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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




( Written by some Wahabi writer Saeed Ismaeel,  against Shia Muslims )

Taken form


Replied from ‘ alhujat ’


In the subject article the writer has put forward the long list of blames on Shia religion. Hundred time reply to such non sense objections were given by Shia’s Ulama but what could be done that these Ilmi-Yateems never dared  to touch such books and always keep on rotating on their wheel chairs. It is their very old routine that in order to give support to their untalented self made masters they have been always committing crimes by putting ugly dust on the glorious faces of Ale-Mohammad (a.s.) and their religion

Only the brief view of the reply of Shia Ulama’s to their rubbish objections is given below :-


·        When in the 4th. Higri Qazi Abdul Jabbar wrote a book  “ Mughni” on Imammat against Shia point of view the prominent Shia A’lem Syed Murtaza wrote a book,  Al-Shafi as a reply of Mughni.

·        When a prominent Shia A’lem  Allama Hilli wrote a book named MinhajulKarama then a sunni Sheikh and the master of the writer of subject article Ibne  Temiya wrote a book Minhajul Sunnah in a reaction of Allama Hilli, at once Ibne Temiya was replied by an other Shia A’lem Syed Mehdi Qazzwini by his book named  Minhajul Baria.

·        When A shia A’lem Qazi Noor-ul-allah Shoshisstari wrote a book “ Ehqak-ul –Haq” the sunni A’lem Ibne Roozbahan wrote a book against  “Ebtaal-ul-batel”  as a reply of Ehqak-ul-Haq, which was again at once replied by Shia A’lem Muzafari Najafi  by his book “ Dalael-us-Sidk ”

In India when for the first time Shah Abdul Aziz wrote a book against Shia school of thought named “ Tuhfa Asna-Ashri ” at once not one but many books came up  as a reply to Shah Saheb , the name of those books are as follow :-

-         Nazha-e- Esna-Ashri in 12 Parts

-         Tabka-tul-Anwar in 30 parts

-         Tashaeid al-Mata’en in 3, parts

-         Hassam-mul-Isalm .

-         Barhan-Al-Sa’ada

-         Masare-Al-Afham

-         Ahyaeil-Sunnah

-         Bawarek Mubekah

-         Takleeb-ul-Maqaek

-         Sawarem-ul-Elahiyat

-         Jawaher Abkariya

-         Shawarek-ul-Nasooss

-         Ta’an-ul-Ramah

-         Zulfaqar-e-Haideri

Please note that in reply to one book of Shah Saheb about 56, books from Shi’ee Ulama came up and then none of the reply to these Shi’ee book was given by any Sunni writer. And very strange to say as I have already indicated in the beginning of the article that these poor people keep on moving on their wheel chairs and can’t see around any thing , therefore ,till today on the first page of Tuhfa Asna-Ashri  it is written that it is such a book for which no reply is written by Shia till now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          In the subject article by following his master Ibne-Tammia (Planted by Larance of Arabia in Islam ) he has refused the event of Ghadeer ( the event of a clear noon in the presence of 100,1000 Sahaba Karam ) It really strange that they could see the event of dark cave in the dark night but are unable to see the event of clear noon on a clear surface of the earth. ( There is an animal or bird that could see only in the dark night and could not see in the day light )

                         The main points of the subject article are as below :-


·                   Shia don’t believe on the Holy Quran.

·                   Hazrat Ali ( a.s.) was not  much prominent figure  there were some (writer could not named ) who were having more knowledge then Ali !

·                   What is special about Hasnain ( a.s. ) that they are to be followed or why the Imammat to be believed in the race of Hussain ( a.s. ) and then at his own he tried to prove that the Immamat of Shia is based on the concept of  Heredity !

·                   By following old retune the writer of the subject article  has just reproduced the ugly voice of his forefathers about Taqqiah and Mutta.


As mentioned above that,  reply to all such blames have been given in a shape of complete books , I will reply to some of the points of the subject article and other blames  will be replied through “ alhujat “as a complete article by covering all their parameters , therefore they are added in the list of alhujat as follow :.

   Shia Eman Bel Quran.




   Al-Ghadeer ‘ The turning point in the Isalmic History”


  Hazrat Ali’s Glorious position in Islam .


       Because the writer due to his Wahabiat and Kharjiat base has tried to pull down the position of Hazrat Ali by giving the impression that Ali was not a special figure among others, but there were some ( nameless people  ) who were high in status and were more acknowledged then Ali, more over the position of Ali      ( a.s.) is only due to propaganda  of Abdullah Ibe Saba ( the imaginary personality of the fore fathers of the writer ) , so we view the position of Hazrat Ali ( a.s. ) in the light of the saying of Holy Prophet and all references will be given from the Ahlel - Sunnah books.


Important Note :

          In the article below,  many references will be quoted from the book Al-Mustadrak of Imam Hakem, In this book all those A’hadeeth are collected by Imam Hakim which are just according to the standard lay down by Bukhari and Muslim but intentionally ( Specially about Ali and the Ahlel Bait)   both of them ignored those A’Hadeeth therefore on many places Imam Hakim while mentioning such A’Hadeeth wrote a note that this Hadeeth was according to the standard of Bukhari and Muslim but they did not mentioned in their ( So called ) Sahee books .  


1:      Ref :-  ( Kanzul-Amal Part-6 Page-217 , Tibrani in Muajum Kabeer and Imam Rafi in his Masnad mentioned the following Hadeeth from Ibne-Abbas )


Holy Prophet Said , “ If anyone likes to live and to die like me and wants to live with me in Edan  ( Junnah )  he must adopt Ali as his Hakem ( Maulla ) and must follow my Ahlelbait because they are my Etratt and they are from me. They are blessed with my knowledge. Perish for him  ! who  Falsify them ! and overlook to their closest attachment to me  and God may deprive such people from my Shifa’att.


2:      Ref :-  ( Kuzul- Amal Part. 6, Pg- 154  Masnad Imam Ahmed Part-5, Page- 31 )

          Holy Prophet said , “ Ali’s flesh is my flesh, Ali’s blood is my blood , Ali is to me as Haroon was to Musa,

Note: -

           In the light of above Hadeeth there must be very closed resemblance of Haroon to Ali (and there is), Hazrat Musa went away  for a short time to Meka’at and left Hazrat Haroon in his Ummah the whole Ummah left Hazrat Haroon alone and turned back to their Kufr again  nothing to strange, if such condition repeats in the life of Hazrat Ali after the Holy Prophet left his Ummah and the Holy Quran has already warned (as it was in the knowledge of Allah )about what was going to happened after the sorrowful death of Holy Prophet,  Quran says, “  Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is a prophet if he dies or assassinated, will you turned back to your heels ……… “ This warring of Holy Quran is clearly indicating that majority was going to turned back to their heels otherwise for a few peopl’s deviation  there was no need of such a great warning. 

3:      ( Mustadrak Part-3 Page- 129 )

       Holy Prophet said , “ Ali is the Imam of the people doing good deeds and murderer of worst ( Fuj’ar ) people, the one who helped Ali will be the prosperous and the one who did not help Ali, will not be helped also.”

  Note :-   

          In the light of above Hadeeth Ali is the murderer of Fujja  ar so the Ashabul Jaml and Saffeen  will be placed where ? But in this regard even the saying of Holy Prophet will  be denied . Fuj’ar can never be declared as the people of Jannah by the Holy Prophet as the self made Hadeeth                        ( prepared in the Factory of Mua’wiyah who worked for 20 years on this line) a blame on Holy Prophet , that the Holy Prophet named some people ( all enemies of hazrat Ali ) as the people of Jannah ! ! !

  4.       Ref :-   Mustadrak  Part-3 Page 138.

     Holy Prophet said , “  I have been told three things about Ali through Wahi ,   Ali is the master of Muslims,  *  Imam of Muttkeen and the leader of shinning face of praying people.”

  5.       Ref:-          Hulliya-tul- Auleyya Abi Naeem  Sharrah Nahjul Balagha Part-2 P-449.

        Holy Prophet said , “ Ali is the one who first believed on me, He will be the first in the day of judgment who will shake hand with me, He is the Saddique –e-  Akber and Farroque in my Ummah who is the separator of Haqq and Batel and he is the master of Momeneen. 

  Note :-

When after the death of Holy Prophet the house of the Holy Prophet  was looted the titles of Hazrat Ali as mentioned in this Hadeedh were also looted.

  6.       Ref :-    Jamia Sagheer Page- 107,  Mustadrak Part-3 Page 227 .

      Holy Prophet said , “ I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its Gate, the one who wants to get my knowledge must come to Ali”

  Note :-

According to this Hadeeth , the Holy Prophet has directed the whole Ummah to Ali in order to get his knowledge but the writer of the subject article           says that there were a people who were more acknowledged then Ali  , Was the Holy Prophet not knowing this ?

 7.       Ref :-  Jamia Sagheer Part-1,  Page- 170

      Holy Prophet said , “ I am the house of wisdom and the Ali is its gate.”

  8.       Ref :-  Sawa’ak –e-  Mohrka Part- 11  Page 106

       Holy Prophet said , “ Ali is the Bab -e- Hitta  the one who entered is the momen  and the one who  deserted is the Kafer.”

  Note :-

          We ask that  who deserted from Ali , Shia or the writer and his              fore –masters

  9.       Ref :-    Kanzul - Ammal  part-6, page- 153, Hadeeth No. 2530,  Masnad Imam Ahmed part-4, page- 164.

      Holy Prophet said, “  Ali is from me and I am from Ali, the preaching of prophet hood will be done by me or by Ali”

  Note :-

When the first few verses of the Surah Barat was revealed the Holy Prophet nominated Abubakar  for the preaching of these verses to the people of Macca, When Hazrat Abubakar left for Macca the Holy Prophet sent Hazart Ali with the instruction that to take these verses from Abubakar and you yourself preach these verses to the people of Macca, Hazrat Ali met Hazrat Abubakar on the way to macca and took these verses back from him as ordered by the Holy Prophet, The Abubaker returned  to Madina and asked the Holy Prophet for this change. The Holy Prophet replied that when you left for Macca the Jebraiel came and said that as per order of God either I or Ali is authorized to preach the job of prophet hood.

When in the presence of Holy Prophet Hazrat Abubakar was not able to be made responsible for few verses,  HOW    , after the death of Holy Prophet he became the responsible for whole of Islam ??????????????

  10:-   Ref:-   Mutadrak part-3, page-121,  Masnad Ahmed part-6 page 323,  Khasaes –e- Nesai Alwia Page 17.

            Holy Prophet said, “ The one who abused Ali is as he abused me”


          Was Muawia not knowing this Hadeeth as due to his order Ali was abused from the 70 thousands masques continuously for 90 years , which was ultimately stopped by Umer Bin Abdul Aziz,( God may bless him for this noble act )

  11 :-  Ref:  Kunzul – Ammal part- 6, page- 156.

  Holy Prophet said, “ O’ Ammar if all people ( all people in the time of holy Prophet means the Sahaba Karam ) are moving in one valley and alone Ali is moving in other valley, See , Ammar you must be in that valley in which Ali is moving because Ali will never let you to be astray.

  Note: -

        According to this Hadeeth Ali is the only grantee for hidayaet and none of anyone else.

  12:-   Ref ;          Tefseer-e-Kabeer Part-2 Page-288

      Holy Prophet said, “ The one who wants to see Nuh in his strong determination, The Adam in his Knowledge,  Musa in his intellectual , and Essa in his devotion  he should see towards Ali”

  Note :-

Writers asks that why only Ali why not other bani hashem or other Sahaba Karam to be followed what specialty  in Ali is ?

  13;          Mustadrak Part-3, Page-147.

                Holy Prophet said, O’ Ali my Ummah,  after me will be unfaithful to you , You will be on my way, and will be killed while you will be following my sunnah, The one who loved you is as he loved me . Your enemy will be my enemy, your beard will be colored with your blood of your head.”


          Still the people ( like writer of the subject article )  ask that how it is possible that majority of the people after holy Prophet did enmity with Ali and Ahlelbait ?

  14:          Mudtadrak Part-3 Page-  240

          Holy Prophet said, “ Ali is with Quran and Quran is with Ali.”

        I wanted to give at least fifty A-Hadeeth from Ahe-sunnah book to show the glorious status of Hazrat Ali ( a.s.). But as the article is getting too large so I content to only 14 A’Hadeeth and among these A-Hadeeth none of Hadeeth is taken from Shia’s Books.   No one among Sahaba-Karam or even from Bani Hashem could be compared with the extra ordinary high status of Hazrat Ali which he has in the eyes of Allah and Holy Prophet.

Now I will ask the writer of the subject article that did all these Sunni Mohedeseen  were dictated ( these and many more A-Hadeeth in the honor of Hazrat Ali ) by Abdullah Ibne – Sabah ( the imaginary character of writer’s fore - fathers  )

  The Act of hiding the A-Hjadeeth of Holy Prophet :

          This was the reason that after the death of Holy Prophet the in powered group did his best to stop the A’Hadeeth and issued the ruling that no one will write or narrate any Hadees of Holy Prophet , They were not afraid of the A-Hadeeth which were about Prayer or Fasting of about Haj or about other teachings of Islam but they were only afraid of those A-Hadeeth which were in the honor of Ali and Ahellabait, these Ahadeeth were really an item bomb for them.  But they could not stop the flood of A-hadeeth and they themselves were swept away in it.

  Tactics of Muaweha :

       When they failed badly and the noor of Ali and the Ahlelbait spread everywhere then their true successor Muawia played the different tactics after the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali he ordered to all his paid Mohadeseen to make the false Ahadeeth in the favor of his fore-masters Khufah and in the favor of other prominent enemies of Ali , in a same tone and patron  which are said by the Holy Prophet in the favor of Ali and Ahllelbait and ordered to spread those false A’Hadeeth  through out the so called Islamic state, Such false Ahdeeth were given to the teachers to be taught to the student in the Madrasas, to the paid Khteeb who were ordered to course Ali from the masque and to spread these false A-Hadeeth in the people and this game were played for twenty years continuously till the people and specially the people under the influence of Muawia’s negative propaganda were started believing these  false A-Hadeeth were the actual saying of the Holy Prophet.

    Knowledge of Ali :-

                   As the writer of the subject article has particularly attacked on the knowledge of Hazrat Ali by saying that they were some people how were more acknowledged then Ali , I have already mentioned the Hadeeth of Holy Prophet  (Hadeeth-e-Madena ) here I will only mention the saying of Hazrat Ali in the light of Ahle-suunah books:

Hazart Ali said,    If the sheet( Masnad ) is spread for me and I sit on it I will give the decision for Ahe-Towrait according to Towrait, for Ahe-Zaboor according to Zaboor , for Ahe-Injeel according to Injeel and Ahe-Quran according to Quran  and all of them will certify that Ali has decided correctly according to their books.

See for ref:-    Arbaeen Imam Razi Page – 467     ----    Tatazani Sherah-e-Maqasad Part-2 page220.     Matalib al-Saul Page-89,       Nayabe-ul-Muwadait  Page-57.

           Hazart Ali from the Rostrum of Mosque declared “

 Ask – whatever you like” 

This is called  Dawa-e-Salooni , about this claim Saeed bin Museyab said that no one except Ali in whole Sahaba could claim this Dawa-e-Salooni .

This shows the status of the  knowledge of Hazrat Ali


See for Ref :-   Tabkatul-Kubra part-2 Page 338,  Kunzul Ammal Part-6, part-397

Sawaeq-e-Muhrqa Page-127,     Tarekh-e-eKhulfa Page-120 , Nayabe-ul-Muwadait Page-41.


  Ahellabait , “The Holy Etratt”

       Now I will refer few A-Hadeeth regarding the Holy Etratt of Holy Prophet, Then it will be the responsibility of the writer of the article under discussion  to ask the Holy Prophet that why the holy Prophet after him directed the whole Ummah to his Etratt, Is the Holy Prophet wanted to establish the foundation of Hereditary  ??????  because the writer has blamed that the Imammatt  of shia is based on hereditary.  !!!!

  1.            Ref:       Tarimzi narrated from Zaid Ibne Arqum , Kunzul Ammal Part-1,                    Page-44.  Masnad Imam Ahmed Part-5, Page-182. Mustadrak                      part-3, page-109 and page-148,

                    Holy Prophet said,  “ I am going to leave two precious things            (for Hidaet ) one the holy book of Allah ( Quran ) and other is my Etratt, Both of them will never leave each other till they reached on Kuser.”

  2.                          Abne Hajar Makki in his famous book Sawaiq-e-Muhrqa page-139 while commenting on the above Hadeeth said,

  “ The holy ahllalbait , having of very high status were above all the whole Ummah in their high, Islamic position .

Note :  Now here we dare to ask Ibe Hajar that when you confess that these Ahllalbait due to their Islamic Knowledge and closest  relation to the Holy Prophet were above all and none among the Ummah was of their status then why you followed the As’Arri  in Assol and A-Emma Arba in Farooh  by leave Ahllalbait when Ahllabait gave Assol and Farooh both  ??????? All the four A-Emma ( none of them from Ahllalbait were accepted to you but Hazrat Jafar-e-Saddiq ( a,s,) being the top holy member of Ahellabait of his age was not accepted by you !!!  Your Bukhari and Muslim took the A-Hadees from the worst people of Ummah like  Omran bin Hatan ( Khargi ) Omer ibne Saad ( the killer of Ibne Rasool ) and so on …..  Just think about,  Ahle Sunnh  :,

            Their Khulfa are not from   …………………….. Ahllalbait   !!!

          Their A-Emma are not from   …………………..   Ahllabait    !!!

          Their Ravees are not from  ……………………… Ahllalbait   !!!

          Their Mohadeseen  are not from  ………………    Ahllabait   !!!

          Their Mufasser are not from   ……………………  Ahllabait   !!!

Ahle Sunna have totally diverted from Ahllal bait , They have totally ignored the Ahllabait,  They have totally rejected the Ahllabait  They have totally deserted the Ahllalbait. 


   This is the point,  which very sensible Muslim must think and question to himself ……………………………………………  WHY  So ?????????????


If the Holy Prophet ask ( and surely Holy Prophet will ask ) that we people  who claim to be on my sunnah when I left my Ahallal bait with Holy Quran among you for your Hadiat  which of my Sunnah you took from my Ahallabait ??????

  What will be the reply everything  or nothing ????????????????????

 Ref :          Mutadrak-part-3 page-151,

         Holy Prophet said, “ O’ people be aware , My Ahllalbait among you are like the BOAT of Nuh, the one who got on will the successful and one who left will be perished.”

      The Holy Prophet said , “ They are the gate of Hitta, the one who got in will be forgiven and will be rewarded.”

  Ref :          Sawiq-e-Mohrqa Part-11 page-79

          Holy Prophet about his Ahlelbait said, “ Look ! neither get ahead of them , nor lag behind ( for away ) , other wise you will be perished. Don’t teach them they are more acknowledged then you all “

  Saying of Hazrat Ali about Ahallabait :

            Look, towards the Ahlelbait of your Holy Prophet, Recognized them, Follow them, they will never let you to be on wrong path, if they stop you also must stop and if they move you also must move ( follow them in all respect ) don’t get ahead or lag behind otherwise you will get astray .

  See ref.  Nahgulbalagha Khutba No. 93.

      Hazrat Ali Said,  “ We are the ‘Shuja-e-Nabuwah’  we the ‘ Munzeel-e-Resalah’  we are the place where the Angles ( Malaika ) come, We are the base of knowledge,  We are the source of Hikmah,  our friends are to look for the Rahma and our enemies should look for Azzab.

  See , Nahgulbalagha , Khutba No. 105.

  Now about Ahlelbait I will  end the discussion with this Hadeeth which covers the whole Ahllal bait –e-Nabwi (a.s)

  Ref:          Nayabe-ul-Mowadatt Page-685 further from Alsamteen.

  Narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Abbas , “ One day one Jew named Na’sal came to the Holy Prophet and asked some questions. He asked about Thuheed and Resalat. The holy Prophet replied his questions, Then he asked that every Prophet had a Wasi as our Prophet Hazrat Musa had Hazrat Haroon as a Wasi so who is your Wasi ? Holy Prophet replied that my Wasi is Ali Ibne Abetalab and then two Sibet Hassan and Hussain and then nine from the progeny of Hussain. Then he asked for their name. The Holy Prophet replied, After Hussain his son Ali and after Ali his son Mohammad and after Mohammad his son Jaffar and then his son Musa and then his son Ali and after him his son Mohammad and after him his son Ali and after him his son Hassan and after Hassan his son Mohammad will be my Wasi.Then he asked that how Ali , Hassan and Hussain will meet the death. The Holy Prophet replied that Ali will be killed by the hit of sword on his head, Hassan will be given poison and Hussain will be slaughtered . Then he asked about their place after death, Holy Prophet said with me in same status. On this Jew Na’sal accepted Islam and said that I have read the same in my books also and as per our old book Hazart Musa took the vow from us ( our nation ) that in the last era one prophet named Mohammad and Ahmed will come , he will be the last messenger of God.  He will have twelfth  O’Seyya  the fist will be the son of his uncle then two brothers . His Ummah  will kill his first Wasi with sword, second will be poisoned and the third will be slaughtered with all his relatives and friends. Then there will be nine A-Emma from the race of third one and they are equal to the number of Asbaat.The Holy Prophet asked did you know about Asbaat, he replied yes Asbaat were twelve, first of them was Ladi bin Bakheia who remained hidden for long time and then reappeared , Holy Prophet said that my twelfth Wasi will also disappear and such time will come on my Ummah that Islam will be left only just for name ( not with its true status ) Allah will then allow him to appear and he will re-life and re established and re enforced the Islam with all its true power and status. Those who will follow him will be successful and those who will oppose him will be ruined.

  Final Comments on above discussion: -

          Now it should be very clear to the writer of the subject article and to his all masters that Shia Imammat is not at all based on the concept of in-heredity system . Immamat like Nabuwat and Resalat is God gifted institution for the guidance of human kind. We see that for  Resalat and Nabuwat God has mentioned a basic standard and that is the God given knowledge and infallibility and not the in-heredity . It is an extra gift of God to some holy race that he made that particular race so noble and continuously he send many prophet in the same race as in Al-e-Ibrahim son after son continuously prophet were sent.  Was this based on the concept of in-heredity or for  the high nobility of race ?     Same thing is repeated in Imammat  we never base the Imammat on race but due to their God gifted knowledge and infallibility moreover like other institution of Hediat they were appointed by God   (not even be Holy Prophet ) and this was the nobility of the holy race of the holy Prophet that all these A-Emma were sent in the holy race of the Holy prophet like the many prophets were continuously sent in the holy race of Hazrat Ibraheem. For this the writer instead of blaming Shia school of though should complain to Allah and Rasool ( a.s)  for the gifting of nobility to some particular race. God knows batter that where he is to keep his Hidaet.

  Who the Ahlalbait are ?

         To create the doubts in the specification of Ahlalbait , unnecessary discussions  were put forward, some time it is said that all wives  and the other relative of the Holy Prophet are among the Ahlalbait, Some time it is claimed that after holy Prophet there are all Sahaba Karam and no other group exist and the status of Ahlalbait is totally ignored. Anyhow we have no right to specify the parameters of Ahlalbait because the Holy Prophet talked about Ahlalbait at the status of Holy Quran by saying that I am going to leave two precious things among you, they are Quran and my Ahlalbait and both of them were for the hedeat of ummah therefore,  Ummah has no right to specify that who are Ahlalbait it is the responsibility of Holy Prophet to introduce his Ahlalbait himself to Ummah and Holy Prophet did this job, let us view it in the light of Ahle Sunnah Books, 

  Ref.  ( Muslim – part7, page-135,  Muslim part-2 page-83, Dur-e-Mansoor    part-5 page 198

          It is narrated by Hazrat A’sha that one day the Holy Prophet came with a black sheet on his shoulders after that Hassan then Hussain then Ali and then Fatima came there. The Holy Prophet got them togather under that black sheet and recited the verse of Tatheer.   In Dur –e-mansoor as refered above is that when the verse of Tatheer was revealed the Holy Prophet took Hassan, Hussain Ali and Fatima under the sheet and said “ Ya Allah these are my Ahlalbait”

  Ref. ( Masnad Imam Ahmed Part-6, page 296, Kunzul ammal part7, page 103)

       Narrated by Hazrat Umm-e- Salma, ( wife of Holy Prophet ) when I saw the five under sheet I also tried to get in , on this the Holy Prophet said Ya Umm-e- Salma be away from my Ahlalbait so I got away and sat on one side.

       With reference to the above narration in Dur-e-Mansoor Part-5 page-198, Tafseer Ibne Jareer part-22, page-6 it is added that when the Holy Prophet said to Umm-e- Salma be away from my Ahlalbait on this Hazrat Umm-e- Salma asked that am I not among the Ahlalbait the Holy Prophet replied that you are among the wives of Nabi.

      Ref. ( Muslim part 2, page 280 )

      Hazrat Zaid Bin Arqum ( The  sahabi  ) while defining the Ahlalbait –e- Nabwi said that the wives of the Holy Prophet are not among the Ahlalbait.

  Ref ( Dur-e-Mansoor Part-5, page-149, Masnad Imam Ahmed Part3 page 285, Mustadrak part-3, Nayab-ul-Muwadiat  page 174 Chapter 55. )

       After the revealing of Aya-e-Tatheer  continuously for six months  before the morning prayer  the Holy Prophet used to go to the door of Hazrat Fatima ( a.s ) and loudly used to say , “ Asalam-o-Alakum Ya Ahlalbait-e-Nabuwa and then used to recite the Aya –e-Tatheer. “

  Now as a result  we see that:

    The Holy Prophet clearly said that my wives are not the Ahlalbait.

  The wives of the Holy Prophet ( Hazat Ayeash and Umm-e- Salma ) said that the wives are not in the Ahlalbait

  Sahaba Karam cleared that wives are not from Ahlalbait.

  But in spite of all these facts,  these people are not going to listen the Holy Prophet, Wives of the Holy Prophet and Sahaba in this regard

  There is no solution for such poor blinds.

( Note that no reference of Shia A’Hadeeth is given to define the Holy Ahlalbait ) 

           Now we end the article and will take up other issues in the “alhujat” for their detail reply by covering all their corners , Inshallah.


          Now before ending the article please briefly view the Islam of those who claimed to be the only Muslim and blamed Shia to be Kafer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  About Allah the almighty :-

            ( Meshkat Book al-adab Chapter Alsalam Page 219 )

  God has made Hazrat Adam on his own shape and his height was 60 yards

           ( Kunzul ammal Part 1, Page 57 )

       When Allah sits on the Ersh it creates the sound ( due to the weight of God ) like the new seat of the horse.

          ( Book Almellel wal Nehal page 78,79 )

       Once the eyes of the God got shored, the  Malaeka  came for Iyya’datt,  and God so much wept on the storm of Nuh that his eyes got sick.

          ( Bukhari Kitab-butt- Teffseer , part-20 page-33 )

        “On the day of Judgment God will put his foot in the Hell then the Hell will cry that  I am filled up”

        ( Kunzul-Ammal Part-1 page 57 )

     Shoes of the God are made of gold and the golden veil is hanging in front of God

  About Holy Prophet ( p.b.u.h )

    ( Teffseer-e-Kabeer Part-8, page 434 )

         ( Kaan Mohammad ala Deen -e- Qaumehi ela arbain sanah )

      The Holy Prophet for the forty years was on the religion of his nation , ( and it is very clear that before the declaration of Islam the Arab nation was Mushrek)

        ( Teffseer Bayzawi )

        Once the Holy Prophet while praying near Ka’aba ,by the influence of the Iblees         ( Sheitaan ) praised the Idols and by hearing that the Mushrekeen became happy’

         ( Muslim Urdu TranslationPage-3011, Tarmzi Page 469 )

  Twice the chest of Holy Prophet was operated to clear the darkness and was filled with Eman

  ( Muslim  Urdu Translation Part-2  Page-814 Bukhari Bab-u- Nisya Part-4 Page-125 )

  The memory of the Holy Prophet was so week that often  He used to forget the holy Quran.  

  ( Bukhari Urdu Translation Part-1Page-89 )

  Holy Prophet used to make water in standing position

  Status and respect of Holy Quran :

  ( Fatawa Alamgheri Part-5. Page-134, Fatawa Qazi Khan Part-4, page-364 )

        Mufti Abubakar Askaf under the Fiqah Hanfiya gave the Fatwa ( ruling ) that the Quran could be written with Blood or with Urine , if the blood is coming from nose and some one could be cured by this .”

  ( Bukhari- Part-3 Page140 )

              During the time of Hazrat Uthman all Quran except arranged by his committee were burnt in the fire.


          What such Ummah did with Ahlelal Bait if we take up this topic then further many pages are required , Just to get brief idea about the behavior of this Ummah with Ahlalbait please read the article of alhujat,


 “ Ajre – Resalat. ”