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    In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

The moon in the stars.


  • SUB TOPIC ,    PART - III  :- 
  • Part-3 :- Quranic Verses from  Al-Baraat  and Al-Noor.  


  • Translation  of vers No 59 , from Al - Baraat .

         "   And if only they were content with what God and his Apostle has given them and had said : " Sufficient for us is God! soon will give us God of his grace and His Apostle too ; verily unto God do we (all) turn. "

COMMENTS :-   This holy verse clearly tells  us that  with the sincere followers of the Holy Prophet there were many greedy and uncontented people about whom the Holy Quran says  that, alas ! they should have contented with what God and His Holy Prophet had given them  , but as per Holy verse such greedy people were never contented with the things given by God. These people never depended on God , so do they deserve the respect and regards under the title of Sahabiat just because they were mixed and were found among the Sahaba Karam or will muslims open their eyes to search and detect them out ?


  • Translation  of vers No 61 & 62 , from Al - Baraat .

          "   Among them are those who hurt the Apostle and say they " He is ear , say is the ear of good for you; he believeth in God and hath faith in the believers and a mercy unto those of you who believe , and those who hurt the Apostle of God for them is a grievous chastisement.  "

           "    Swear they by God unto you that they might please you; and God and His Apostle hath a greater right that they should please him , if they are believers.  "  

      COMMENTS :-    There were such type of people around the Holy Prophet that on one side they used to hurt the Holy Prophet and on other side they  used to swear  by God to prove their faithfulness . God says that if they are really faithful they should practically prove their faithfulness  and not  just by swearing.In their practical life they run away  from the war , they blamed the Holy Prophet, they doubted on Prophet hood, they were   unsatisfied  when they got less, they remained  uncontented , they hurt the Holy Prophet and then to misguide the faithful followers they swear by God and pretended themselves as faithful followers. The Holy Prophet was passing his holy life among very strange people, As he was the Prophet of God  he bared  all such people and by well knowingly he never shunted out any of them only for the reason that they may change their attitude and may become real faithful sahabi , but  inspite of all this ,if their conscious did not  wake then we should not let our conscious die by believing  that every one present around the Holy Prophet must be respected no matter what he did ? 


  •       Translation  of  vers No 64 , from Al - Baraat .

              "    The hypocrites fear lest a Sura should be sent about them declaring  openly unto them what is in their hearts ; Say, " Scoff ye ! verily God bringeth forth what ye fear. "   

    COMMENTS :-     In the introduction of this article we pointed out that  during the life of Holy Prophet  these hypocrites used to feel themselves in danger that at any time some sura may be revealed to expose their real position. In the above sura God has pointed out the same thing , during the revelation of Holy Quran the Holy Prophet and the faithful Sahaba-e-Karam were continuously kept aware of their hidden enemies which were  among them and were posing as  part of them. The Holy Prophet before leaving this world gave a great standard to the Ummah for the detection of such hidden enemies ( Munafekeen ) which will keep on exposing the munafikeen generation by generation till the Day of judgment, and the standard is so perfect that it is able to draw a line of separation between Momin and Munafiq at any time and at any age. In any mixed gathering ( Momineen & munafiqeen ) whenever the standard given by the holy Prophet is brought the two groups will be separated clearly. 

  Translation  of  vers No 75 &76 , from Al - Baraat .

          "     And of them are those who made convent with God : " If he giveth us out of his grace , we will certainly give alms and we will certainly be of the righteous ones. "

           " But when He did give them out of His grace , they became niggardly with it and they turned back, averse."

COMMENTS :-     Before this convent they made another convent  with God that they will not run away from the battle field but they did not fulfill this convent  and ran away  leaving the holy Prophet in a critical state. Now again they made another convent with God that if He gave them out of His grace they will give alms and again when God gave them out of His grace  they turned averse. They were people who continuously broke their convent with God. And these people under the cover of Sahabiat harmed  many generations who kept respecting them as a Sahabi . These harmful lots could easily be detected with the help of God 's given standard which will at once expose them no matter how deep they are.


  • Translation  of  vers No 97 &98 , from Al - Baraat .

    "  The ( rustic) Arabs are very hard in infidelity and hypocrisy, and more inclined not to know the limits what God hath sent down unto his Apostle : and God is All Knowing , All wise. "

    "  And of the (rustic) Arabs are those who take what they spend to be a fine and they wait for calamities unto you ; On them the evil calamity ; and God is All Hearing , All Knowing. "

    COMMENTS :-      In above two Holy verses  the Holy Quran has again  indicated  the evil element among the mixed gathering around the Holy Prophet. In Sura Mohammad God says that there were people sitting near the Holy Prophet listening to his talk and showing that they are hearing attentively , and when they came out they asked other people what did the Prophet say ?( They did not understand any thing what the Holy Prophet said ). In the above verses also the same kind of people are mentioned  and God says that they really do not deserve to understand any thing because they are rustic. Now just imagine that   after the death of Holy Prophet when such  people by making sahabiat  as their base started giving the Islamic teaching to the people who were living in far most areas of the Islamic state in what shape Islam would have reached to those people. ( on one hand they themselves did not understand , secondly they did not want to understand , and thirdly, they were hidden enemies and did not want that actual Islam of Holy Prophet should reach the people, but as they had come from the city of Madina with the title of Sahabi so the sincere people of the far most areas  rushed to kiss their hands and  accepted  every thing from them as a teaching of Islam , all the so called Islamic teachings deviated from the teaching of Holy Prophet ( not supported by the Holy race of the Prophet )spread in the same manner all over the world and  such Islam is in the hands of majority of the people where the cruel and the suppressed , Zalim and the Muzloom could not be differentiated, where the sincere and the cheater both were respected.)


  • Translation  of  verse, No 101 , from Al - Baraat .

        "   And of those who are around you of the (rustic) Arabs there are hypocrites; and from the inhabitants of Madina ; Stubborn are they in hypocrisy ; Thou knowest them not , we know them Twice will be chastise them then shall they be turned unto a grievous chastisement. "

    COMMENTS :-      This holy verse is the central theme  of our present article . It was mentioned in the introduction as well. This verse warns us not to put sheet of respect on all the people who were around the Holy Prophet. Do not blindly respect all of them under the title of Sahaba Karam. It is just possible that we may be regarding and following some one by taking him as a sincere sahabi  and he may be a deep enemy. Because as explained early many of them were looking like and pretending like faithful sahaba ,  some of them were so deep , that God said to Holy Prophet  even  you do not know them .Therefore God and the Holy Prophet gave a very accurate standard to expose these deep hidden enemies.  These unlucky lots from generation to generation will remain enemy of the standard and their enmity will help the momineen to detect them and safe themselves  from their evils.


  •  Translation  of  verse, No 47 , from Al - Noor.

        "    And say they; " Believe we in God and in the Apostle and we obey ; then did turn back a party of them thereafter; and these are not believers ."

       COMMENTS :-      This holy verse demands much more precaution , when some one present among the Sahaba Karam  says that he believes and obeys ,  a normal man will definitely take him as a sincere sahabi but the Holy Quran warns us to be careful because among them some are not momin as they turned back . If such people reached to some place where the people don't know their turning back from Islam and they only recognize them as faithful sahaba and those people take Islam from them which type of Islam will be promoted by them ? What a great risk lies by putting the sheet of respect on all of them. The safe way is to put everyone of them to the standard ,all those who are in accordance  to the standard  must be respected and regarded and the enemies of standard must be rejected and must never be followed. If this precaution is not adopted then one would get de-shaped Islam promoted by such enemies under their own interest . And such Islam does  not deserve any reward from God and the whole life will go in vain and will end in complete disaster.


  •    Translation  of  verse, No 48 ,49 & 50,  from Al - Noor.

     "    And when they are summoned unto God and His Prophet that he may judge between them, lo! a faction of them turn aside. "

      "   And ! if they right be on their side they come quickly unto Him submissive and obedient. "

       "   Is , in their heart any disease or do they doubt or fear they lest will unjustly deal with them God and His Prophet ; Nay ! they themselves are the unjust ones. "

     COMMENTS :-     The above three holy verses of Sura Al-Noor also indicate the  presence of such people , when they were called to decide their disputes by Holy Prophet they resisted and their resistance was the greatest indication that they were not true and faithful , if they were faithful they would have come submissively and obediently to the Holy Prophet but due to the disease of nifaq in their heart they did not even depend on the Prophet of God .The history has the record of such people apparently very close to holy Prophet  and showing themselves to be  sincere but on many occasions like at the time of demanding the pen and paper, in Hudaybiyah pact , on  jaish -e- Usama , on closing of doors towards mosque side, etc  they  resisted and objected on the decisions of Holy Prophet which exposed their reality but  if we justify their actions on the  name of  Iman (as their followers did) than it will be the highest degree of errantry. 


  • Translation  of  verse, No 63,  from Al - Noor.
      "    Make ye not the addressing of the Apostle among you like your addressing one an other; indeed knoweth God those from among you who steal away from you, screening themselves; so let those beware who go against his order lest a trail afflicteth them or there befalleth unto them a painful chastisement "

   COMMENTS :-      This holy verse indicates the literary position of many of those around the Holy Prophet , many of them were not having proper sense  to address Holy Prophet, so God has warned them on their improper way of addressing the Holy Prophet . This verse has also indicated another very ugly habit of such people that when the Holy Prophet talked these people used to slip off silently without getting permission, and these people also disobeyed the orders of God . Now such people because of being badly mixed with the faithful Sahaba karam should be respected ? is it not  necessary to detect them and to shunt them out and not to put the sheet of respect on all of them. 


                 Here we end 3rd. part of our article, in the fourth part  Insha allah we will continue  from Sura Al-Ahzab to further expose the hidden enemies of Islam.


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The moon in the stars.