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  In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

The moon in the stars.

SUB TOPIC ,    PART - II  :- 

  •  Part-2 :- Quranic Verses from  Al-Baraat ,  


  • Translation  of verse No 38 , from Al - Baraat .

         "  O' ye who believe ! what aileth you that when it is said unto you, "Go ye forth (to fight) in the way of God," ye incline heavily to earth; What ! contend ye (yourselves) with the life of this world instead of the hereafter ? but the provision of the life of this world compared to thereafter, is but little.  

           COMMENTS :- In this Holy verse God is directly addressing  those who were Momin  so one can not say that those who were showing weakness for Holy war were Munafiq, though they were Momin but their Iman was very weak as indicated by this holy verse. Now one can imagine that such people around Holy prophet whose status of Iman was so weak how could they become the stars of Hidayat for the coming generations. And according to this verse when they themselves were contented to this life how could they give others the success of life hereafter (Akherat)


  • Translation  of verse No 39 , from Al - Baraat .

             "   Unless ye go forth, He will chastise you with painful chastisement and He will place in your place a people other than you, and no harm will ye do Him; and verily God hath power over all things. "

    COMMENTS :-  This Holy verse is the extreme of God's warning for all those who were around the Holy Prophet , but were not firm in Iman and were not willing to come forth for the Holy war. After this verse which has clearly stated the position of the braveness of many of them how could one as a Muslim believe  and claim that all of them and everyone among them was the model of braveness. Is this believe not contradicting the Holy Quran ? ( The faithful Sahaba-e-Karam were the exception of this verse and that is our claim that all of them were not the shining stars ).


  • Translation  of verse No 42 , from Al - Baraat .

     "    Had there been immediate gain and the journey easy , certainly would they have followed thee, but the distance was too long for them ; yet while they swear by God (saying) " Had we been able, we had surely gone with thee;" They cause their own selves to perish and God knowneth that verily they are liars. 

       COMMENTS :-  This holy verse has cleared the degree of sincerity and faithfulness of the masses around the Holy Prophet. They swear to God  to prove themselves to be faithful but God declared them as liars. All such people were in the circle of Sahabiat, Can such liars be respected only for the reason that they were in the circle of Sahabiat ? Such people no doubt mixed with the faithful sahaba -e- karam never deserved the respect which the faithful followers deserve.


  • Translation  of verse No 44 & 45 , from Al - Baraat .

      "    They ask not leave of thee, who believe in God and the Last Day of  judgment (to be exempt) from striving with their wealth and their selves; verily God is the knower of the pious ones."

      "    Only they ask leave of thee (to be exempt) who believe not in God and the last Day of judgment and their hearts are in doubt, hence in their doubt they are tossed to and fro."

COMMENTS :- Both these Quranic verses explain the position of both kinds of   people around the Holy Prophet . How can all of them be considered  of same status and deserve the same respect ??  



  • Translation  of  verse  No 47 , from Al - Baraat .

       "  Had they gone forth with you they would not have added to you aught save mischief, and they would have certainly hurried about (to and fro) amidst you, to show dissension amidst you and among you there are those who hearken for their sake; and God knoweth the  unjust, " 

COMMENTS :-  From this holy verse it is cleared that those who did not come  with the Holy Prophet in the holy war were munafiq. Their presence in the war would have created more problems , as among those who came there were such people  who were so weak in their believe  that they could be very easily effected by the misconceptions of munafekeen. It was by good luck that those munafikeen did not come and the weakness of many of the people was not exposed. But it must be thought over that who were these people ?  And what they could be called who were so weak in their believe ? But after the death of Holy Prophet how all these people became the stars of  Hedayat


  • Translation  of  verse  No 48 , 53, 56, 57 &58  from Al - Baraat .

    "  Certainly did they seek dissension before they upset matter for thee, until came the truth and did prevail the decree of God, though they were averse (from it) "

     "  Say ; Spend ye willingly or reluctantly never shall it be accepted from you; verily ye are transgressing people ."

      "  And they swear by God that they are surely of you; while they are not of you but they are people afraid." 

      "  If they could find a refuge , or caves or a place to enter therein, certainly would they have turned themselves unto it, rushing thereto . "

       "  And of them there are those who blame thee with regard to the alms; if they are given some from it they are pleased , and if not given to them from it, Behold ! they are enraged. "

   COMMENTS :-  In the above five holy verses the most dangerous (  badly mixed with sincere followers) people are pointed out. Some of them were spreading misconception, some of them were called Faseq by Holy Quran and their spending even for apparently good cause was not accepted by Islam. Some of them were called cowards by Holy Quran, and in the above Holy verses Islam has made this concept clear to its followers that such coward and selfish people no matter how  close they are to the Holy Prophet and even if they swear by God to pretend themselves as faithful , but they are not at all sincere and faithful followers. They have no place in the circle of Sahabiat though they look like a part of Sahabiat and most of the people consider them a part of Sahabiat.

If now the history clearly points such people who in all the Holy wars from Badr to Khyber could never prove their braveness and still we respect them under the cover of Sahabiat and shed our blood for the protection of their undue status ,then where will the warning of Holy Quran stand ? And such people were so greedy  that if they got some thing they became happy and if they did not get any thing than they started blaming the Holy Prophet .


      Here we end the second part of our article and in the third part we will Insha-allah continue from Sura-e-Baraat to expose the hidden enemies of Islam.


The moon in the stars.