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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful





( Replied by  alhujat )


              The pure passion and the courteous sentiments of deep love ( Ishq ) has no tongue. They can never be explained in words but they are only felt.

         In this world, at a time we are living  under  two sets of laws . Therefore, in the same time we are living under the influence of   two different worlds. One is the world of intellect (Aql) - the world of reasoning -and other is the world of Ishq,   (deep love and attachment ). Both of these worlds have separate rules and laws, and have different requirements and the different course of action. In the parameters of one world the other world is totally un- understandable. If some one applies the rules and laws of one world on the other world he will never get the correct results.


1.     In the world of intellect ( Aql ) to save the life is a success but in the world of Ishq, to lose the life is a  success.

  2.     In the world of Aql to become prisoner is disgraceful while in the world of Ishiq to become prisoner is an honor.

  3.     In the world of Aql the valves of the things are accessed on the basis of metrical by which they are  made,  but in the world of Ishq the things are accessed on the basis of affinity ( Nisbat ) .

  4.     In the world of Aql mothers pray for the long life of their children but in the world of Ishq mothers dressed their children in the Coffin.

  5.     In the world of Aql the safe places are searched against the dangers of swords and bullets but in the world Ishq the chests are spread against the swords and bullets.

  6.     In the world of Aql the prayers are offered in the peaceful places but in the world of Ishq the prayers are offered under the shadows of swords.

    "  Namaz-e-Ishq Ada Hoti Hay  Telwaroon Kay Saay Mein.  "

           Aql and the Ishq both are useful with in their own parameters. The Aql will be asked where ever its guidance is required and the Ishq will be asked where its succulence ( serabi ) is needed. 

  1.     It was the Ishq which jumped into the burning hell of Namrood .

 " Bay Khather Kood patha Atesh-e- Namrud may Ishq "

  2.     To put the knife on the throat of his young son is the outcome of Ishq .

  3.     The act of braking of his all teeth, the of Hazrat Awes Karni in the love of the Holy Prophet was the demand of Ishq .


If we look above such cases while standing in the parameters of Aql the results might be different.

        To forget oneself in the love of someone is an Ishq where all the Philosophy of Aql gets stuck.

and the lover ( Asheq ) gets forwards by leaving all the reasoning far behind.

  To understand Ishq one has to jump into the ocean of love, otherwise by standing on the bank every act of Ishq may look just madness.

  Now we question  to the conscience that when

         To jump into the burning hell of Numrud is an Ishq ,

       To put the knife on the throat of his son is an Ishq

       To brake all his teeth in the love of the holy Prophet is an Ishq,


Then Why the Matam in the love of Hussain and Ahlalbait-e-Nabwi  becomes  Butcherism  ??????????

        Today just by the spreading of our few drops of bloods is called inhuman act and the human organizations are appealed to interfere but no one dared to look back to the day of 10th Mohurram 61. Higrah  when the holy blood of Ale Rasool was shed all over the burning  desert of  Karbala while the conscienceless  Ummah was kissing the hands of Butchers which were red with the holy blood of Ale Mustafa and today the present race of those butchers  call the Hussainiís act of Ishq as a Butcherism !!!!!!!!!!!!

            Butchers never shed their own blood under the sentiments of love but they shed the blood of other innocent people.

         We Hussainiís nither in the past nor in present are butchers, but our    A-Emma in the past and we being Hussaini in the present are writing the pages of history with our blood and continuously unveiling the ugly and cruel  face of Yazadiat and their followers, So, is the reason that although we do the  Matam  but   its hit is felt some where else !!!!!! 

        To create the hurdles and obstacles in the way of Matam is the great evidence that someone is being  unveiled.


     Hussain Terey Lahoo ki Khushboo Falak key Daman Se Aa Rahi Hay

Yeh   Khoon-e-Nahaq chupey Ga Kaesey jisey yeh Dunia Chupha Rahi Hey.