; promised us not God and His Apostle but a deception. "

      COMMENTS :-    Both these holy verses of sura Al-Ahzab indicate the position of the weak Iman  and extreme shortage of courage of different types of the people around the Holy Prophet. In verse No 12 God has mentioned two types of people , the Munafeqeen and they ought to be as mentioned and then those people whose hearts had a disease just think over that who were they ? ( They were other than the Munafiqeen ) Their believe in God and the Holy Prophet was so weak that to them the Holy Prophet and God both were deceivers (Naazobillah ). Now such people who were a definite  part of Sahabiat are to be taken above all comments and research and are to be respected blindly and if the teaching of Holy Prophet are to be taken from them then just imagine which type of Islam will spread over and will be given to the incoming generations , definitely that Islam will be of such kind in which  Ali (the Standard of Momin and Munafiq ) will be cursed from the mosques for continuously ninety years , the holy race of Prophet will be slaughtered  by the followers of such Islam .


  •  Translation of verse No 13, 15 & 16, from Al - Ahzab.

      "   And when said a party of them "o, ye the people of Yathrib ! There is no place for you to stand , so return ye, and a party of them asked permission of the Prophet saying : Verily our houses are exposed (to destruction )  they were not exposed .they only intended to flee away. "

    "  And indeed they had made a covenant with God before they would turn not their backs; And the covenant with God shall be inquired of . "

    "  Say thou , never shall benefit you the flight , if ye flee away from death or slaughter, and then ye will not be allowed to enjoy yourselves but a little . "  

    COMMENTS :-     These holy verses have made the position of many people very clear. In these verses three types of groups  are mentioned . First group pursues the other not to stay in the battle field but to run away, second group was trying to escape from the war by making false excuse that their houses were not safe and the third group first firmly promised with God that they will not run away from the battle field but during war they broke their promise and ran away from the battle field . In the the last verse those people are mentioned who promised to God, whereas  the Munafeqeen will never promise to God then who these people were ? If we deeply search them many faces will appear, which are even today considered the most faithful and the brave persons of the Muslim history !!! Islam can never depend on such undependable lots who put the Holy Prophet in danger and run away to protect their lives.


  •   Translation of verse Verse No 18,  from Al - Ahzab.

      "    Indeed knoweth God those who hinder others among you and those who say unto their brethren come hither unto us, and they come not to fight but a little. "

    COMMENTS :-     This holy verse also states the position of cowards among the Sahaba Karam . They were so weak and coward that they not only remained away from the battle field but also tried to pursue  others not to go to war. The important point to be considered is that God has called them the brothers of faithful fighters and Munafiq can never be the brother of faithful Mujahid than who were these people? They were the integral part of Sahabiat but were very weak in their Iman , Could such people be the stars of Hediat ? and could they lead the others to real Islam and to the love of Holy Prophet ?


  • Translation of verse 19 , from Al- Ahzab.

   "     Being niggardly unto you, but when cometh fear, thou wilt see them looking unto  their eyes rolling like  the one  on whom death hath cast its shadow and when passeth away the fear, they smite you with sharp tongues . being niggardly of the good things; These have believed not and so God hath made their deed in vain; and this for God is easy. "    

     COMMENTS :-     This holy verse also describes  the awful   state of coward people around the Holy Prophet.  First , they do their best not to go to the war but if by some means they have to go to the war then when there is danger they act so cowardly  that they look like dying persons and when the danger is over they become very smart and try to show off as brave and faithful . God has exposed their real position by saying  that they are not momin at all. To punish them God has destroyed all their deeds. They are really unlucky beings  and can not be the stars of hediat.


  • Translation of verse 20, from Al- Ahzab.

     "     Think they the allies have not gone , and should the clans come they would fain be dwelling with the wandering Arabs in the desert, seeking news about you ; and had they been amidst you, they would fight not but a little. "

     COMMENTS :-     This holy verse tells that such people were so coward that they even  liked to live far away from the Holy Prophet  in the deserts from where they could not be called for war. And  from there they wanted to know about the Holy Prophet , How high degree of love they had ! But after the death of Holy Prophet  all of them became the biggest lovers of Holy Prophet  ! !"


  • Translation of verse 16, from Sura Mohammad.

         "  And of them are those who seek to listen to thee until when they go forth from thee , say they unto those who have been given the knowledge: what was it that he said just now ? There are they on whose hearts hath God set a seal and follow they their vain desires. "    

COMMENTS :-     We have already referred this holy verse in our previous sub topic . There were such dull  minded people that they used to sit near Holy Prophet and listen to the Holy Prophet but were unable to understand or to remember any thing what the Holy Prophet has said now just estimate, if they become the stars of hidayat   (as they were thought )  what will they give to the incoming generation , but most of the Ummah unluckily ignored the Ahlal Bait of Holy Prophet who were bestowed with God's given knowledge  instead they asked about the sunnah of Holy Prophet from such people  who were mentioned in this verse, and due to their own mistake or due to the enmity of Ahlal Bait they could never reach to the true teaching of Holy Prophet but remained  practicing baselessly  ( Qayyas ) in the name of Sunnah. 


  • Translation of verse 20 from Sura Mohammad.

      "   And say those who believe ; Why hath not been sent a chapter , But when is sent down a decisive chapter, and mentioned therein is war seest thou those in whose hearts is a disease look unto thee with a look of one on whom has fallen the shadow of death, woe unto them ! far batter will certainly be for them ."

      COMMENTS :-      In this verse Quran says that there were believers ( Not munafiq) who had ambition for the holy war. They wanted some order should be revealed from the God about the holy war, but when the order for the holy war came due to their weak spiritual position and due to the disease in their heart they were looking at the Holy Prophet   like dying person. Could these people be equal to those who fought bravely in all the holy wars?


  • Translation of verse 1 &2, from Sura Hujrat.

     "    O, ye who believe ! Be ye not forward (in any affair) in the presence of God and his Apostle and fear ye God; verily God is All-Hearing , All-Knowing. "

     "    O, ye who believe  ! raise ye not your voices above the voice of the Prophet and speak ye not loud unto him as speak aloud some of you to the others, lest your deeds become null while ye perceive not ."

    COMMENTS :-      Both these holy verses mentioned  the people who believed and had good deeds, (so Munafiqeen are not addressed here) but their level of understanding about the due status of holy Prophet was so low that they( though  believed )  did  not know how to address and  how to walk with holy Prophet. The Holy Quran has given them warning to amend their  ways otherwise all their good deeds will be forfeited. The people of such low understanding could not be made a guide to reach to the teachings of Holy Prophet. 


  • Translation of verse 4, from Sura Hujrat.    

   "     Verily, those who call out to thee from out of the private chambers most of them understand not ."

    COMMENTS :-   This holy verse  like both pervious verses mentions about those people, who were around the Holy Prophet but did not have the proper understanding of the Holy Prophet. They were not aware of the God's given high status to the Holy Prophet. The most important  point in this verse to understand is that God has called  the majority of them brainless ! ! The brainless majority can not guide any one.


  • Translation of verse 14, from Sura Hujrat.  

       "    Say the desert Arabs we believe . Say thou ye believe not, but say ye we submit, for faith has not yet entered your hearts; and if ye obey God and His Apostle , He will lessen not aught of your deeds; verily God is Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful ."

    COMMENTS :-   This holy verse clearly indicates that many people around the Holy Prophet who used to claim  themselves with faith were only on the initial stages of submission. Yet Iman was far away from them ,(though they were definite part of sahabiat,) then how  did they become a perfect momin and stars of hidayat after the death of the holy Prophet .

           Here we end the 4th. part of our article Insha-allah in the next and the last part of the article we will continue the Sura Hujrat.




The moon in the stars.