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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


       HAIN ????      



  PART - II : MATAM AND    The Real inherent of KarbalaThe Imam-e- Zamana (A.S.)''


   It is a fact that Carvan-e-Aza finishes when it reaches to  Sahib-e-Aza. Therefore  Carvan -e- Aza - e - Hussain which started on 10th of Mohuram 61 Hijri from Karbala will continue till it reaches  the inherent of Karbala , so to stop this Carvan before reaching  its end will prove to be unprofitable  and unsuccessful. 

  It is natural irrespective of a religion and race that when a heirless person dies no one mourn on him , but one who leaves the heirs people come to his heirs for mourning .  Today  universal matam and the mourning for Hussain ( a.s.) is a great evidence that the inherent of Hussain , the inherent of Karbala  , the inherent of Muzloomeen is definitely present. 


   It is also a fact that every thing returns to its origin  , to its base, The Carvan - e - Aza was arranged by Hussain in the night of 10th Muhuram 61 A.H. and it was started from Hussain on the 11th of Muhuram and will keep moving till it reaches to the era  of Hussain. The Carvan of Matam is also taking the story of grief  of centuries with it and will narrate it to its era of Hussain. 

   The Carvan will tell that 

How the blood of their youth was shed,

  How their children were slaughtered !

  How their bodies were crushed !

  How their houses were looted !

  Infact the story of grief is not limited to the Karbala but the Carvan will tell the Hussain of his era about the story of grief wide  spread over centuries. How many types of Zalim came in their way and how many hindrances they faced in the procession of  t Carvan - e- Aaza. 

  The voice of Carvan-e-Aaz !

 "  Ya Mualla kindly look at our injured chest smeared with red blood. The Sun and the moon from the day of Ashoor till to the day of Zahoor are the biggest deponent of our claim.  

  Ya Mualla we passed on  the message of Mazloom at the cost of our blood . With our possible means we did our best to awake the sleeping and the unaware society.  Some of them like Hur joined us a while other like Shimar kept firing on us.  We did Matam of Muzloomeen under shelling and bullets. 

   Ya Mualla , kindly accept our  sincere efforts and please include us among those who responded to the last  call of  Imam Hussain 

 " Hal Minaseren  "  

   This is a fact that every thing remains restless and anxious to reach its natural end , our hearts are also anxious for that great revolution which is the last hope of all oppressed and Muzloomeen. 

    O, Allah !  

      Waiting for the Centuries , Not only we, but the greaves of Muzloomeen of Baqee are also waiting with us for the up lifter of Muzloomeen. 

      Blooded bodies and the oppressed Funerals are also waiting !

         Those who were pulled in the streets,  

          Those who were hanged ,

          Those who were tiled in the walls,

           Those who were put in the fire,

            Those who were thrown away , 

           Those who were crushed under the feet of horses,

            Those who were ripped apart tied with the legs of camels ,

Those who remained tied with chain even after death,

Those who were put in the prison and were never taken out again,

Those who were buried in the darkness of night,

Those bodies on whom their  descendents came by wearing chain in their hands,  

Those who helplessly moved away by leaving the bodies of their relatives, 

Those innocent infants who drooped and got dispirited  in the laps of their mothers, 

All those youth who were lost in the mud of their blood,

And the unknown graves in the open deserts ,

all are waiting for your help ----  waiting for the up lifter of muzloomeen, waiting for the last hujjat !


   O ! Allah ,  We all with these Muzloomeen are waiting for the Hussain of our era. ------------------   Imam-e-Zamana ---------- Inherent of Karbala , the last hope of all oppressed of the universe. 

    Ya  Allah ,  we pray to be the part of that Carvan -e-Aazza which is going to reach to the inherent of Karbala. Though there is no doubt that Imam-e-Zamana is the Azadar of every Carvan-e-Aazza   the existence of all Carvan-e-Aazza is due to his presence , But  !    O. Our God , due to our weakness we are unable to look at the true picture of Mustafa through the curtain of Ghaibat. 

   O ! Allah , no doubt you  listen to every Muzthar ( helpless ) we all are Muzthareen, kindly listen to our helpless call, Kindly pity on our miserable condition, Kindly send the inherent of Mustafa the up lifter of Muzloomeen and fulfill your promise of the regime of justice and peace.  


     O ! Allah , we are among those who are sincerely waiting for your last Hujjat, and if we die before getting our aim then kindly let us be among those who will be erected from their graves at the time of Zahoor to help the last  Hujjat to establish the last and the final revolution.


    People say !

              That    time    is    far   -------------------------------   away ,

    But we hope   !

               It   is    very   close.