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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful



  Historical look on the Mazhab of Qatelan-e-Hussain A.S.

           In the first part of the article we have cleared that Qatelan-e-Imam Hussain A.S. infect  were having no obligation to Islam. They were black spot for Islam but to deceive the Muslim masses they were putting a light curtain of Islam on their faces to hide their ugly faces, so here we have to see that to which sect of Islam they were linked.  To know this fact we have to study the following two important factors.

  1st. Factor :- 

                          What was the base of Qatly -e- Imam Hussain A.S.

  2nd. Factor :-

                         In the Aqa'ed of which Muslim sect, the concept and the base on which the Qatly of Imam
                         Hussian was committed could be adjusted and justified.

     So by finding out the answer to these factors will help us to locate the sect to which those people belonged. 

    Its a historical fact that Qatly-e- Hussain is base on the refusal of so called Khilafat of Yazeed . Due to the refusal of so called Khilafat, Imam Hussain was surrounded among a lot of miseries and calamities, and the holy blood of Imam Hussian was spread all over the burning desert of Karbala.

   When Mawiyah started a move for getting favor for the Khilafat of Yazeed , for this he used all possible means of this government . Therefore, five people who refused to accept this so- called Khilafat  were Imam Hussain, Abdullah Ibn-e -Zubair, Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas, Abdul Rahman Ibn-e-Abi-Bakar and Abdullah Ibn-e-Umar. Imam Hussain was the prominent figure among these.

   After the death of Mawiyah, Yazeed sent a letter to the governor of Madina Waleed Ibn-e-Utba  in which he informed him about the death of his father Mawiyah and with that letter he sent separate paper on which he ordered him to take the Beyyat from Imam Hussain and other four people.

   Waleed though  was from Bani Umaiyyah yet he was not so cruel and he did not want to put undue pressure on Imam Hussain. Marwan suggested him to take the Beyyat from Imam Hussain even by force and on refusal he must be resulted to death, but Waleed did not accept his suggestion, at the same time Waleed called Imam Hussain and gave him the massage of Yazeed.

        There was no doubt that if Imam Hussain had not left the Madina it was just possible that under pressure, Waleed could have committed the same what  Umar Ibn-e-Sa'ad did under the pressure of Ibn-e-Ziyyad or Waleed could has been replaced by some other cruel governor who could shed the blood of Imam Hussain in the holy city of Madina.                           (  Tibri - Vol-6, Page 188 - 206 )

     Imam Hussain reached the holy city of Makkah and after few day Imam A.S. sent Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel to kufa to know the exact situation of Kufa.  As the people of Kufa were very much angry with the Government  of Yazeed so they welcomed the arrival of Hazrat Muslim in Kufa. The Governor of Kufa Nu'maan bin Basher  was peaceful man so he did not resist to the presence of Hazrat Muslim. The spies of Yazeed informed him that Muslim bin Aqeel is in Kufa and is taking the Beyyat on  behalf of Imam Hussain, if you want to stop the fall of Kufa into the hands of Muslim you must appoint some strong governor over here who could prevent  the fall of Kufa.  On the receipt of this information from Kufa , Yazeed consulted, Sarjon (the former consultant of his father). Sarjon handed over him the last order of his father ( Ma'wiya ) in which he was asked to appoint Obaidullah Ibn-e-Ziyyad as a Governor of Kufa. He immediately wrote the letter to Ibn-e-Zayyad  (who was in Basra ) to take over as a Governor of Kufa and to stop the revote of Kufa against him with force. (  Tibri - Vol-6, Page- 99-200 )

     Finally Imam Hussain A.S. reached Karbala on the 2nd. of Muharram 61. Hijri.  Umer Ibn-e-Saad on the order of Ibn-e-Ziyyad also reached Karbala.  Imam Hussain A.S. was  surrounded by the forces of Umer Ibn-e-Sa'ad. On the 7th.of Muharram the water was stopped for Imam Hussain and his followers and ultimately on the 10th of Muharram 61 H.J. the holy blood of Imam Hussain and his follower including his brothers and children was shed all over the burning dissert of Karbala. 

    Now for a while think over the following questions .

    1.   Why Imam Hussain A.S. migrated from the holy city of Madina ?

    2.   Why Obaidullah Ibn-e- Ziyyad was pointed as a Governor of Kufa  ?

    3.   What was the demand of Ibn-e-Ziyyad from Imam Hussain , on the refusal of that the holy blood of Imam Hussain and all his companions was shed over the dissert of Karbala.

       Reply to the above questions is .............   Refusal to the Khilafa of Yazeed .     

       So in the light of above historical facts we reached to the conclusion that the reason of Qatl-e-Hussain was due to the Refusal of Khilafat of Yazeed.

      Now it is our duty to find out honestly and sincerely that  which sect of Islam recognizes and justifies the Khilafat of Yazeed .

     It is recognized fact that in the shia school of thought not only the khilafat of Yazeed but even the Khilafat of his forefathers does not get a place. Shia ideology has rejected  that whole series of Khilafat whose fifth or sixth is Yazeed.

    We do not like to say any thing from our own about the sunni concept of Khilafat but at least we have the right to put forward the writings of a great sunni scholar  Sheikh Jalalodeen Sayutti,

   He writes in this famous book "Tareekh-ul-Khulafa, " I am going to write the life history of Khulafa who were  Ameerul Momineen and the sole head of Ummat-e-Islamia. ( we must keep in mind that he is calling all of them  Ameerul Momineen  whose life history he is going to write in this book. )  So when we study his book Tareekh-ul-Khulafa on page No. 205 of this book he writes with the heading " Yazeed Ibn-e-Moawiya  Abu Khalid al Ummwi " and under this heading he writes the life history of Yazeed as the Ameerul Momineen of Ummat-e-Islamia.  In the same book Page-9, where he has written the name of Khulafa of Ummat-e-Islamia he writes like this " The first was Abubakar, then Umar, then Usman then Ali and then after the peace pact of Hassan Mawiyah and then Yazeed. So from this list according to this sunni scholar the Yazeed is a true caliph and Ameerul Momineen of Islam.

     The second scholar of Ahlay Sunnah Hafiz Ibn-e-Hajr Aqlani in the Sherah of Bukhari writes that Yazeed's Khilafat was true and legal Khilafat of Islam.

 From the above two Sunni Scholars point of view, there remains no doubt about the Mazhab of Yazeed.


    InshAllah,In the III part of the article we will  discuss the more Historical Facts about the Mazhab-e-Qatelan-e-Hussain.