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  In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

The moon in the stars.


  • Part-1 :- Quranic Verses from  Al-Baqarah ,  Al-e-Imran ,   An-Nisa    and Al-Maidah .  
  •     Translation  of verse 8 & 9 from Al-Baqarah :-

         "  And of the people (are some) who say, " We believe in God and in the Last Day (of Judgment ) ,(While in fact ) they are not believers .

         "  They (intend to) deceive God and those who believe , while they deceive not but themselves, but they perceive (it) not."

           COMMENTS :- " From these verses we came to know that there were such people around the Holy Prophet, who claimed to believe in God and the Day of Judgment , in normal view they seem  to be a faithful Muslim and a part of group of Sahaba -e-Karam  and the Muslims of present era will shed their blood to protect their respect because they see  their apparent believe which is just like a true Muslim and they are around the Holy Prophet so they consider  them sahabi , but Quran says that they are not Momin, Then how we will come to know about their actual state , the only way to detect their real position is to test them on the standard given by God and the Holy Prophet  and the standard will automatically expose their real position.( Because the standard never fails )


  • Translation of verse No. 14, from Al-Baqarah :-

      " And when they meet with  those who believe , they say," we believe " but when they  go apart to their devils, they say, "surely we are with you, verily we did but mock "

       COMMENTS :-    " when these hidden enemies meet with faithful Sahaba -e-Karam they say that we are with you ,so on their statement  the faithful  Sahaba will take them as member of their class (means a faithful Sahabi ) but Quran says that they are the part of devil's group so how will they be exposed , even when the Shaba-e-Karam  do not know their real picture , so only the Standard given by Holy Prophet will be able to expose them, and they will definitely show their enmity directly or indirectly against the standard ,only the open eyes are required .

  • Translation  of verse No. 144 , from Al-Imran :- 

     "  And Mohammad is not but an Apostle, (Other) apostles have already passed away prior to him , Therefore , if he dieth or be slain, will ye turn upon your heels ? And he who turneth upon his heels will be no means do harm to God in the least , and shortly will God reward the grateful ones. "

       COMMENTS :-   "   This holy verse indicates that after death the of the Holy Prophet  turning of people upon their heels and quitting Islam and returning to the life of ignorance  was in the knowledge of God. And such people were not few, but in large number , because just for few people such a great warning was not required. Only careful eyes are needed to watch what happened  after the death of  the Holy Prophet ,such people will  automatically be exposed specially by keeping the given standard of Holy Prophet in view. " No one will love you but a Momin and no one will be your enemy but a Munafiq "

  • Translation of verse No. 153 from Al-Imran :-

       " Remember when ye ran off precipitately  on the heights and (even) looked not back any one ,while the Apostle calling you from the rear ! So He hath inflicted (upon) you with anguish after anguish , that ye might (learn) not to grieve at what ye lose. nor at what befell you ; and God is (fully) aware of what you do."

        COMMENTS :-    "After the above Holy verse no room is left to comment on the general status of the people round the Holy Prophet , but surely all of them did not run away there were such who were bravely fighting and were defending the Holy Prophet and Holy Prophet himself asked when others ran away why did not you ? Than his reply was I only follow you , and how I can adopt Kufer after accepting Iman . In normal life to follow the Holy Prophet is easy than to Follow the Holy Prophet in the battle field , specially when enemy position is very strong . " 

  • Translation of verse No. 154 from Al-Imram :-

     "  Then after the anguish God sent down security upon you; (in the form of ) slumber overcome upon a group of you, while the other group who cared only for their own selves ---- thinking quite unjustly about God. Thoughts of ignorance , Say they " Is there anything for us in the authority ? " Say (O. Our Aspostle Mohammad!) " Verily the authority resteth wholly with God," They hid in their selves what they would not reveal unto thee, Say they " Had we had anything in the authority we would not have been slain at this place: " Say , " Had ye remained in your home they who were decreed to be slain  would have gone forth to the places where they (new) lie ; and that God might test what was in your breasts and he might purge what was in your hearts; for verily God knoweth what is (hidden ) in your breasts. "

       COMMENTS :-     This verse also like the one above describes the actual position of many people round the Holy Prophet . All of them were apparently Muslims and  were considered  Sahaba-e-Karam , but the verse of Holy Quran  indicates the actual status of many of them which was like the age of ignorance, and they were trying to hide themselves from  the Holy Prophet . No body even the faithful Sahaba-e-Karam were aware of them ,then how the Muslims of today will be able to know about their actual face , The Muslims of today  will definitely shed their blood for the protection of their respect and this happens due to wrong and misleading concept that all around the Holy Prophet were Sahaba-e-Karam and all of them have to be respected !and no one should search their deeds. "


  • Translation of verse No. 155 from Al-Imram :-

"    Verily those of you who turned back on the day when the hosts met , only Satan made them slip on account of some of their action. But indeed God hath pardoned  them , For God is Oft-Forgiving , Forbearing "

   COMMENTS :-         This holy verse  like pervious two verses describes the battle of Uhad and the general state of sacrifice of  the people around the Holy Prophet . No doubt that God has forgiven this act of coward ness (running away from the battlefield by leaving the Holy Prophet in a dangerous state ) but forgiving does not means that they have not committed any sin, God gave them a chance to prove their sincerity with Holy Prophet, but in the future battles like Khandaq or Khyber the condition of such people remained same and they could not prove them selves brave or sincere, moreover the verse is also describing that they committed this act of cowardliness due to the misguidance of Satan, and on another place the Holy Quran states the saying of Satan where he commits that he (Satan ) will mislead and misguide all except the faithful and sincere and according to this verse majority of the people (Leaving few faithful ) were misguided by Satan ........! 


  • Translation of verse No. 161 from Al-Imram :-

   "     It is not for any Prophet to defraud; and he who defrauded shell bring with him what he hath defrauded on the day of Resurrection , then shell every soul be paid what he hath earned and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. " 

      COMMENTS :- 

   "  This Holy verse clearly indicates that there were such people around the Holy Prophet who used to blame the Holy Prophet  for frauds. Would any Muslim still support the view that all of them around the Holy Prophet were faithful and must be respected  , one can only respect all of them by accepting the disgrace rather disgracing the Holy Prophet . A true Muslim can never respect anyone who endangers the respect of Holy Prophet "


  • Translation of verse No. 168 from Al-Imram :-

    "    ( These were those ) who said unto their brethren while themselves sat (at home) " Had they (the Martyrs) obeyed us, they had not been slain; " Say, " Ward off from yourselves death if ye be truthful " 

     COMMENTS :-      " This  verse of Holy Quran indicates another new aspect ,  that there were such people around the Holy Prophet ,  according to whom , to go to the battle field with Holy Prophet  was just a loss of life and they used to advise and  try to stop the other people, not to lose their lives by taking part in the battle , and on the martyrdom of the faithful followers they started expressing their actual ideas which this verse had indicated. The most important point to think is , that the Holy Quran has called the faithful martyrs as their brothers, It means that such people were very close to Islamic society and in general were the part of Sahaba-e-Karam but still not faithful to Islam and to the Holy Prophet ."


  • Translation of verse No. 81 from  An - Nisa.

       " And they say ; ' Obedience' but when they get out from thy presence , a party of them brood by night over other than what thou sayest; and verily God writeth down what they brood by night, therefore, turn aside from them and trust in God and God is sufficient protector. "

   COMMENTS :-    " This   Holy verse clearly says that everyone who sits  among the faithful followers and  expresses his obedience is neither true nor dependable,  and we must not start respecting them blindly but  must watch their activities when they leave the Holy Prophet and if their activities are against the obedience we must not unnecessarily defend them  by saying that as they were among the Sahaba Karam so we have no right to criticize them .Defending such people is itself a great crime and against the respect of faithful Sahaba Karam. 


  •     Translation of verse No. 44 from  Al - Maidah .

       "  O' our Apostle , Let not those who hasten in infidelity grieve thee , of those who say " We believe " with their mouth and their hearts believe nor; ................"

    COMMENTS :-    The first portion of this holy verse is quoted  which is concerning to our topic. Its very strange that there were such  people near and around the Holy Prophet that about them Holy Quran says that they claim  for Iman but they are proceeding towards Kufer. The Holy Prophet was much grieved on this, God consoled his Prophet that apparently  they are showing themselves  Momin but actually they are not Momin . Now the Important point to think over is that when they say that we believe and pretend themselves to be a Momin a common man will definitely consider them a part of faithful followers of Holy Prophet and he will shed his blood to defend their respect under the concept of " Namus-e-Sahaba " ( as we see in present time same thing is going on ) but Quran says that they are not Momin. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of every Muslim to check each and every one who were around the Holy Prophet on the basis of standard given by the Holy Prophet ,the one who  fits to the standard must be considered the member of faithful class of Sahaba -e-Karam and one misfits to the standard rather revolts against the standard must be separated from the faithful followers and when clearly two classes fall out then it is up to the individual that he defends the respect and status of which class! By respecting a class the status of individual himself will be shown  because every thing returns to its origin. "

    First part of the topic ends here, in second part we will continue with verses from Sura-e-Baraat. 



The moon in the stars.