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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


PART-1, General Introduction :-

   This article is divided into two parts. In first part we will discuss about two options among them we have to adopt  one and in second part we will discuss which option is safe to be adopted to ensure the success of our next life, the life after death.

     In this article we will not comment but only the two ways or the options will be discuss in their parameters and every one has his own responsibility to adopt one which grantees the success of life after death.

      This article is written to nullify a great misleading concept as it is  generally believed that just pray , keep fast and keep doing good deeds etc. and don't think or worry about faith  or concept (Aqeedah) any one who is doing good deed specially doing the Ebadaat will be rewarded, and to go into the history to find out that  what some one has done?  what is being done?  what ought to be done ? who is Zalim?  who is Mazloom ? Whose right and who snatched ? we are not to think on these questions and we will not be asked about these things , we are responsible for our deeds and no more ! !

      Though this idea looks very beautiful  but it is a greatest and deceiving concept  which demolishes  the way of search and put the man in the well of darkness and ignorance .

       Let us to search the facts , think for a while, and the important factor is that we should  follow the facts which we get through our research but should not impose our research on others and let others to dig out the facts  themselves and let their conscious to decide what is right and what is wrong . In this article we have tried to put forward the facts in the light of history (we wrote about the two series or the ways or the options whatever they were in the history) . We put forward their true picture and leave the decision to the conscious of the people to adopt one of the option for  themselves !

       In Islam after God the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has a central position. If someone is to be loved , he is to be loved due to Holy Prophet and if some one is to be hated or disliked this is also due to the Holy Prophet . The aim of every Muslim is to pass his life according to the Sunnah of Holy Prophet, but a great difficulty is that Ummah has adopted the different ways to reach the teachings of Holy Prophet . After analyzing  we reach the conclusion that all the ways emerge into two ways and there are only the two ways those claim to reach the Holy Prophet. These two ways are the only options for us  to reach the teachings of Holy Prophet.

       One way is of Bani Hashem and the other way is of Bani Ummaiya. Today whatever is with Muslims on the name of sunnah or the teaching of Holy Prophet has come either through Bani Hashem or through Bani Ummaiya. There is no third way. Towheed, Resalaat, Quran (Tafseer) , Ahqam , Amal or Ebaadaat in short the whole religion has reached us through these two ways.

        Now we see that Towheed by name is one but by Sefaat (attributions) is quite different,  the Resalaat by person is one but by the greatness of character and by attributes is quite different,  Holy Quran by text is one but by meaning and Tafseer is different and like wise all Ebadaat as a name they are the same but the ways of their performance are different.

       We will not discuss or decide that whose Towheed is correct and whose wrong, Who understood the proper status of Resalaat and who did not, who has a correct Tafaseer of Holy  Quran and who has only bulk of imaginations ( Qayas), whose Ebadaat and Amal are according to the performance (Sunnah) of Holy Prophet and whose Ebadaat are self made and are de-shaped.  We will only discuss about the ways and the options (Bani Hashem & Bani Ummaiya )  in the light of history.

      The aim of every Muslim is to reach  the Sunnah and the teaching of Holy Prophet but between us and the Holy Prophet is a time bar of more than fourteen hundred years, so we are bound to adopt any one of the above two options because they claim to reach the true teachings of Holy Prophet. We are quite free to adopt any one between two, So it is necessary to study both the options carefully and impartially  and than one which proved to be linked with the Holy Prophet ought  to be adopted. The adopted option will tell us that how the Holy Prophet performed Ebadaat and what are the teachings of Holy Prophet  and what is the true Tafseer of Holy Quran. If our Adopted option is correct than our every thing will be correct and we will be acting according to the true Islam and our life after this world (Akhrat ) will be successful, and God's forbidden wrong option is adopted than every bit of our action on the name of Islam will be the totally wrong and will result in diversion from the Holy Prophet our every effort on the name of religion will take us away from true religion , so it is very important to study and to understand these both options, ways or series very carefully.

       Now in the next part we will discuss both ways or series one by one in the light of history and will leave the decision  to the conscious of every Muslim that what he prefer for himself.