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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful



       It is seen that our sunny brothers always put an allegation that Shia don't believe on this Holy Quran and as support  to their claim they brought forward those Rewayyat of Shis's books which talk about some transposition ( Tahreef ) of the holly book.

     In this article we will discuss about this allegation .   


  Part_1 : 

Saying Of A'Emma-e-Ahllal Bait about The Holy Quran In The Light Of Shia's Books.


  1.   Asool-e-Kafi :  Pt-3, P_ 600  , Book al Wafi Pt- 2, P-260

     Tafseer-e- Safi- Pt-1, P-10.

    "   Narrated by Hazrat Ali that the Holy Prophet said --   Jibra'eel came and informed me that my Ummah will indulge in a great sedition (Fitnah) , On this Hazrat Ali asked that what will be the possible way to be safe from that Fitnah, Holy Prophet replied, " The the Holy Book of Allah, which is having the information about all past and future events , also having all decisions of yours affairs and concerning. Its affirmations are solid and perfect. If any cruel will try to become its guardian and will act against it Allah will perish him , and if anyone will seek help from her opponent  will be  astray. It is a strong rope of Allah , and the straight path of Allah , the will of the people can not crook it, sayings of the people cannot obscure it. A time cannot outdate it. ........ the false cannot enter in it.   This is a book which is revealed by a Allah who is Hakeem.

   2.   Asool -e-Kafi Pt-1 p  601 , Al Wafi-  Pt-2 P-67. 

      "   Holy Prophet said, The Quran is Noor-e-Mobeen ,  a strong Rope,  a high status,  a high cure             ( Shifa ) ,  a great superiority , a great prosperity , the one who will seek guidance from him ,he will be  enlightened ,  the one who will follow Quran in every act of his life Allah will save him from Erring. The one who will not oppose Quran will be uphold by Allah. The one who will seek cure from Quran will get cure from it.   The one who will prefer  Quran over every thing will be gifted with Hidiat by Allah. The one who will make Quran as his guide  (Immam ) he will be gifted with Jannah. 

  3.   Asool-e-Kafi  Pt-1, P-166. 

     Hazrat Immam Jafer-e-Sadeq narrated by the Holy prophet that any one who will recite sorrah Al Hakomuttaqaser  will be save from the Azzab-e- Qaber. 

   4.   Asool-e- Kafi  Pt-1 P-655

     Hazrat Immam Jafer-e-Sadeq ( A.S ) narrated from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H & H.P ) , that once a person complained to the Holy Prophet about his chest pain , the Holy Prophet said , get cure from the Holy Quran as the Quran is shifa for all diseases of chest. 

   5.   Asool-e-Kafi , Pt-1 P-655.

        Immam  Mohammad Baqir ( A.S) narrated by  Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H) that  on day of Qyyamah I will be the first to come to Allah then the Holy Quran and then my progeny , and then my Ummah, I will ask my ummah that how they behaved with Holy Quran and my progeny . 

   6.   Asool-e-Kafi Pt-1 , P-660.

       Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H & H.P ) said to illuminate your houses with the reciting of  Holy Quran. The house where the Quran is recited, will be blessed , and  that house will shine like a star. 

   7.   Jam'a-ul-Akhbaar P-52

        Holy Prophet ( PBUH&HP ) told Hazrat Ali (A.S) to recite Surah Yaseen because this surah has ten blessing , hungry will get food, thirsty will get water, naked will  get dress, Bachelor will get marry, Frightened will get peace , Patient will be cured , Prisoner will get release, Passenger will have safe journey ,  If recited with dead body his torment  will be reduced, If one wanted wealth will get it.  

   8. Tafseer Safi Pt-1 P-26 

        Hazrat Ali once asked Talha that is the Quran collected by Umar and Usman, Is that  a real Quran or having any extra addition ? Talha replied that it is really true Quran  on this Hazrat Ali said what so ever is in it if you follow it you will be saved from the hell and will be rewarded by Haven . There is sufficient hujat in it and it implements  our obligation  to the  whole ummah.

    9.   Nehjul-Balagha P-73

        Hazrat Ali said, " You must learn Quran as it is the best knowledge, You must concentrate thoroughly in it because it gives pleasures to the hearts, You should seek cure in it because there is cure of all chest diseases in it.

    10.  Nehjul-Balagha P-121,

        You must fulfill the blessing of Allah by his obedience and you must preserve what the Allah has given you in his holy book.

    11.   Nahgul-Balagha P-103 ,

           You must adopt the holy book because it is unbroken rope of Allah, Its in and out is full of noor ( light ) there is beneficent cure in it.  It provides the full protection against all dangers to those who firmly hold it.

    12.     Nahgul-Balagha P-123,

             Quran is such blessing which does not have any  perfidy  or disloyalty in it. This is such guide which never let ones to be astray .It is such informer which never tells a lie. 

    13.    Asool-e-Kafi  Pt.-1, Page 660

               Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq Narrated from Hazrat Ali, That house is blessed where the Holy Quran is recited, Angeles  come to that house and the devils run away from there.

    14.  Nahgul-Balagha Pt-2 Page-21

              Hazrat Ali said,    Ya Hares, firmly hold  the  Holy Quran. Get advice from it, accept its Halal and Haram.

     15.   Min La Yahzul-Faqeha , Page-37 Chapter Al-Farooz.

               Advice of Hazrat Ali to his son Hazrat Mohammad Hanfia, " My son always recite this Holy Quran , You must follow it, It is a great testament of Allah.

     16.    Asool-e-Kafi Pt-2 Page- 609:

                Imam Zan-ul-Abedeen said to Zohri ( a narrator ) The A'Yaat of this holy Quran are great treasure .

     17.     Asool-e-Kafi Pt-2 Page- 530:

                 Imam Zanul Abedeen said, " If all the people of east and west die yet I will not feel myself alone because the Holy Quran is with me.

     18.     Asool-e-Kafi Pt-1 Page-  541

                 Imam Jafer-e-Sadeq said, " It is must for you to recite and to act according to the Holy Quran as it is a shafey and its  shafa'at  will be accepted. Quran will take  its follower to the haven.

     19.    Asool-e-Kafi Pt-1 Page-  541

                  Imam Jafer-e-Sadeq said that Momen should not die till he lean the Holy Quran.

      20.   Asool-e-Kafi Pt-1 Page-  140.

                 Imam Jafer-e-Saseq said that Asif Bin Barkhia was having the knowledge of a part of the book ( Quran) with that he brought the Takht-e-Balqees with no time where as we have the knowledge of whole the book ( Quran ).

        Here we end  the first part of the article with twenty Holy saying of A'Emma-e-Ahllal Bait about holy status of Quran. In the second part of the article we will discuss the same topic in the light of  twenty affirmations of Ulama and Mohadeseen -e- Shia.