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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




       The Historical Evidences   of

The Mazhab of Qatelan-e-Hussain a.s.


          When Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel reached Kufa the people of Kufa who were very much angry with the Government  of Yazeed welcomed the arrival of Hazrat Muslim in Kufa. The Governor of Kufa Nu'maan bin Basher  was peaceful man so he did not resist to the presence of Hazrat Muslim. The spies of Yazeed, Abdullah Bin Muslim Bin Sa'eed Hizri,  Haleef Bin Umaiyya and Umer Ibn-e-Sa'ad informed him that Muslim bin Aqeel is in Kufa and is taking the Beyyat on behalf of Imam Hussain, if you want to stop the fall of Kufa into the hands of Muslim you must appoint some strong governor over here who could prevent  the fall of Kufa.   

 On the receipt of this information Yazeed wrote a letter to Ibn-e-Ziyyad whose wordings are as follow

      "   My Shias living in Kufa have informed me that Muslim bin Aqeel is going to upset the unity of Muslim so you must go to Kufa immediately to control the Muslim bin Aqeel and punish him. "  

                                                                                                         Tibri- Vol-6, Page 199

    Everyone knows that who was Umar Ibn-e-Sa'ad to whom Yazeed is calling his Shia and to him Yazeed was true Caliph of Islam. Umer Ibn-e-Saad was the same man who was the supreme commander of the forces of Yazeed in Karbala. He was not among those people who were doing Bayyat of Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel in Kufa so he reported to Yazeed to control the situation. To him the Yazeed was true caliph of Isalm and in the light of two Sunni Scholars (in our Part-II of this article) to which sect of Islam Yazeed is considered as a true caliph of Islam. Now it is very easy to find out the Islamic sect of Umar Ibn-e-Saad. 


           While on the way from Makkah to Kufa Imam Hussain A.S. was stopped by Hur-e-Rehai. There  came a messenger of Ibn-e-Ziyyad  with an order that Imam Hussain must be forced to reside in such a place where there may not be a water or tree etc near by. One of Imam Hussain's companion Abu al-Shashah  recognized the messenger and said are you Malik bin Naseer ? The messenger replied yes I am the same, on this Imam's companion said, God may cruse you, what a bad message you have brought ! The messenger Malik bin Naseer replied that I have obeyed my Imam ( Yazeed ) on this Abu al-Shashah said no doubt he is your such Imam who calls you to Jahannum. Now its very easy to find out from this conversation that to whom Yazeed was true caliph and Imam and to whom Yazeed was such Imam who calls the people to Jahannum. Malik Bin Naseer who considers Yazeed as true Imam (as the two Sunni Scholars considered see the ref. in the 2nd. part of this article ) was the same man who on the day of Ashoor hit the head of Imam Hussain with sword.   Tibri,  V-6,  P-232,  P- 257.

  3rd. EVIDENCE :-  

     On the 7th. of Muhurram, Ibn-e-Ziyyad messanger came with his written order as follow :

       "   Stop the water for Hussain and for all his companions and do not let them to get a drop of water as the water was stopped for Zaki,Taki Imam Usman bin Affwan.  " 

     Now for the God sake think that to which sect of Islam Usman Bin Affwan is Zaki Taki and True Imam. Could a man calling Usman bin Affwan  Taki and Zaki Imam be Shia ??

   4th. EVIDENCE :-  

      On the 9th. of  Muhurram, Umer Ibn-e-Sa'ad ordered his forces to attack on Hussani Force. Imam Hussain asked Hazrat Abbas A.S to go and ask them about their attention. Hazrat Abbas with 20 people came forward to the advancing force and asked them to stop where ever you are, and then enquire about their attention, They replied that we got order from our Ameer to attack of Hussani force. Hazrat Abbas told them to be here and let me go back to convey your attention to Imam Hussain. Rest of people who came with Hazrat Abbas remained standing over there. ............ Hazrat Habib ( a companion of Imam Hussain and Sahabi of Holy Prophet ) got the chance to speak to them so he got forward and addressed them  " How bad people you are, who are going to fight against the Aaley Mustafah. Don't you know that they are the Zuriyyat of Holy Prophet and they are the true worshipper of Allah they worship Allah at the midnight when all other people sleep. At this Ghazrah bin Qais  .............  (a man from Yazeed force ) said that Habib you always speak of your worshipping, then Zuheir bin Qein  ...... .................   came forward and said Ya Ghazrah there is no doubt that Habib is a pious man, When Ghazrah heard , Zuheir voice he turned to Zuheir and said, ..................  Ya Zuheir ! how you are here? You were not Shia of Ahley Bait but you were Usmani, on this Zuheir replied ................ that no doubt I was Usmani but on the way to Kufa I met Imam HussainA.S and I came to know the circumstances and the facts then I decided to help Imam Hussain and joined the Ansaron-e- Imam Hussain.

   So from the above conversation of Zuheir Qein and Ghazrah bin Qais it become very clear that Zuheir bin Qein was first Usmani therefore Ghazrah was astonished to see him among the Ansaron-e-Hussain because as a Usmani he should be in the favor of Yazeed and Ibne Ziyyad, but Zuheir bin Qein cleared that no doubt first I was Usmani but now he is Hussani, so it become very clear that Qatalan-e-Hussain were Usmani ul Maslak.  ( because in the evidence No 3. above, we saw that Ibn-e-Ziyyad was calling Usman  Zaki, Taki Imam. ) Who considered Usman Zakki and Takki ........  Shia or Sunni ????

 5th. EVIDENCE :-  

     On the day of Ashoora ( 10 of Muharram ) when the fight was going on between Hussani and Yazeedi forces, one man named Yazeed bin Muaqel came out and he shouted to Burar Hamdani ........   ( a companion of Imam Hussain ) and said ...........  how Allah has put you people in a bad condition as you are all going to be murdered. Burar Hamdani replied ...............  Allah has done best with us and gifted us with Shahadat.         Yazeed bin Muaqel  said ...................  Ya Burar did you remember once we were going to Bani Luzan at that time you were saying that Usman was Zalim and he did wrong with himself. Mawiyah was astray and errant the true Imam is only Ali. ................ Burar said yes I said so and even today I say the same.         Yazeed bin Muaqel said, .................. you are wrong and errant.     Burar said ok let us do the Mubahelah on this issue and let us pray to Allah that among us the one who is wrong should be killed by the one who is right .................. Both of them agreed for Mubahelah and the fight started first Yazeed bin Muaqil attacked on Burair but he failed to harm Burar then Burar attack on Yazeed bin Muaqel and his head was cut by the sword of Burar. This event has clearly decided what is wrong and what is right and who is Usmani and  Mawiyahee and who is Alwi and Hussani.


  6th. EVIDENCE :-   After the Shahadat of Hazrat Burair ( Companion of Imam Hussain ) when his Qatel Ka'ab bin Jaber reached home his sister Nawar Binte Jaber curse him and said you took part in the Qatal of the son of Hazrat Fatemah Zahra (A.S.) and committed the Qatal of Syed-ul-Qura Burair, on this he replied as below :

  ' Ask the people, when Hussain was killed when the spears were straightened how a beautiful job I did , I killed those whose Mazhab was different from mine.   ...............  some one should give my message to Abn-e-Ziyyad that I am the true follower of Kalifah ( Yazeed ) '  ( Tebri V-6 P-247 )

   So as per his own saying his Mazhab was quite different then that of Imam-e-Hussain and his companions and then he clarifies that he accept the Kilafat of Yazeed and in the beginning of the article it was clearly decided that who admit the Kilafat of Yazeed .

  7th. EVIDENCE :-      When Hazrat Naf'ee bin Bilal Al-Begli came out in the battle field he was loudly reciting the verse " Ana Jamali , Ana Ala Deen-e-Ali " that I am Jamali and I am on the Deen of Hazrat Ali, an other man Mazahim bin Hares came out from the force of Ibn-e-Ziyyad with the saying    "   Ana Ala Deen-e-Usman " on this Hazrat Nafey replied that  " Anta Ala Deen-e-Shatan " Hazrat Naf'ee attacked and killed him.

     Is any thing left to decide that what was the Mazhab of Qatelan-e-Hussain when they themselves were openly admitting that they are Usmani and Sufiyani.

  8th. EVIDENCE :-     On the day of Ashura Umer bin AlHaj from the force of Umer abn-e-Sa'ad shouted  " Oh ahlay Kufa ! don't be in doubt to kill these people who have gone out from the Mazhab and are opposing the Imam ( Yazeed ) "           On this Imam Hussain himself replied,  " Ya Umer bin Al hajj. you are preparing the people to fight against us , did we left the Mazhab and you are on the Mazhab, let this life be finished then you will come to know that who was on the Mazhab and has gone out of  Mazhab.

        Which was that Mazhab in which Yazeed is Imam ? from that (according to Al-Hajj) Imam Hussain and has companions had gone out ? Please read again the beginning of the article specially the comments of Allam Sayouti. In which Mazhab Yazeed is confessed as the true Caliph and Imam ?


  9th. EVIDENCE :-      After the Shahadat of Imam Hussain when Binat-e-Raool were brought in Kufa as a prisoners, Ibn-e-Zayyad ordered all the people to gathered, and he made a speech in which he said  "   I thank to Allah who has gifted the success to Ahlay Haq and helped the true Imam Yazeed bin Maweyah and killed Hussain along with all his Shias. " 

     According to Ibn-e-Ziyyad all those who were killed with Imam Hussain were his Shia then what was the Mazhab of Ibney Ziyyad , again Allamah Sayouti will help us to tell the Mazhab of all those including Ibnay Ziyyad to whom Yazeed was true Imam. (Tibri  P-263 )


  10th. EVIDENCE :-  After Kufa when the prisoners of Al-e-Mohammad reached in Damascus          ( Syria ) Zahar bin Qais or Shimar Zil Joshen made a long speech in Darbar-e-Yazeed in which he said ,  " Oh, be happy Ya Amir Yazeed, Hussain and 18 people from his family and 60 people from his Shias came up to fight against us and they refused to accept the order of Ibn-e-Ziyyad so we attached upon them and killed all of them in a very short time "   (  Tabri-264, Al-Akhbar P-257, Hayat-ul-Haway V-1, P-53 )

    From the evidence it became very clear that those who accepted Shahadat along with Imam Hussain were either from his family ( Bani Hasham ) or his Shias and all other were some thing quite different from Shia, what they were??? ask the history or Allamah Sayouti !

  11th. EVIDENCE :-  After the whole event of Karbala Ibney Ziyyad sent a messenger Abdul Malik Bin Abi Hares to Madinah with a news to informed the people of Madinah that they have killed Hussain and his Shias, Abdul Malik says that I have never hard such a great cry as was hard from the houses of Bani Hashem when the news of Sahadat of Imam Hussain reached in Madinah. on this event the governor of Madinah Umar bin Sa'eed joyfully said , " This cry and matam of Bani Hashem is the revenge of cry on the event of Qatal-e-Usman.  "

   So from the above evidences it became very clear that the Qatalan-e- Imam Hussain A.S. were the true follower of Usman and Yazeed and in their Mazhab both of them were the true Imam and Caliph. Now justify that to accept Usman , Mawiyah and Yazeed as a true Imam and Cliph of Islam is Shia Belief. or Sunni  ?


               Now in the next and the last part of the article we will discuss the Mazhab of the common masses of Kufa and the position of Shia Jamat in Kufa.


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