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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

Answer to your questions

            Some of the reader of alhujat ( suni Muslim ) has raised the following    objections which are replied from alhujat.  


·                    Matam is irrelevant  to the outsiders.

·                    Why matam  on the event of 1400 years old  ?

·                    Why to live like Ali when the life of Holy Prophet is the best model ?

·                    Did Shia change the Kalma ?


Dear ,

we have may practices in Islam which may be very much irrelevant to the outsiders and you being a Muslim may not be able to justify those actions on their point of view where as no doubt every practice in Islam has a great philosophy on its back and outsider without deeply studying the that philosophy can never agreed upon . For example :-


1.    If some outsider ask that why you Muslim move round a ka’aba which is  simply ( to out- sider ) an empty room ? If he ask that is your God live in that room ?


2.    Hazrat Hajrah ( mother of Hazrat Ismail ) 4000 years ran between two hills for the search of water for her thirsty son , why you , the Muslim run  till to day , do you also run for the search of water ?  Why to keep alive the event of 4000 years old ? ( four time older then Karbala ).


3.    Why the Muslim hit the self made stone pillars ? Is Iblees ( sitting over there )  Why to keep alive the event of 4000 years old  which is concerning to Hazrat Ibraheem and Hazrat Ismail where as the Muslim are not their direct Ummah ?


Mover over the action of Rammi ( hitting of three pillars ) is highly dangerous to life, as we all know that every year many people die during Rammi so the risk to life is definitely present. No one has died with Matam so for where as many  people have died by performing Rammi

But no matter how a great risk to the life is present Islam wants from every men and women , old and young to perform the Rammi even at the risk of your life.


So as per your  point of view as we have a lot of burning problems around us so why to be so serious for the event of very old history ( 4000 years old )


Can you satisfy the outsiders about these practices till you fully make them  understand the philosophy of these actions ? Are should we leave these practices as they do not look relevant to the outsiders ?


Same situation we have with the outsiders of Matam . They can never understand it till they know the philosophy of Azza-e-Hussain for which a countless lives ( from the time of Karbala till to this date )  have been given. We are weeping or morning on Karbala after the event has happen but our holy Prophet (a.s) wept on karbala 57 years before  its happening .                 ( References are available ) Here will you not follow the Serah of your Holy Prophet ?


Why Islam feel necessity to keep alive the event of 4000 years old, because there is a great sacrifice at the depth of this event, how the Islam will like to ignore the karbala where not one but series of sacrifices are given by the grandson ( as per Holy Quran the son ) of holy Prophet (s)  We being not the ummah of Hazrat Ibraheem but yet Islam put the responsibility on us to keep alive the sacrifice of Ibraheem at all cast , will the Islam or the prophet of Islam let us to forget the much more higher sacrifices of his own holy Race just by thinking that it is the old event of 1400 years so why to morn on it ! !


According to  holy Quran  the holy Prophet asked for the reward of his Prophet hood           ( Please ref. to the article No.1 of alhujat ) as the verse says “ I do not ask for any reward for my prophet hood except to keep high degree of love and attachment with my  Qurba  ( closest blood relative ) . Who is the more close blood relative of holy Prophet on the whole earth than Hussain ?  Love of Hussain is the reward of prophet –hood. The love of Hussain will take you automatically to Karbala.


Holy Prophet said “ O’ my Allah, I love Hussain, You also love Hussain and you love those who love Hussain “  ( Reference is available ) Hussain is not the character of past but the alive character of Islam and the demanded reward of Holy Prophet. If you ignore Karbala just by saying that it is the event of past and nothing to do with us , you have ignored Hussain  , you have denied to the demand of Holy Prophet.


Taking the Karbala as a daily routine event of the life as you mentioned like killing, raping etc is the extreme  disgrace  to the highest sacrifice of the  human race. Holy Prophet love Hussain , and demands the highest degree of love of Hussain as a reward of his prophet hood and on the other hand the action of Ummah has resulted Karbala , Is it the result of following the Serah of holy Prophet and the present Ummah want to pull down the Kabala to non remember able event of past !


Karbala has not passed but continuously repeating itself. Ummah has also divided in to two blacks one is responding to Karbala at the basis of extreme love and attachment whereas other is doing his best to wipe 

Off the Karbala from  the mind of the people but Matam (the forceful agitation) will not let them to achieve their goal and the Ashura will repeat itself on every 10th  of Moharram.


Now coming to your an other point that “ why to live like Ali and why not like Holy Prophet ?

“Before I explain it, I ask you that whenever in Pakistan  ( taking you a Pakistani ) people talk about Islamic laws they refer to the govt. of Khulfa-e-Rashedeen and it is said that we want to establish laws and the rules of Khulfa-e-Rashedeen in the country . Can you tell me that why they talk about the establishment the govt. of Khulfa-e-Rashedeen WHY not the govt. of Holy Prophet being the best model ?


No doubt the Serah of Holy Prophet is the best model for the Muslims, But, is Ali and Hussain are not the 100% practical model of the Serah of Holy Prophet ? To follow the perfect model is not as to follow the original ?


According to Holy Quran ( Verse of Mubahela  ) Ali is a Nafs-e-Rasool and the Nafs means the 100% true replica of the original and about Hussain the Holy Prophet said  “ Hussain _ O _  Mini Wa Ana Minal  Hussain  )


Holy Prophet said “ The one who love Ali is a momen and the enemy of Ali is Munafeq”   Here is my question that why the Holy Prophet did not say that one who love me is the momen and my enemy is the Munafeq ( and there is no doubt in it ) but yet the Holy Prophet made Ali a standard for the distinction of momen and Munafeq.


For the Holy Prophet both momen and Munafeq claimed to be the friend and lover though the Munafeq were liar, yet they were badly mixed with Momeneen ( please ref. to article of alhujat , “ Qamar Dar Najoom” ) this was the reason that the Holy Prophet did not make himself to be the standard of distinction for momen and Munafeq. Ali is the best standard for the distinction because ( as per Holy Prophet ) the Munafeq will never at any cast love Ali and can easily and sharply detected and this standard is very much effective even today and will remain till to the last day.


All those who were killing Al-e-Mohammad in Karbala were also claiming to be the follower of Holy Prophet but Munafeq will never claim to follow Ali but he will be always the red hot enemy of Ali therefore if some one is following Ali is sure Momen and is surely following the Serah of Holy Prophet and that is the aim .


One day holy Prophet said to one of his Sahabi  hazrat Ammar Yaser  :,

“ Look Ammar , if all of the people moving in one valley and alone Ali is moving in other valley,  Ammar you must go to that valley in which Ali is moving because Ali will never let you to be arrant.


Coming to your last point about Kalma, kindly if you see the index of alhujat you will find the article in the awaiting list :


  “ Kalmay mey Ali Yun Waliullah Kyun “   when this article will publish you may get the answer to your query. Some thing which you may be thinking as a change in Kalma or any where else may be based on the misunderstanding or misguidance .