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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




(and final result)


       About all such narrations found in shia book which could create misunderstanding about the concept of transposition of the Holy Quran and the Ahy-e-Sunnah have based their allegations on such narration to blame shia , and the Shia Ulama have clearly  Clearfield the position of all those narration in their books as some of  them we mentioned in the Pt. I of this article.

         Now in this part we will deal with the same nature of narrations which are also present in the sunni books  so why they should not be equally blamed as a believer of transposition of Holy Quran :-

     1:-     Ettqan-e-Mustafa Albabi AlHalbi Pt-1 Page-70;

                According to above referred book, Hazrat Umar affirms that the total number of words of the Holy Quran are 1027000. where as the total number words of present  Quran as per Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas are 326631. about  1/3 what hazrat Umar claimed so where is other 2/3 of Holy Quran ????

     2:-     Ettqan Pt-2 Page-25 and Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-1 Page-106;

              Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e- Umar said that non of you could claim that he has got the whole Quran , because no one knows that how much the whole Quran was ? most of the Quran has been last so one should say that whatever is left he has got.

     3:-     Tasfeer-e-Kabeer Page-179, Al-Ettaqan Pt-1 Page-79, Dur-e-MasoorPt-6 Page-416.

                Abdullah Ibn-e-Masaood affirms that Surah Fateha, Surah Falaq and the Surah Wannas are not the part of Quran so he took out these Surahs from the Quran which was in his possession 

     4:-    Al-Ettaqan Pt-1 Page-65

                The Holy Quran which was in the possession of Abi Bin Ka'ab ( the 1st Imam of Salat-tey-Tarawi ) there were two extra Surah Al-Hafad and Al-Kullah in that Quran but these surah are not found in the present Quran ???

     5:-     Dabestan-e-Mazahib Page-220

              According to this book there was a famous surah Noorain in the Holy Quran but today we don't find this surah in the holy Quran.

     6:-     Al-Ettaqan Pt-1 Page-67

               According to Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas the total number of Ayyat of Holy Quran are 6616 whereas in present Quran the total number of Ayyat are 6666 ?????

     7:-     Dur-e-Masoor and Al-Ettaqan Pt-2 Page-25.

                Hazrat Ayesha affirms that during the period of Holy prophet there were 200 Ayyat of Surah Al-Ahzaab but she says that later we found (less) whatever is present now.

     8:-     The same ref. as above.

                  Narrated by Hazrat Huzaifa that once hazrat Umar asked me that how much ayyat of surah Ahzaat do you count, I replied that 72 or 73, on this he said that it was equal to Surah Baqara  and there was ayat-e-Rajm in that also but today we don't find ayat Rajm in the holy Quran ????

      9:-      Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-3 Page-180 and Al-Ettaqan Pt-2 Page 26.

         Narrated by Hazrat Huzaifa that surah Tauba was infect the sura-e-Azaab  and in this surah none of us was left about whom any ayat of azaab was not being revealed but at present what you find is the 1/4 of the total surah ?????

      10:-       Nesaee Pt-2 Page-71

         Hazrat Ayesha affirms that in the beginning there was ayat of ten Raza'at in the Quran which was changed by the ayat of five Raza'at and ayat remained till to the death of Holy Prophet and even after that also,  but this ayat in no where in the present Quran ?????


      11:-    Ibn-e-Maja  Translation Waheedi Pt-2 Page-57,  Haya-tul-Haywan Pt-1 Page-272.

              Narrated by Hazrat Ayesha that ayat-e-Rjam and ayat Raza'at were revealed , they were written on some thing I kept them under cart meanwhile the Holy Prophet died and we became busy and one goat came ate those ayyat. !!!!!!!

      12:-    Al-Ettaqan Pt-1 Page-78 ,  Noor-ul-Anwar side margin No.18 page- 8.

                 Bismella in the beginning of all surah is not the part of Holy Quran.

       13:-  Ref; as above:

                 Narrated by Ibn-e-Masaood that during the period of Holy Prophet we used to recite the under mentioned ayat as follow;

                          "   Ya Ayyu Her Rasool Balegh Ma Unzela  Min Rabeyka ' Inna Aliyan Ameer

ral Mumimeen , Fa Inlam Taf 'al................,

       14:-   Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-1 Page-302

                 When Umer Bin Rafa'A  was writing the Mushaf of Hazrat Hifza then Hazrat Hifza told him to write  the below ayat as follow :-

                      " Hafezo Ala Salatay  Wa Sala Tel  Wusta  Wa Sala-tel-Asr "  further Hazrat Ayesha also confirmed that this ayat was revealed like this see its more references :

         Muslem Pt-2 Page 696, Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-1 Page 302 , Tarimzi Page 333.

      15:-    Kan-zul-A'Mal Pt.- 1, Page-286,

               Hazrat Usman while reciting the ayat " Min Kum umma Tun Yad Oona  ,  he used to recite here Yastaghesoona Ala Ma Asabahom , but this later part is not present in the Quran now.

      16:-    Bukharai Ketab Al-Tafseer Bab Tabat Yada Page-114,

                Narrated by Ibn-e-Abbas that the following ayat of Surah,  Shu'ra was revealed as follow ;

  Wa Anzer A'sheratekal Aqrabeen  wa Rahtoka Minhomul-Mukhlaseen,  But last three words are not  in the present   Holy Quran "

      17:-   Dur-e-Mansoor Pt.-5 Page-192,   Bah-rul-Moheet  Pt.7 page-224,  Ruh al- Ma'ni Pt-1 Page-156

                       Mazan-e-Atedal Pt-2, Page-171,      Kefaya-tul-Talib Page-110. Ma'arey -Jul- Nabuwat Pt-1,      

                        Page-163,       Kutab-e-Duri page-138,    Arja-ul-Matalib Page-96,

                   According to all above references Abdullah Ibn-e-Mas'ood used to recite the following ayat as follow :-

           " Wa KafaAllah-Hul-Momineenal-Qetala Bey Ali Yen,   " but the last word in not in the present Quran !!

    18:-   Ettqan Pt- Pt-1, Page-185;

                   Narrated by Ibn-e-Abbas that the following ayat was reveal as:-

                 "  Wa Wa Sa Raboka but it was by mistake written as Wa Kafa Raboka  ?

    19:-    Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-1 Page-15;

                    Hazrat Umar used to recite the ayat " Ghey Rel Maghzoobay Alahim Wa Lazzaleen  as follow Ghey  Rel Maghzoobay Alahim Nameeruzzaleen " ????

    20:-    Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-2, Page- 16.

                     Hazrat Qatada used to recite the aya as  " Ala Inna Tattaqu Minhum as Ala Inna Tatta qu Minhum Takiah, "

                    So we have given 20, reference from the Sunni Books which support the concept of transposition of Holy Quran. So how they blame to Shia that they believe in the transposition of Holy Quran  when their own literature supporting the concept of transposition of Holy Quranas well !!!!!!!!!

        CONCLUSION :-

     Now at the end of the article we will quote the five reference of Sunni Ulama who confess that shia do not believe on the transposition of Holy Quran :-

   1:-    Fatey al-Manan Muqaddama Tafseer Haqani Pt-1, Page- 63,

           "Sheikh Abdul Haq Dehlvi Confirms, "   None of the Shia scholar ever believed about the transposition of Holy Quran. They have strongly condemn the concept of transposition in their books.  "

    2:-   Tohfa Asna Eshri Bab-5, Page-139

             It is confirmed by the shia's Narrations,  that all A-Emma Ahllal Bait used to recite ,   and did the Tafseer of the same Quran. 

    3:-   Resalah  Emamat Tul Burhan  Page-5,

            "Mowlana Dastagheer confirms that,  the allegation of  priest, that Shia believe in the transposition of Holy Quran is totally wrong, because to all shia scholars the Quran  is  just in its original form  and no transposition has taken place. "

    4:   Ezharul Haq.   Pt-2 Page-89.

                "Mowlana Rahmatullah Confirms, It is proved fact , that to all Shia's Ulama the present Quran is the same which was revealed on Holy Prophet and no change has taken place at all "

    5:-  Mazhab-e-Islamia Page-474

              " Mowlana Abdul Ghani Kashmiri confirms that as it is said that shia believe in the transposition of Holy Quran , so it is jut a false none of the Shia scholar believed so. "


         So after the long discussion, in thee parts of this article, we leave the decision to the conscience of  the reader to give fair decision about the spread allegation against the shee'at   that they believe in the transposition of the Holy Quran. If one have to decide on the presence of the narrations those support the concept of transposition then such narration are present in the Sunni books as well (as referred above)

    All such Narration where ever they are , they are rejected by the Shia and Sunni Ulama so as a result we say that whole of the Muslim Ummah ( Shia and Sunni)  believe that Holy Quran is save and protected from all sort of transposition .


      We revealed ,  and We are the protector


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