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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




    The holy Prophet said ,

" Ya Ali Hubboka Eman wa Bughzo ka Nefaq "

 Ali is the one who is praised by Allah and Rasool (s). The whole life of hazrat Ali is just the true replica of Sunat-e-Nabvi and is100% in accordance with  the teaching of the Holy Quran. From the battle of Badr  ( the first holy war of Islam ) till the conquest of Makkah the sword of Ali proved as the dignity and glory of Islam. 

 BUT , 

 In spite of all the above facts a large and dominated majority of the people who claimed to be Muslims and the followers of Holy Prophet  proved as the worst enemies of Hazrat Ali. 

*   Ali's father was called  Kafer !

* The Ali's house was burnt !

*  Ali's wife  was deprived of her basic right !

* Ali was cursed for 90 years from the mosques ! 

* Ali was killed during prayer !

* All of Ali's sons were killed !

* Ali's Daughters , bareheaded and unveiled were taken to the bazar !

* The holy race of Ali was either killed with sword or was poisoned !

* Till the present date,  the followers of Ali are crushed and killed !

After all

WHY ??????

 Let us search the basis of deep rooted enmity of Hazrat Ali from the  HISTORY.

                When we look deep in the history we find two front of Ali's enmity. The external front and the internal front. In this article we will take both the fronts one by one.


      The preaching of Islam started from Dawat-e-Zulasheera when Hazrat Ali arranged for dawat and the forty top leaders of Quriesh were invited . At the end of dinner the Holy prophet stood up and said that I have come from God for the guidance of human kind, If any one help me in this regard he will be my successor among my followers ( Ummah ) . No one got up except Ali ( a boy of thirteen years ) and he said I will help you O' messenger of God. This was the first time when Ali came into the observation of the enemies of Islam. For the first time the sharp angry  eyes of the mushrekeen were focused on Ali.  This was the start of Ali's enmity on external  front. 

     As the preaching of Islam moved forward the Ali remained with holy prophet as a shadow , helping and protecting the holy prophet against all kinds of enemy's threats. Due to the Ali's glorious contribution and efforts for the preaching of Islam the hatred  against Ali among the mushrakeen kept increasing day by day.

     In Sheb-e-Abu Taleb for the continuous three years Hazrat Abu Taleb and his sons specially Hazrat Ali  protected the Holy Prophet at the cast of their lives and due to this act of scarify  the hatred against Ali and his father, Hazrat Abu Taleb , deepened more  in the heart of mushrekeen . 

    At the night of Hijrah when the mushrakeen as per their plan reached nearest to their success all of sudden badly failed when they saw Hazrat Ali on the bed of Holy Prophet. The enmity and the hatred of mushrekeen against Hazrat Ali  increased due to the failure of their plan. 

     When the Holy Prophet reached safely to the city of Madina and Islam started expanding successfully the mushrekeen decided to crush Islam with force which resulted in three bloody wars . In the first war the mushrekeen were badly defeated and their leaders were killed. In this  war Hazrat Ali was the prominent hero of Islam . After the battle of Badr the mushrekeen again attacked on the city of Madina to take revenge of Badr. When in the beginning of war Muslims repelled the mushrekeen back, but due to some tactical mistake the battle went in the favor of mushrekeen and they successfully attacked on the Muslim and were able to disperse the Muslims ranks and the Holy Prophet was left in the most unsafe and dangerous position in the battle field. He was Ali , who made the most strong and unbreakable protective ring around the Holy Prophet and repelled the mushrekeen back and turned the defeat into victory. This great blow on the face of mushrekeen increased the enmity of Ali in their heart .

      In the light of experience of two battles Abu Sufiyan ( Head of mushrekeen ) reached to the conclusion that they could only win the war if they could manage some great fighter who could face Ali , so he put all his efforts to search someone  who could fight with Ali and after his continuous struggle he found out the most famous fighter of Arabs who was famous to fight against one thousand people , he was Omer Ibn-e-Abdul Woodh and with the result the war of khandaq took place.

      When Hazrat Ali in shape of total Iman , came out to face Omer Ibne Abdul Woodh ' the Total Kufr , The eyes of Iman and the Kufr were focused  on the battle field and the breath were stuck in the chests. In a such critical point, all of a sudden the sword of Ali waved with Takbeer and the head of Kufr was cut and Islam was blessed with glorious success. With the result of this glorious success all hopes of mushrekeen were buried for ever which resulted more deepening of roots of enmity in the hearts of mushrekeen and they became the worst enemies of Hazrat Ali. 

   After the defeat in khandaq the mushrekeen were assured that they can not defect Islam by force as long as Ali is there therefore Ali was considered a great hurdle  in the way of mushrekeen. 

   In the war of Khyber when the war front was changed from mushrekeen to Jews on this new front again when everyone badly failed to win the war , he was only Ali who came forward with glorious success and defeated the Jews completely and by this a new enemy was added in the list of Ali's enemies. 

   In the 8th Hijra when the city of Macca fell in the hands of Islam and the Holy Prophet entered in the Haram where all the defeated and helpless mushrekeen of Macca saw Ali on the shoulders of the Holy Prophet     breaking there Gods ( Idols ). Now what the human nature says that those mushrekeen (who are going to be Muslims now, not by sincerity but due to the prevailing situation as there was no suitable option except to accept Islam ) will they love or  hate Ali , who was the root cause of all their defeats. 

    This was the external front where Ali made a lot of enemies (in the love of Allah and Rasool), who entered in Islam after the fall of Macca.

     In the next sub topic we will take up the internal front of Hazrat Ali's enemies.