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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful



             We have discussed the five stages of the  article Ajre Risalat  and now we are in the final stage of the article where we will see the behavior of Ummah with Holy Prophet himself. But before discussing this stage it is necessary that some important points be cleared.

              During the life of Holy Prophet following types of the people lived under the title of Islam.

  1.            Sincere followers of Holy Prophet ( Faithful group of Sahaba Karam Rezwan ul allah Ale Him)

  2.             The group of followers but under the influence of hypocrisy

  3.               Hidden hypocrites ( Generally considered to be Muslims )

  4.                Open hypocrites ( Pretended themselves to be Muslims )

                ( It is must be cleared to every mind that the race of Holy prophet -- Ahlal Bait ---  are not mentioned in these classes, because according to the saying of Holy Prophet they are the  standard like Quran which to be followed by the Ummah )

  •            Class No.1 was the group of sincere Sahaba Karam who proved themselves to be faithful to Holy Prophet in all respects and in all circumstances, and love of these holy Sahaba Karam is the necessity of Eman.   (In my next article Qamer Dar Najoom I have discussed in detail about them )


  •  Class No.2, was the group of weak people and they were not firm in their faith and were not dependable therefore most of them were often caught by and were used by hypocrites for their cause.

  •          The third and fourth group of the people were the actual enemy of Islam and the enemy of Holy Prophet.

                    All these people of above mentioned classes (leaving a few famous Munafekeen) were so badly mixed  in the Islamic society that it was quite impossible for a common man to draw a line of separation among them.

                     The people belonging to the second  , third and fourth classes  used to show faithfulness to the Holy Prophet for their own interest, But in spite of their precautions to hide their actual face they had a very clear identification of their hypocrisy and that was the extreme enmity of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and it was their common base. Their reality was exposed by Holy Prophet by saying that "O. Ali no one will love you but a Momin and no one will be your enemy but a Munafaiq. "

                       A great tragedy happened when after the sorrowful death of Holy Prophet the last three classes badly mixed with the first class of Faithful followers and all of them began to be recognized as Sahaba Karam of same status . Pointing out  any activity (may be against Islam ) of all  these   people was considered to be  against Islam. Thus the Enemies of Islam used Islam to harm Islam.

             In this topic where we are going to discuss some of the historic facts when the people claiming to be the followers of Holy Prophet  openly opposed the Holy prophet, the basic point to be kept in mind is that our  addressee will be  the people belonging to class two, three and four, the Sahaba Karam belonging to class  No one, are above all discussions and their faithfulness and sincerity can never be questioned at all.

               After the death of Holy Prophet the people who were responsible  for giving troubles to the Ahlal Bait of Holy Prophet by over looking and rejecting all the sayings of Holy prophet in this regards and ultimately their activities reached to the sorrowful event of Karbala  in fact they were enemies of  Holy Prophet . For their own particular aims they were wearing the veil of Islam on their faces, and they were fully exposed after the death of Holy Prophet when they took  the revenge of the enmity of Holy Prophet from the race of Holy Prophet.  Even in the life of Holy Prophet when ever such people felt that their aims are going to be effected by any order or  wish of the Holy Prophet they openly opposed such order  and tried to justify their action against the wish of Holy Prophet . Some of the examples from the history are given  below :-

  1.      Refusal from Jash-e-Ossamah :    A few days before his death , Holy prophet arranged a group of army under the command of Hazrat Ossama bin Zaid  in order to go to Syria to take revenge of the battle of Muta.   In this army all the famous personalities like Hazrat Abu Bakar , Hazrat Ummar  and many others were included .(See Madarejul Naboowah Pt.2 P-530  ,  Fatha Al-Bari Pt.7 P-69)     as in this army the aged people were ordered by the Holy  Prophet to fight under the command of Young Ossamah so many of the people objected on the act of Holy Prophet ( See, Madarejul Naboowah Pt.2 P-531 )   These people after leaving  the city of Madina stopped out of the city and refused to move forward. When Holy Prophet came to know about their resistance he repeatedly ordered them to move at all cost , and Holy Prophet said "God may curse all those who refused to go with the army of Ossamah," but in spite of this people  openly refused  the order of Holy Prophet and did not move and remained at their place till the Holy Prophet died. 

                    I will not comment that why the Holy Prophet took this extra ordinary step in the last few days of his life  and why Holy Prophet wanted  these famous personalities to be away from Madina, There may be any reason , but Holy Prophet must have been respected at all cost , but unfortunately  history indicates clearly that when such  people felt any action of Holy Prophet to be against their planning   they openly and totally  turned down the order of Holy Prophet.

     2.        Event of demanding pen and paper :-    This is an other one of the  most sorrowful event in the  Islamic history. Every nation highly respects the last wish of their leader and tries to fulfill his last wish at all possible cost ,  but in case of Holy Prophet we saw a quite different scene. Holy Prophet on his death bed asked for  pen and paper so that he may write some thing very important for the whole ummah which will save her from getting into errantry . It was the duty of the ummah to rush to bring the pen and paper but as history clearly says that when the room of the Holy Prophet was full of people , Some people wanted that pen and paper be given  whereas others resisted , People started making noise round the Holy Prophet and among them very famous and power full one shouted  " This man ( The Prophet ) is not in his senses talking irrelevant , the Quran is sufficient for us." When the noise  increased to much the Holy Prophet said " Get away from me " and the people left the room of the Holy Prophet . 

  ( see,  This event is narrated from Abdullah Ibne Abbas in Bukhari ,  from Jaber Ibne Abdullah in Masnad Imam Ahmed,Pt. 3 p-346, from Adur Rahman bin Abu Bakar in Azala Tul Khfa Pt-1 P-101  and further references are Bukhari Pt.1 P-134, Pt. 2 P-18, Pt-3 P- 842,      Muslim Pt.5 P-76, Magmaul Behar Pt.3 P-475,  Nasim ur Riaz Sharah Safa Qazi Ayyaz Pt-1 P-327 Ser-e-Alameen P-9, Tazkara tul Kawas al Ummah P-36 and Al-Farooq etc )

             In this sorrowful event it is very clear that people strongly turned down the last wish of Holy Prophet . The wish which was for the benefit of whole ummah may be against the planning of a particular group. To cover up the sorrowful event and to protect the falling position of their popular personalities the people started irrelevant discussions , Is this writing was necessary ? What the Holy Prophet wanted to write ?    It is not the duty of ummah to decide whether it was important or not ! whether it was necessary or not ! whether in the presence of Holy Quran it was required or not ! It was the order or the wish of Holy Prophet which has to be obeyed  , but very sorry to say that people declared Holy prophet out of senses to fulfill their undue aims  and from this event we can conclude that  the opposing party was so powerful that the person who blamed  Holy Prophet of talking Heziyan ( rubbish talk ) how he went safely out of Holy Prophet's  room , why did not   people cut him into pieces . That means  in the last days of his life even the Holy Prophet was not left in a position to be obeyed . The actual faces of the people started coming up right from the last days of the Holy Prophet . 

               According to Maulana Shibli Nowmani  in Al Farooq Pt. 2 P-209 , 238 as per  one of the very famous and most power full personality of the Muslim world   (see the name in Al-Farooq ) the every Order of the Holy Prophet was not to be obeyed  !!!   ( These people opposed the Holy Prophet from writing by saying that Quran is sufficient , this slow gun was also political just to fulfill their aims otherwise when the  Quran says that what ever Holy Prophet gives, you take it that means that every thing given by holy prophet has to be accepted  than how could they say that every order of Holy Prophet is not to be accepted ?

       3. Event of Oqaba and planning for the murder of the Holy Prophet.

             A few month before his death when  the Holy Prophet  was traveling on his camel and during night while passing the hilly area of Oqba a group of  people (must be belonging  above mentioned group two to four ) planned to kill the Holy Prophet  by dropping  stones from a height on the camel of the Holy Prophet . Hazrat Huzefa was moving in front of the camel when they dropped the stones from the height. By the order of God the lightening flashed and their faces were seen by Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet told their names to Hazrat Huzafa  and stopped him by declaring their names. Next day on reaching Madina Hazrat Huzafa declared that the planning of the enemies was failed , All of them  were seen by the Holy Prophet , The Holy Prophet has told me their names but ordered me not to declare them. ( These were the enemies of Islam and the enemies of Holy Prophet who took the revenge of enmity of Holy Prophet from the race of Holy Prophet and the revenge started right from the death of Holy Prophet ) 

        4.    Absentees from the burial of Holy Prophet.

       As per Kanzul Ammal Pt.3 P-140 , History by Tebri Pt.3 P198 History Kamel Bin Alseer Pt.2 P-123 

   Narrated by Hazrat Urwah that Shaikhain ( along with a large group of people ) were absent from the burial of Holy Prophet and were busy in the conflict of Khilafah and when they came back after completing their job the Holy Prophet was already buried. ( This event is above all comments )

          When unfortunately  the fate of Islam fell  in the hands of powerful group described above , then they made a lot of changes in the roles of Shariah  according to their wish and will  for example , enforcing of self made prayer ( Tarawi ) , Including of " Asalato Kherum  Minunnoom" in the Azan,  Deleting of Haiya ala Kher- rel Amal  from the Azzan.  , changing  of law of divorce,  Stopping of Muta  by openly admitting that it was permitted in the time of Holy Prophet and I make it Haram , Performing of  four Takbeers instead of five in Salatul Janaza.  and many more changes ,  and when the power came in the hands of Muawiyah (  one of the most powerful  member of the group) he changed almost all what was being  left in the original form , He opened the factories of Ahadees and at the name of holy Prophet he added whatever he wanted and wiped off  all those saying of Holy Prophet that were in the favour of Ahlla Bait . His paid  Mohaddeseen on his wish  wrote many self made ahadees  in the favor of his ring leaders  resembling to those which were said by Holy Prophet in the favor of Ali and Ahllal Bait and  by force got them published  through out his state . He crushed the Shian -e- Ali in his state who could point on his un-Islamic activities. He ordered  to curse Ali from the mosques and ultimately Yazeed was his outcome to be given to the Muslim's society.  Holy Prophet ( By the guidance of Allah ) was well aware   of all these happenings which were going to  happen after him for this reason the Holy Prophet did not leave Islam on their mercy  but by the order of Allah the Holy Prophet left his Ahlla Bait with the Holy Quran for the grantee of right path.

               For this reason the Holy Prophet asked for the  Mowaddat of his Holy race, because their Mawaddat was the grantee to be on the path of Allah and on the path of Holy Prophet and that is the real Islam , and all those who deviate  from the Ahlal Bait could never reach  to the real Islam , with the result for their whole life remained under the bindings of false  roles  and ended their life with empty hands (No reward for Akhrat )  because they were not on the path of  real Islam,  which was protected and  promoted by Ahlal Bait but were practicing on the self made Shariah which does not deserve for any reward from the God and this is the highest possible  punishment  for the enemies of Holy Prophet and his race. 

            This is the end of our article AJRE RISALAT  we pray to Allah       that  the article may proved to be the guidance for all  those who are in the search of light.