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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




     The general misleading concept is that the mazhab of the mass of Kufa was Shia, because they fought in the battle of Jamal, Siffeen and Nahrwaan in the favor of Hazrat Ali. So it is said that as the Ahlay Kufa killed Hazrat Imam Hussain in Karbala so the Qatalain-e-Imam Hussain were Shia. This concept is the result of the total ignorance of the history and the shia school of thought. This historical misconception developed due to the misunderstanding of some historical events.  As few of them we quote below :-

  1.   Hazrat Muslim wrote a letter to Imam Hussain that, please never depend on Ahlay Kufa as they are those companions  of your Father ( Hazrat Ali ) from whom your farther wanted separation at all cast.

  2.   The letter of Hazrat Mohammad Hanafiya  ( the brother of Imam Hussain ) to Imam Hussain on the occasion of leaving  Makkah for Iraq, in this letter he said, Oh brother, you have the intention to go to Iraq, but you know batter the deceiving attitude of Ahlay-Kufa with your Father and with your elder brother, I am afraid that they may do the same with you as well.

     But if we look the above two letters in the light of following tow questions.  then the results become quite clear. 

  First Question.

          The masses of Iraq and Hijaz did the beyyat ( the oath of allegiance ) of Hazrat Ali as a first  caliph and Wasi-e-Rasool or after the usman as a fourth caliph of the Holy Prophet ?????

  Second Question :

         In which school of thought ( Shia or Sunni ) Hazrat Ali is accepted as a fourth Caliph of Islam.

  So the result is very clear that if the majority of Kufa accepted Hazrat Ali as a first caliph of Holy Prophet then they were Shia and if they accepted Hazat Ali as a fourth caliph of Holy Prophet then they were Sunni.

    If the majority of Kufa would have accepted Hazrat Ali as a first Caliph of Holy Prophet by rejecting the first three regimes then the conditioned would have been quite different. The forces of Ibn-e-Ziyyad who killed Imam Hussain in Karbala were with the believe that Mawiyah and Yazeed were the true Caliphs of Islam, is it a shia believe?

    From the first very day true Shia of Ahlay Bayt who never accepted the Khilafat of any one accept that of Hazrat Ali were very few. Even during the tenure of Hazrat Ali the people with this believe were in minority , the majority of the people were with the believe of Ahlay Sunnah but among these people there was a sufficient majority of the people who were preferring and accepting Hazrat Ali as a true caliph ( on  fourth position  ) against Al-e-Abu Sufiyan  and these masses were apparently called Shia-e-Ali. Here the word Shia was not used with its true sense, because the true Shia have never taken Hazrat Ali as the fourth Caliph of Islam.

  After the Shahadat of Hazrat Ali and the Sulhu of Imam Hassan the Mawiyah became the sole ruler of whole Muslim world. His first target were Ahlay Kufa ( Including Apparent Shia and the true Shia ) The majority of the people as they were not the true shia could not face the hardship so they accepted the regime of Mawiyah though they did not like him but on the other hand true shia of Ahlal Bait never accepted the Al-e-Abu Sufiyyan so they were being killed , tortured , their houses were destroyed, their hands were cut, their eyes were taken out, they were hanged,   Many of them were killed or they left the Kufa and the few who were left over there, were living under ground. This situation prevailed for twenty years.

  In 60 Hijrah, Mawiyah died and his son Yazeed came in power. He was famous for his worst deeds. Once again the masses of Hijaz and Iraq started thinking to get the rid from Al-e-Abu Sufiyyan. The news that Imam Hussain has refused from the Beyyat of Yazeed also encouraged the people a lot. A very small Shia minority which was living under ground decided to come up for action, so they met at the house of Suleiman Bin Surd Khizai ( Sahabi-e-Rasool-e-Akram )

    At this occasion Hazrat Sulaiman bin Surd,  gave the speech as follow :  " Mawiyah has died, Imam Hussain has refused to do the beyyat of Yazeed and  has left  Madina for Makkah. You people are the Shia of Ali, If you are in position to help him and to fight against his enemies they write a letter to him and if you are unable to do so then keep quite and don't put his life in dangers.  "

   People replied that we will help Imam Hussain and will fight against his enemies. These people were how many it could be easily estimated that they didn't meet in some big open field but they gathered in a small and normal house,  so how much they could be ? 

   The first  letter was written in which Imam Hussain was requested to come to Kufa , they wrote that we never joined the Governor of Kufa Bashir Bin Nuomaan in Jumm'a or in Eidein.  This letter was taken by Abdullah bin Sabeh and Abdullah bin Wael. It was  was received by Imam Hussain on 10th. of Ramzan in Makkah. When the news about this letter speared in Kufa, With in two days 53 letters were sent to Imam Hussain by the masses of Kufa who were in a favor of getting rid of Yazeed. The mass of Kufa ( though not the true Shia of Ahlay Bayt ) yet were not in the favor of Al-e-Abu Sufiyan, so they thought that this will be the best opportunity  to get rid of Yazeed. Therefore, a lot of letters were written to Imam Hussain by Ahlay Kufa.

    The most prominent people of Shia Jamat in Kufa were Habib ibn-e-Mazaher, Sa'eed Ibne Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Ibn-e-Abdullah, Qais bin Masahr ,Suleman bin Surd Khezai. Hani bin Urwa , Muslim bin Uosja, Abes bin Abi Shabeeb Shakri, Mukhtar bin Abu Obaid Saqafi Abu Shama bin Sa'edi etc.

   When Hazrat Muslim reached Kufa , Suliman bin Surd Khizai was out of Kufa and Mukhtar bin Abu Obaidha was also not in Kufa. Hazat Muslim stayed in the house of Mukhtar. A lot of people gathered there , Abes bin Shabeeb, Habib ibn-e-Mazaher and Saeed bin Abdullah made an exciting speeches over there. As explained early the people of kufa were fed of from the bad deeds of Al-e-Abufufiyyan therefore irrespective of the fact that they were not the true Shia of Ahlal Bayt even then majority of them supported the Shia movement and showed loyalty to Hazrat Muslim. No doubt it was Shia movement but it was supported by the vast majority of Kufa who were of Sunni belief.

   Keeping the situation of Kufa and the support of majority in view Hazrat Muslim wrote a letter to Imam Hussain inviting him to come to Kufa immediately. The news spread all over in Kufa that Imam Hussain is soon coming over here. 

    Yazeed was informed by his spies about the situation of Kufa so immediately he directed the most cruel man Obaiddullah Ibn-e-Ziyyad to Kufa  to control the situation. Ibn-e-Ziyyad entered the Kufa while he was hiding his face, people of Kufa who were waiting for Imam Hussain thought that Imam Hussain has reached. so the people of kufa welcomed him saying " Marhaba Ya Ibn-e- Rasoolullah. " and hundreds of the people were walking with his camel. Ibn-e-Ziyyad  was silent and was looking everyone very carefully. When the city center reached it was announced that he is not Imam Hussain but he is Obaidullah Ibne Ziyyad the new governor of Kufa. This announcement shocked the people of kufa and they started leaving his procession.

  Now the every one was thinking himself quite unsafe as they were exposed fully in front of Ibn-e-Ziyyad.  Ibn-e-Ziyyad after taking over the Kufa called the people in grand Masque and made a speech   and ordered the in-charge of every Muhallah that they must look carefully and to ensure that there is no outsiders in their Muhallah and if they failed to do so, they will be hanged in front of their own door. Now we can easily estimate what could happed in Kufa as we know that the majority of Kufa was not the true shia of Ahllal Bayt. They were only supporting Imam Hussain to get rid of Yazeed. They were not spiritually with Imam Hussain so when they found themselves in a dangerous situation , they changed their loyalties.

   Hazrat Muslim for the first time considered himself to be unsafe. Everybody was knowing that he was in Mukhtar's house therefore Hazrat Muslim secretly  shifted to Hani bin Urwa house. Muslim bin Usaja and Abu Shamama Sa'eed was working secretly to get the support of the people for Hazrat Muslim.

     Altimetry through his spies Ibn-e-Ziyyad got the information that Hazrat Muslim is staying in the   house of Hani bin Urwa . Hani was called by Ibn-e-Ziyyad , Ibn-e-ziyyad asked Hani to handover Hazrat Muslim to him but he refused to do so and ultimately Hani was put in the Jail and was killed.

    On the news that Hani was kept under rest , Hazrat Muslim decided to come out and to fight with enemies openly. As under the extreme circumstances Hazrat Muslim all of sudden stood up for action so it was not possible for all those people who did the Ba'at ( about 18 thousands ) to get togather as the whole Kufa was watched by the Ibn-e-Ziyyad spies, even then about four thousand people managed to reach  Hazrat Muslim to fight  against his enemies but as they were not well organized so they were not able to fight against the well trained force of the government.  Many of them could not go forward and only few hundred were left with Muslim and they were belonging to different tribes. From the morning Ibn-e-Ziyyad called of the heads of the tribes and kept them in the Darul Ammara ( Govt. House )  Inb-e-Ziyyad ordered that anybody coming from out of city to help Mulim must be arrested so Abdul A'la Kalbi  and Ammarah Bin Selkhub Azdi who were coming with arm to help Hazrat Muslim were arrested and was immediately killed.

    All incoming and outgoing passages were blacked and no help was passable to reach up to Hazrat Mulim and  Ibin-e-Ziyyad ordered all heads of tribes who were kept in the Darul Ammar to go to the roof of Dar Ul Ammar and  tell  your people who are yet helping Muslim that very big army is coming from Damascus which will kill you and will destroy your houses. This news spread a great fear all over. Women came and hold the hands of their husband, fathers and brothers and took them to home. Hazrat Muslim was left alone and ultimately was killed after a bloody battle.

   Very small group of Shia -e- Imam Hussain  in Kufa was in a very critical and dangerous state because their  planning to rose the people against the govt. of Ibn-e-Ziyyad was failed as the mass majority of Kufa could not stand with them. Mukhtar , Obaiddullah Bin Hares and many other people were arrested.  As per Tibri Vol-7, Page-18 no such man was left out side who could be suspected to be Shia of Imam Hussain .

    This was the general condition of Kufa. From the above historical discussion we came to know the following two fact.

     1. There was a small group of real Shia in Kufa . They tried to bring the revolution in Kufa. No doubt first they  wrote a letter to Imam Hussain to invite him to Kufa. The mass majority of Kufa which was not of Shia in a true sense, they never accepted Hazrat Ali as a first caliph of Holy Prophet but they   accepted Hazrat Ali as the fourth Caliph of the Holy Prophet so they were  Ahlay Sunnah but as they were not happy with the humiliated behavior of Al-e-Abu Sufiyyan so they wanted to support Imam Hussain and they insured the real Shia of Imam Hussain that they will stand with them to bring the revolution and will welcome Imam Huusin in Kufa, therefore majority of the people also wrote the letter to Imam Hussain but they could not with stand against the pressure of the Govet. of Ibn-e-Ziyyad.

    2.  In the light of historical fact all the prominent shia of Kufa  by some mean managed to reach Imam Hussain in Karbala and scarified their lives ( as we will mentioned in detail below ).

    The revolutionary and the real Jamat of Shia in Kufa who wanted Imam Hussain to come to Kufa to bring  revolution against the Al-e-Abu Sufiyyan were as below:-

   Sulaiman bin Surd,  Habib ibn-e-Mazaher, Sa'eed Ibne Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Ibn-e-Abdullah, Qais bin Masahr , Hani bin Urwa , Muslim bin Uosja, Abes bin Abi Shabeeb Shakri, Mukhtar bin Abu Obaid Saqafi,  Abu Shamama bin Sa'edi , Nafay bin Helal, Hanzala bin Asa'd, Yazeed bin Ziyyad bin Muhajer, Abu Shasha Al-Kindi, Majma bin Abdullah, Aiz bin Majma, Umer bin Khalid Sa'eedi, Junadah bin Hares, Suid bin Umer Muqah bin Samama Asadi, Yousaf bin HaredMandani, Malik bin Abdullah, Sawar bin Muna'm , Umer bin Qarzah Ansari, Nasim bin Ejlan Ansari, Abdullah bin Bashir , Hased bin Umra-o-Qais, Bashir bin Umer al-kindi, Abdullah bin Urwah, Abdulrahman bin Urwah Ghafari, Abdullah bin Ume'r Kalbi, Muslim bin Kaseer Azdi, Raf'h bin Abdullah Azdi, Qasim bin Habib Azdi, Zuhair bin Muslim Azdi, Numan bin Ammr, Halas bin Ammr, Masood bin Hajaj Tamimi, Bakar bin Hai Tamimi, Jareen bin Malik Tamimi, Umar bin Sanbeyah Tamimi, Habab bin Ammer Tamimi, Umaiyah bin Saad Tai, Zargham bin Malik Sualbi, Kanana bin Ateeq, Qasith bin Zuhair, Kardoos bin Zuhair, Masqath bin Zuhair Jablah bin Ali Shabani,

          The above was a real Shia Jamat of Kufa, as we mentioned early in this article that all the passages of kufa were blacked and were carefully watched by the Govet. Anyone found suspected, who could help Imam Hussain, was caught and killed but in spite of all these hardels, al most all except few  by some means managed to reached Imam Hussain in Karbala and scarified their lives on their Imam. Among these Mukhtar Saqfi was arrested and was put in the Jail. After the event of Karbala when Mukhtar was released from the Jail, with in two years he brought a successful  revolution in Kufa and killed all Qatlan-e-Imam Hussain, an other prominent shia leader Sulaiman bin Surd Khazi who could not reached Karbala after the event of Karbala with his companions fought against Qatelaan-e-Imam Hussain till his Martyrdom.

   So the real Shia Jamat of Kufa proved that they were not like the mass of Kufa, They were real Shia of Ahlay Bait, They wanted Imam Hussain in Kufa but when the mass of Kufa did not prove the loyalty and Imam Hussain was surrounded by the enemies in Karbala then the real Shia Jamat of Kufa managed to reached Karbala and scarified themselves  on Imam Hussain.

     Asalamualikum Ya Ansar Deen -ul- Allah.


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