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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


  PART-I .

 Intoduction to the topic:-

    Though it is said that Qatelan-e-Imam Hussain were Muslim, then question arises that they belonged to which sect of Islam, but in the light of historical facts  they were having no concern with Islam.

     To them Deen and Mazhab was just a funny and meaningless thing and they never thought of Akherat and about its reward or punishment and they used to make fun of this concept. History have recorded their comments about the concept of Jaza-o-Saza by that we could reached to their actual position.

       The main figure among the Qatelan-e-Hussain was Yazeed Ibn-e-Mawiyia who inherited kufr and Nifaq from his forefathers. Abu Sufiyan the grand father of Yazeed who was the deadly enemy of Islam and the Holy Prophet. He tried his best to crush Islam by all possible means but after the continuous struggle of about 20, years against Islam when he badly failed and found no way to survive, he apparently accepted Islam just to deceive the Muslims. He never accepted Islam by his heart, On the battle of Yarmook when  Muslims were fighting against  Romans and he was looking  the battle from a distance, when the Romans get  dominating position against Muslims he used to say " Oh, very good, the brave fighters of Romans " and when the Muslims get dominating position against the Romans he used to cry " Oh, the great empire of Romans is going to be destroyed". Abdullah Ibn-e-Zubair saw this scene by his own eyes and told his father about this  and the negative feelings of Abusufiyan, on this, Zubair said, " God may curse him he will never give up Nifaq. Are we not batter then Romans?

      When the Usman become the third caliph , Abu Sufiayan  went to him who was also from Bani Ummiya, and said , " The Khelafat has reached to you, Play with it as you like and with the help of Bani Ummiya  firm your control on Khelafat, and don't think  about Yaoom-ul-Jaza I do not believe on it." From these two historical facts we can well estimate the actual feelings of Abusufiyan about Islam.

        Mawiyah, the true successor of Abu Sufiyan,  what the position of Islam was in his eyes, could be estimated from the  below historical events;

     Estiaab Pt. 1, Page 154 ,   Asadullah Ghaaba Pt.1, Page 379.

        Hataat Hijashi,  Jaria Bin Qadama and Ahnaaf these three people came to Mawiyah , he gave more money to Jaria and Ahnaaf than Hataat,  on this Hataat complained  that you gave  more to Jaria and Ahnaaf than me, Mawiyah replied that I have purchased  their Deen, so Hataat said please purchased my deen as well.

    Kamil al Tawareekh :-

       From Basra Mugheera Bin Shohba sent ten people along with his son to Mawiyah. He gave them 30,000 Dirham as bribe . They expressed their pleasure about the succession of Yazeed in front of Mawiyah, on their expression Mawiyah asked from the son of Mugheera that for how much your father has purchased their deen, The son of Mugheera replied, " On 30,000 Dirham."  from these two historical events one can easily estimate that what  the status of deen was to Mawiyah.

  Status of Holy Prophet in the eyes of Mawiyah.

   Status and the respect of holy prophet in the eyes of Mawiyah was not even that much which was  in the eyes of a common Man. This could be easily estimated from the below historical event:-

     Mo'amireen Page-87:  Asadullah Ghaaba Pt-1, Page-115.

 First event:

  " Mawiyah was eager to see a man who was having very long life. He wanted to know about the past . There was a man from Hazrat Maut who was of about 360 years. Mawiyah asked him did you see Hasham, he said yes I saw him he was very nice man with a very good personality, then Mawiyah asked about Ummiyah, he replied yes I saw him also, he was short and blind man with funny face. Then Mawyiah asked did you see  MOHAMMAD . He was surprised to listen the name of holy prophet from a Muslim in a such ordinary manner, so he asked which Mohammad , do you mean the Holy Prophet ?  Mawiyah replied yes, that man said, " Shame for you  why you didn't  take his name with proper respect."

  second event :

   Nasa'h Kafiya Mohammad bin Aqeel Page-93.

   "  Narrated by Zubair bin Bakar, once Mutraf bin Mugheera with his father went to Mawiyah , on his returning from Mawiyah he was very much grieved, I ( Zubair ) asked him that why he is so much grieved . Mutraf replied that I am coming from  the most malignant and filthy man. I was astonished to listen, I asked what happened? He replied I was alone with Mawyiah, I requested him that you should be kind to Bani Hasham as they are no more threat  for you. On this he jumped and said very sorry, See Abu Baker, he did the Khilafat  in a very nice way but when when he died no one remembered him, So the Umar died and his name also died with him, this Abu Kabasa ( This was a name by which the Kuffar-e-Macca used to call the Holy Prophet ) his name is taken five time daily in the Azzan, so what could I hope that my name will be remembered, so with my death my name will also die. "

 Yazeed Ibn-e-Mawiyah : ( First character)

  So from the above historical facts imagine about Yazeed who was the son and the grand son of Mawiyah and Abu Sufiyan.

  One can also formed an idea  about Yazeed from his below poetry :-

   "  Oh ! Sorrow, if my fore fathers of Badr would have been alive today they would have been so glad to see today's event. "

   "  There was no massage or Wahi from Gad but it was just a deceiving act of Bani Hashem to get the power. "

    " May I not be true descanter of my fore fathers if  I did not take the revenge from the generation of Mohammad "

   "  We have taken the revenge of Badr and Ohad "

  " If my fore fathers were alive they would have been very glad and would have prayed,  that my hand would not be palsied  "

   Abn-e-Zeyaad : ( The second character )

  He was the second  person responsible for Qatl-e-Imam Hussain A.S. : About him Yazeed in his poetry says :

     "  Oh serve me a bowl of wine which should fully bloom my whole body, and then also serve a same bowl to Abn-e-Ziyaad as well who is my sincere honest and is a  great helping hand to me.

   Umar Abn-e-Saad : ( The third character )

      He was third person responsible for Qatl-e-Imam Hussain A.S.

    Please guess him by his poetry below which he uttered when he was detailed to fight with Imam Hussain A.S. :

   "By God I am in between to important issues  "   

" Should I loose the  Ra'ay which is my dream or I  get a great sin of Qatl-e-Hussain "

  " The pleasure of this world is just a cash and no one could sell the cash for loan "  

  " People say that there is hell if it is true I will do repentance from this sin with in two years. "

" If what the people say about Hell and Heaven proved false, then we are the winner in all respect.  "

    So from these three persons who were directly involved in Qatl-e- Imam Hussian  one could easily guess that what the Mazhab of Qatalan-e-Imam Hussain A.S. was ? Their Mazhab was just a gold and money and nothing else. To consider them Muslim is as to put a the black spot on the glowing face of Islam. In fact they were neither Shia nor Sunni but still some people insist and misguide the innocent people by saying that Qatlain Imam Hussain were Shia so with the evidences of history we will see that if they are considered to be Muslims then with which sect of Islam they could stand.

   We will consider this historical fact in the next sub topic of this article.