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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




   After discussing  the external front of Hazrat Ali's enmity we will now discuss about the enemies on internal front, there were very deep and hidden enemies on the internal front also.  In external front we reached up to the conquest of Macca when all the Mushrekeen-e-Macca entered in Islam with the deep rooted enmity of Ali . 

     In the internal front there are those people who were already Muslims whether they came from Macca after Hijrah or those who were from Madina.  To discuss the internal front first we have to understand the human  nature and psychology .

      If some of people are working on the same line and  any one of them due to his sincerity and hard work gets forward by leaving the others far behind then those who are left behind ( except the very few exceptional ) will never appreciate his progress and will never accept his extra ordinary achievement but will try to blame him and will be hostile to him and will become his enemies. This is the human nature which in general never changes, It remains same in all the ages .

     When the people saw that Ali has gone much forward and they were left  far behind in all respects, In all the holy wars of Islam from Badr to the conquest of Macca only Ali  was the hero of Islam and other could never get any remarkable success _____   In Mubahela only Ali was with the Holy Prophet and all others  were kept behind,  _________  While on the preaching of Sorah-e-Barat , Ali was brought  forward and others were taken back , _________     In Khyber the flag of Islam was gifted to Ali and all others were deprived off due to their illegibility , ________  Hazrat Fatema was married to Ali and all other candidates were rejected. _________   Ali was declared as the door of knowledge of the Holy Prophet,  ___________   Ali's door was kept open in the mosque and the  all others were closed ___________  Ali's wife was declared as the mistress of heaven's women, __________     Ali's sons were declared as the masters of all the youngsters  of heaven, ___________ The children whom the Holy Prophet took on his shoulders were  Ali's children, ________ , The children whom the Holy Prophet introduced as his children were Ali's children, _________   The door to which  every morning the Holy Prophet came to say  Assalam-o-Alekum Ya Ahlelbait-en-Nabuwah was  the Ali's door, ______   Ali was declared as a recognizance of Momen and Munafeq, _________  Aya-e- Welayiat for Ali, ______   Aya-e- Muwaddatt for Ali _______  Aya-e- Balig for Ali __________   Aya-e- Najwah for Ali _______   Sorah-e- Dehr for Ali _______   Sorah-e- Momenoon for Ali _______  ;Sorah-e- Adiyat for Ali ;

   Hadeeeth-e- Madina for Ali, ________  Hadeeeth-e-Safeena for Ali, _______ Hadeeeth-e-Nooe for Ali, _______  Hadeeeth-e-Manzelatt for Ali, _______  Hadeeeth -e- Khaber for Ali, _______  Hadeeeth-e- Khandaq for Ali, _________  Hadeeth-e- Taier for Ali, ________ Hadeeth-e- Saqalain  for Ali, ________  Hadeeth -e- Ghadeer for Ali, 

  In short , Ali was ahead of everyone in all respect. 

 Now view the whole situation in the light of  common human nature and psychology , all those who were  far behind and were of no match to the high status of Ali , would they love  or be jealous of Ali.???????????

   Therefore the majority of the people due to their  jealousy became enemy of Ali, so these all were enemies on the internal front. 

   Now we analysis the whole situation by keeping  both internal and external front  in view.  Before the conquest of Macca ,

      The residents of Macca were Mushrek and were enemies of Ali due to the sword of Ali.

      The residents of Madina were Muslims and were ( majority ) enemies of Ali due to the high status of Ali which they could not achieve.   

   There was a wall , on the name of Islam and Kufr between these two cities. There was no contact between the resident of these two cities. This situation remained till the conquest of Macca. After the conquest of Macca the wall of Islam and Kufr fell down and all the residents of Macca by hook or crook became Muslims. So the people of Macca and Madina again  got together after a long time. They were the same nation , their habits , customs , way of living ,the angle of thinking were the same. so after the conquest of Macca when they got together again and became one nation as before.  Now they discussed of the past. A resident of Macca said that  past is past , any how Islam is good, but  my heart is not clear from Ali , I can not like Ali , why he reacted  like this because his father, or his brother or his uncle was killed by Ali in Badr or in Uhod or in Khandaq . On his reaction the resident of Madina reacted like this, Yes   no doubt you are correct Ali is  not my favorite personality too . Why the resident of Madina responded so because he was badly defeated by the high status of Ali , as Ali got forward on all front and he was left for behind.  Therefore, after the conquest of Macca when the residents of Macca and Madina mixed together their common base which formed  up was the enmity of Ali. The defeated elements of Khyber also joined these people and a strong group or party with the  enmity of Ali came up in Madina and was fully supported by all defeated tribes of Arabs and Jews.

    Apparently they were Muslims, they used to pray,  fast,   they were around the Holy prophet and used to pretend as the sincere followers of the Holy Prophet but in fact they were the worst enemies of Hazrat Ali.   

   The Holy prophet was fully aware of this group and knew their intentions, but how to unveil them was the most difficult job. This is the fact that Holy Prophet never took the sword against the Munafikeen because they were so mixed with the sincere followers that to a common man most of them were the integral part of the Muslim society . To know that how much they were deep and hidden enemies please read the article of alhujat " Qamar Der Najoom " so all these deep rooted enemies were in fact the enemies of Hazrat Ali either from internal or external front. Therefore the Holy Prophet clearly said that " No one can be the enemy of Ali except Munafiq ".

     The enmity of this group reached to the peak when the Holy Prophet while returning from Haj, at the place of Khum-e-Gheer by the order of Allah declared Hazrat Ali as his Successor and the leader of whole Ummah. They decided that after this declaration the Holy Prophet must not reach alive to Madina so they planed to kill the Holy Prophet on the way and for that they selected the valley of Oqba because it was dangerous hilly route. So they planned that while the camel of the Holy Prophet will be passing through the valley of Oqba they will throw stones from the heights and the camel will slip through narrow hilly route and will drop down from the top of the hill resulting in the death of the Holy Prophet.  But Allah saved his Prophet and their plan badly failed. 

      When the Holy Prophet reached the Madina there we see an other scene of Hazrat Ali's enmity while one of the top enemy of Hazrat Ali , Hares Bin Numan Al-Fahiri entered in the Mosque of Holy Prophet with the deep feeling of hatred and came to the Holy Prophet and shouted 

  O. Mohammad (p.b.u.h ) You said , " God is one " so we accepted, You said, " I am the prophet of God " so we accepted , You asked for prayer so we did, you asked for keeping fast so we kept etc now you have declared Ali as leader of whole Ummah , is this from you or from God ? the Holy Prophet replied that this is from God, On this he said that if it is from God tell to God that He must send Azzab on me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Just imagine that there were such a people among the enemies of Hazrat Ali that to them Azzab was acceptable but Ali was not acceptable   

   This was that Group or party or Jama't  which was fully  build up before the death of Holy Prophet on the basis of Hazrat Ali's enmity. Their main aim and mission was that they would never let Ali to be the leader of Ummah or the successor of the Holy Prophet. 

   After the death Holy Prophet the open activities of this Jama't started. 

  •   Ali was deprived off his right of God gifted leadership of Islam.
  •   The door of Hazrat Fatima Zahra was burnt in to ashes. 
  •    The respectable Sahaba of Holy Prophet and the friend of Ali were put in horrible troubles.
  • Ali was cut from the Ummah, and was forced to live an isolated life for about 25 years. 

      When the enemy Jama't was fully satisfied that they have isolated  Ali from the Muslim Ummah then all of a sudden the power fell in the hands of Ali. This unexpected sudden change was not acceptable to all of them, therefore all the enemies of internal and external front became active again and decided to remove Ali from his present position by all possible means. They started an open war against Ali and jumped in the war with their naked swordsin their hands. 

     If we deeply view those people who jumped in to the war against Ali we can easily recognize them :

     The group which was beaten by sword  ---------- His son came forward with sword to fight against Ali ! ! ! ! !

     The group which was beaten by the high status of Ali ---------  His daughter came forward with sword to fight against Ali ! ! ! ! 

    Ali unveiled both of them in the open field , the job which could not be done in the time of the Holy Prophet was successfully done in the time of Hazrat Ali because now it was suitable time to unveil them and Ali did so very easily. For the last many years they were hiding their face , Ali with one jerk pulled away the dark veil from their faces. 

    In 40, Hijri Ali was killed during prayer, the enmity of this Jama;t did not end but shifted to the holy race of Ali. 

     In 50 Hijri an other prove of Ali's enmity was given by finishing the life of Hazrat Hassan ( A.S) with poison. 

      In 61 Hijri ,  their enmity reached to the peak end when they slaughtered the whole race of Ali in the desert of Karbala. 

  When Imam Hussain asked them that why you want to kill me along with all my children and relatives and friends ???  Did I do any thing wrong ??? Am I not the grandson of your Prophet ??????

     To all these questions there was only one reply that :

               "  we kill you in the enmity of your father   "

  And when after Karbala the carvan Ale Mohammad reached in Damascus, Yazeed spoke with joy,

      Oh, if today my fore fathers who were killed in Badr could see , they would have been so happy to know that I have taken their  revenge ! ! ! 

     What we said in the beginning of the article is proved at the end of the article. 

     This was the enmity with Ali which  kept transferring in the generations and in very era of the history the holy race of Ali and the Shian-e- Ali remained the target of this enmity. 

   with the result ;

     Hazrat Abu Taleb was called Kafr because he was ........  Ali's father,

      The basic right of Hazrat Fatima was snatched because she was ------------------      Ali's wife.

      Hassan was poisoned and Hussain was slaughtered because they were  -----------------  Ali's sons,

     Till the  sword remained  in the hands of Ali's enemies, the race of Ali  and the shian-e-Ali remained their victim and were continuously slaughtered. 

       And when the sword didn't remain, then Fatawa were issued against Ali and Shian-e-Ali and when the fatawa became ineffective then the enmity took  the shape of blames and allegations.  

      Till today the enmity is the same , as it was on the first day.  Even today after 1400 years to be the shia of  Ali is a unforgivable crime in the eyes of enemies of Ali.