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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful



PART-1, Discussion in the light of history.

       Let us start the discussion from Bani Hashem the "first option." We start from Hazrat Abu Taleb . We will see his character, his faithfulness and his love for the Holy Prophet than we will see the decision of history about him and at the end we will take decision from our conscious about him.

       Every one knows that Hazrat Abu Taleb was a great and an unconquered protection for the Holy Prophet and for his message. History tells us that Hazrat Abu Taleb protected the Holy Prophet at the cost of his and his children's life. In Macca the tiny plant of Islam was planted under his strong protection . Whenever he felt any danger for the Holy Prophet he brought forward his sons to safeguard the Holy Prophet. When the Qureish of Macca Boycotted the Holy Prophet Abu Taleb took the Holy Prophet to the Mountains ( Sheib-e-Abu Taleb ) . The all Bani Hashem remained there for three years in a most uncomfortable plight. They were forced to eat the leaves of the trees but the message and the Holy Prophet were protected by all means. We are surprised to see such a high level of faithfulness and sacrifice which history has never recorded before, that some one has protected the life of his nephew at the cost of his own son. Only once we saw the Hazrat Ibrahem (A.S) who put his son under the knife for the pleasures of God and then we saw  Abu Taleb who put his son on the swords to protect the Prophet of God. This high level of faithfulness and sacrifice was also certified by the opponents of Hazrat Abu Taleb.

       Now we come to Bani Ummiya the second option, here we take the start from Abu Sufian , we ask  the history about his character concerning the Holy Prophet and his message. History tells us that from the start of the message he proved to be the worst enemy and opponent of Holy Prophet . He tried his best and left no stone unturned to finish the life of Holy Prophet and to crush his message, so far so that he made it impossible for the Holy Prophet to stay in Macca. And the Holy Prophet  had to migrate to the city of Madina . He kept attacking Madina and tried his best to crush  Islam and when in spite of all his efforts could not succeed ,ultimately and unwillingly getting no way out he accepted Islam. We are astonished to hear the awful avoidance of the history about the head of Bani Ummiya. History draw such a beautiful sketch of Hazrat Abu Taleb and such a sorrowful  and  terrible sketch of Abu Sufian when we conformed these historical facts about Abu Sufian from the people adopting the way of Bani Ummiya we were sure that they will refuse these historical events but it was astonished to knew that they confirmed all the historical facts about Abu Sufian but they said that in spite of all the above facts he was a real Muslim. And when we asked about  the beautiful historical background of Abu Taleb they again confirmed all what was in the history about Abu Taleb  and his love and sacrifice for the Holy Prophet but  they said that in spite of all these historical facts anyhow he was Kafer. We keep thinking how  strange it is that the worst enemy of Holy Prophet and his message-----  but real Muslim , the protector and guard of Holy Prophet and his message --------- but Kafer  ! ! ! ! ! ?

      The Holy Prophet passed away from this world. But the question is that how we,  the Muslims of fifteenth century, could reach to the true and real teachings of the Holy Prophet . We have only two options with us to adopt one of them to reach to the era of the Holy Prophet. Both of these options or the series claim to take us to the true teachings of the Holy Prophet , both of them have shown arrow marks " The only way to the Holy Prophet " but the most alarming state is that the direction of both the option is quite opposite to each other so it is well understood that both options are not reaching to the Holy Prophet only one of them has the true direction and other one is a total deviation from the Holy Prophet. We have to adopt one out of the two options therefore, we have to study them deeply to be on the safe and  correct path.

      We looked at the series of Bani Hashem, We saw Ali, then Hassan ,Hussain Zain-ul Abedeen, Mohammad Baqer, Jafer-e-Saddeq, Musia Kazim, Ali Raza. Mohammad Taqi , Ali Naqi Hassan Askari and then Mohammad Mehdi , the one who is believed to be the Imam of the present era who is believed to be in the hidden state and is excepted to come out one day to establish the true Islamic rule. Then we looked towards the leading Ulama (Scholars ) of this series there we find  Mohammad bin Yaqoob Al-Kolayni , Sheik-e-Saddooq. Sheik-e- Mufeed, Shaik-e-Tusi,  Sheik-e- Tabrsi, Syed Murtaza and Syed Razi, Alama Hilli and Alama Majlasi, .............  till we reached to Imam Komani and Syed Al-Khoi and the Ulama of present time called Marajas.

       Then we looked to the second option there we find Hazrat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usman, then Moaweia, Yazeed, Murwan then though the tribe changed but the way and the system remained the same and  we saw there Haroon ,Mamoon Mutawakkel  then Caliphs of Usmania and then we looked toward the Ulama of this series there we find Bukhari,  Muslim, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malek, Imam Shafi , Imam Hambal , Ghazali, Razi, Ibn-e- Tameia till to the Ulama of present era.

       Though the first two personalities mentioned in later series did not by race belong to  Bani Ummiya but whatever is with the people adoption this option have come from the era of these two great personalities which was transferred to the third one in shape of Serat-e-Shakhain from where the series of Bani Ummiya got rooted and then as we mentioned before that the tribe by race was changed from Bani Ummiya to Bani Abbas but the system , teachings  and the message remained the same they also maintained the same route of bani Ummiya. 

       The important point which was noted by the study of these two options is that after the death of the Holy Prophet the second option through Hazrat Shakheen got power and due to this they got all the sources of government to spread their message which they claimed to be  the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet , and due to the government machinery ,  their message spread in the whole Muslim world from Neil to Kashghar. The first option the series of Bani Hashem as a opposite group of the government was isolated from the Muslim world. All the sources of the government were used against them. Therefore their message which they claimed to be the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet was restricted , So it reached to the limited number of the people and  remained unknown to the majority of the Muslim world. So the people adopting this option remained always in minority. 

       An other important thing which was noted during the study of both these series was that the blood of Bani Hashem always remained dripping from the swords of Bani Ummiya. 

      One of the important event of the history  of these two series was that when by chance at the 4th stage of Kelafath the power came to one of the leading member of Bani Hashem. It was very unexpected happening and was a great challenge for the governing series of Bani Ummiya because the transfer of power means that now series of Bani Hashem got all those sources which used to be always under the control of government and now they could easily  extend their  message to the Muslim world (which to them was the real teachings of Islam and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet)   Therefore whole the Bani Ummiya and their supporters (including men and women) came out to fight against that governing member of their opponent series, and using all their possible sources and tricks and by ending the life of that governing member of Bani Hashem they brought back the power to their home. After capturing the power Bani Ummiya started the negative propaganda from their seventy thousand  political and religious stages against that past governing member of Bani Hashem and that negative propaganda remained in practice for about 90 years.

       At the end of 60 A.H. and by the start of 61 A.H. history has indicated an other very important event when the head of Bani Ummiya of that time tried to finish the identity of opposite series by taking the submission ( Bayat ) from the head of Bani Hashem so that only the Bani Ummiya should remained as the identity of Islam and Sunnah , because they thought that though the series of Bani Hashem was weak but still their existence was alarming.  

       But the Series of Bani Hashem as a whole rejected the wish of submission to Bani Ummiya and they decided firmly to protect the message and sunnah at all cost because to them they were the only inherent of sunnah of the Holy Prophet. So the head of Bani Hashem decided to give sacrifice in order to protect their identity and message. So in the  open dessert of Karbala was selected for sacrifice. There, with the power and sources of government Bani Ummiya killed the head of Bani Hashem along with all his companions , even their children were slaughtered , their houses were burnt and their ladies were captured and by doing this power was satisfied that they have achieved their goal, but in spite of all unfavorable circumstances the series of Bani Hashem with his message kept moving .  

       A time came when the series of Bani Ummiya reached to an end and the power was transferred to Bani Abbas  though the series was changed but the way remained the same because with power the message was also transferred to them and the Bani Abbas adopted the same route and the way which was led down by Bani Ummiya . In the Regime of Bani Abbas the series of Bani Hashem with their message under all the difficulties and unfavorable conditions  kept moving slowly  and maintained their  existence. Like Bani Ummiya the Bani Abbas also adopted the enmity of Bani Hashem . They Dug out the graves of Bani Hashem and alive people of Bani Hashem were  burred in the walls.

     During the time of Bani Abbas another important event was the compiling  of Islamic Laws ( Fiqqah ). The Islamic Fiqqah was compiled on the basis of all those Ahadeeth and Rewayaat which had been  inherited from the series of Bani Ummiya. And four leading scholars ( A-Emma-e-Arba ) came up with four types of Islamic Laws and the government recognized all of them and the majority of Muslims population which was already under the influence of power was asked to adopt  any one of these fiqqah as a Islamic law. On the other hand an other Fiqqah on the bases of all those Ahadeeth and Rewayaat which were the inheritance of the Series of Bani Hashem came into existence, but this Fiqqah was neither recognized by the government nor it was permitted  to reach to the people freely. The Fiqqah of Bani Hashem ( Fiqqah-e-Jaferia ) was treated as the people of this series were being treated by the power.

      An other very important point which came out through the study of these series was that after the death of the  Holy Prophet the Bani Ummiya declared the end of infallibility ( Asmat ) that means that after the Holy Prophet no one is infallible  (Masoom) in the whole Ummah ,so according to their view all their Caliphs, Mufasser of Holy Quran , Muhadeth, Rawies, and the A-Emma were not infallible and the whole Islamic law was compiled by un-infallible hands. On the other hand according to the Bani Hashem's school of thought the Infallibility did not finish after the death of the Holy Prophet and after the Holy Prophet all those who were responsible for the compiling of Islamic law and Mufasser of Holy Quran were infallible and they were twelve in number called A-Emma Asna-Asher.

      These both series or ways or schools of thought passing through the era of their A-Emma and Ulama reached to the present time. Now we as a Muslim have to reach to the era of the Holy Prophet, to his message and to his Sunnah. It is our prime responsibility to act on Islam according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet. We have to take the Tafsser of Holy Quran which was done by the Holy Prophet, We have to response to those Ahadeeth which were real sayings of the Holy Prophet, We have to pray as the Holy Prophet himself prayed. we have to perform the Haj as Holy Prophet did. in short each and every bit of Islamic laws or belief have to be  according to the performing or the saying of the Holy Prophet. Now when we step out to the teachings or the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet we found two ways in front of us both claimed to reach  the Holy Prophet, but the direction of both were just opposite to each other . One way was of Bani Ummiya which reached us passing through different caliphs and kings of Islam and the other  was of Bani Hashem which reached us passing through long way of suppression ( Mazlumiat ). Now we are at the intersection of two routes ( Doorahey ) and with utmost care we have to adopt one and only one way. ( if our adoption is correct it will surely take us to the Holy Prophet and if our adoption is wrong   no doubt it will  through us far away from the Holy Prophet and his Sunnah ) . Now every sensible being should ask to his conscious to select the way for himself.

      If the correct option is adopted then every step taken on the correct way will make us closer and closer to the destination and if wrong option or way is adopted then every step on that way will make us away from the destination . All the efforts done on the wrong way will of no use and will result in complete disaster.

       The misleading concept that the good deeds are the every thing (as we mentioned in the introduction of this article). It is now very much clear, that good deeds are not every thing but before performing  the good deeds the decision of correct direction and the adoption of the correct way is very important. The prayer, Fast, Haj , Zakah and Jehad etc are only good deeds if they are performed on the correct way by following the correct Imam otherwise they are only the waste efforts. 

       Suppose that two men are running while one facing to the destination and other facing opposite to the destination . The every step of one whose direction is correct will make him near to the destination and the efforts of other one whose direction is wrong will get him away from the destination , although the action or the deed of both of them is same. Even the less efforts of first man will be fruitful while the lot of efforts of second one will be just waste.

        We end this discussion with few points of comparison :-

1.     As mentioned before , with the death of the Holy Prophet the school of thought following the route of Bani Ummiya declared the end of infallibility. According to their own concept non of their caliphs, Kings or Imam was infallible. Moreover among them  were Zalim and Faseq  like Yazeed and Waleed, there were extreme cruel  like Hajaj and Moutawakkel. On the other hand as per the concept of the series of Bani Hashem all the A-Eima of their series were infallible . Even  their opponents (People following the option of Bani Ummiya ) who do not consider  them infallible yet admit their  high  degree of nobility. 

2.     The life of the A-Eima of Bani Hashem was always ended by the caliphs and the kings of Bani Ummiya /Bani Abbas either with sword or by poison.

3.     As per knowledge ,  it was admitted fact that there was no match to the knowledge of the A-Eima of Bani Hashem, as Mulana Shibly Nomani the one of the great follower and the supporter of Bani Ummiya school of thought while comparing between Imam Abu Hanefa and Imam Jafar-e-Sadeq admits that Imam Abu Hanefa may be the great scholar and the Great Faqhi  but in spite of all he was of no match to the knowledge of Imam Jafar-e-Sadeq ( Serat-e-Noman )

4.     All the A-Eima of Bani Hashem were from the direct generation of the Holy Prophet whereas non of the Caliphs or the king of the Bani Ummiya / Bani Abbas or any Imam of this school of thought was from the Holy race of the Holy Prophet.

        Now coming to the conclusion that which of two option or way or school of thought is correct, which of the two is according to the teachings and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, Which one gives the grantee of the success of the life after death, Which one posses the real knowledge of Quran   and Ahadeeth and which one has the baseless imaginations and allegations. Who was false and who fought  against the false, Who gave the blood and who shed the blood, Whose house was burnt and who burnt , Who was Zalim and who was Muzloom ----------  History has saved every thing  about both the series only to search the truth,  and to adopt the correct is our responsibility , history is showing every thing in its mirror  ! ! !