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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


       HAIN ????      



" Loveth not God, Open utterance of evil in speech, except by one who hath been wronged, and God is the Hearer , the Knower.


 Introduction :

            Matam remained and is still  the topic of  discussion . A lot has been said in favor and against Matam. In this topic we will  look at  Matam from new angle. Our discussion will be quite different from the previous, we will not take up  historical references as it has been done a lot , our discussion will be in  reference to the human conscience ! !

         The article will be in two parts. The first part will be about the justification and reasoning of Matam and in the second part  Matam will be linked to

'' The Real inherent of Karbala  --   Imam-e- Zamana (A.S.)''

  Part - I :-   " The Justification in the light of conscience !  "

    Part _ I  :-  Justification of Matam in the light of ,                                     Human Conscience !

       If it is asked that why Matam ( mourning ) is being done? The reply (whether in favor or against )will be  that this is done for the Mazloomiat of Al -e - Mohammad. The difference is that we the Shias take it as an act of justification and the source of  requital and reward where as opponents of Matam take it as wrong and sinful act. 

      Now we look from the new angle , that  Matam of Mazloom  (oppressed ) guarantee's the protection of the whole human society   ----------------------------   Protects the entire humanity !! !!   

   But  How ---------   ?

    Let us concentrate  and understand  this issue from this point of view with sincerity . 

      According to the verse of Holy Quran given in the beginning of this article the Mazloom ( oppressed ) has been given the right of open proclamation  for his Mazloomiat .  

   Does this right  ;;;;;;

        *   Justify the matam for mazloom  ?

        *  Is the matam for mazloom is in according  to the law of             nature  ? 

    * Is the matam for Mazloom guarantees for the protection of    society ?          

          Let us with sincerity  search for the answers to the above questions . 

    According to the teachings of Islam  it is not permitted to backbite or to talk about  the misdeeds of any one openly.  Islam has repeatedly emphasized  the betrayer of one's secrets or has urged to hide the misdeeds of the people ( Pardah pushi ).  God Himself is the great Sattar-ul-Ayyub ( having a highest quality to hide the misdeeds of the people ) . For reward to the deeds, God has appointed the day of judgment , where every bit of good or bad will be brought forward for reward or punishment . But in this world God has not given the right to any one to spread out or to talk openly about the misdeeds of the people. God has greatly emphasized for the self-respect of the Muslim . If anyone is disgraced in the society or if ones respect is injured , then instead of coming to the right path ones slips to the wrong path. No doubt if the crime is proved then the severe punishments are kept in the Islamic laws in order to stop the crimes in the society.  

       But !!!!

       In spite of  the fact that Islam emphasizes somuch on over looking and hiding the people misdeeds , the  oppression and the tyranny (Zulm ) is such unforgivable and severe crime  that God has exempted it from the common law of over looking and hiding of misdeeds of the people.  Islam has never encouraged to overlook or to hide the act of cruelty, and has giving the right to mazloom to talk openly against the Zalem and his act of cruelty so that the Zalem could not be able to hide himself in the peaceful society.  

      Hazrat Ali ( A.S.)  said that the government of infidelity ( kufr)  could be beared  but the government of Zalem can never be beared . 

   Due to Zulm ''''''''''''''''''''''

  Human rights are violated,  the peaceful life of the society is denied , the earth is coloured with undue blood, The beautifully populated cities are ruined and desolated, and the earth with all its span squeezes , The life is upset and the existence has to face disaster . That is why  Islam has given the right to the Mazloom  to talk loudly and openly against the Zalem and should attract the attention of the society , so that the society can stand against the cruelty, and by this way the society could be protected against the disaster  of cruelty. 

     If the Mazloom is weakend the Zalem will be more and more  strengthened and the society will fall into more calamities and miseries.  The agitation , out crying and the up roaring of Mazloom is the security for the whole society against the tyrannies of Zalem. 

     If the society wants to cut the arm of Zalem then it has to raise up the arm of Mazloom.

    If by hard luck the society is  in the state of unconsciousness and the society is unable to estimate for the heavy loss which  tyranny could bring to it  OR,  the ignorant and unconscious society due to lack of awareness has sympathetic  feeling for the Zalem in such a critical state the responsibility of the Mazloom  increases more and he has to increase the severity of his demonstration to such a high degree that he can awake the  unconscious society  so they are able to sense the real state of disaster by keeping the feeling of sympathy for the Zalem. It is just possible that for the demonstration of Mazloomiat and to face the pro - Zalem society the Mazoom has to give more sacrifices but it is the fact that every drop of blood for this noble cause will bare the Zalem and will help to proceed forward the Carvan of Mazloomiat. 

     This is natural that if someone  wants to get the attention of limited people he has not to work so hard , but if some one wants to get the attention of wide spread society then he has to adopt the severe and extraordinary way of demonstration so that no one could over look his call . As this circle increases the severity of demonstration has to increased and if by hard luck such elements are their in the society who , due to their ignorance  and non awareness from the facts produce hindrance to reach the call of Mazloom to the all level of society , in such miserable state the Mazloom has to adopt the highest degree of severity in his call so that it can reach to all level of society by breaking all the hindrances of its way.  

    The law of nature is  "  To every action there is a reaction " 

As  the call  of Mazloom will be depressed more ,                             the more  it will  rise ;;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God has given the open right to Mazloom for the demonstration of his Mazloomiat . Now the way and the depth of severity for the  demonstration will be decided by  situation  and the requirement of the society. 


   Now ask us    ????????????

  why we do the Matam ???????????????????



   Why we come out on the roads and in the bazar for the demonstration of Mazloomiat ???

   Our Matam with hand to matam with chain , to matam on fire and what will be the degree of it sseverity in the future ??? __________ according to the law of nature is...........................

  "   the reaction of mazloom  "

  As  more and more cruelty  increases in the society and as the society goes under the influence of zalem  the reaction in the demonstration of mazloomiat also becomes more and more severe. 

   The agitation of Mazloom has to be spread all over , in order to insure the security of society from the  cruel and misdeeds of the Zalem so that the society may be able to differentiate between  Zulem and the Mazloom , between  Haq and Bateel. 


    Some of the ignorant and unaware people say that to weep or to Mouran on the death of some body is un-Islamic and then they link it  to the expression  and  agitation of  Mazloom, although these are two quite different things.  To Mouran on the death of someone  is quite different from the Matam ......which is :-  

           "a means of agitation against the cruelty of Zalim . "

      Matam is nothing but  the open and the forceful agitation against the misdeeds of Zalim. 

     Our Matam is not on the death of someone,  Our Matam is for the martyrs who never die, To think that Matam as Mouran on the death is the limitation and the inferiority of thinking or due to the unawareness of the facts. 

     This is really a very sorrowful state that those who object on Matam did  never try to understand the aims  and the Philosophy of Matam.

   Matam is not as a Mouran on death , but is a great source of agitation for the expression of Mazloomiat against the Zalim.  

    Matam unveils the mischief of Zalim  

   Matam is a mark of distinction between Zalim and Mazloom !

    Matam is a source of protection for the society against          nude cruelty  !

       Matam is to show the sympathy  to the Mazloom !

       Matam is to detest-ate  and to curse  the Zalim !

    An other objection on Matam is ------    that  God says in Holy Quran "  Don't perish or ruin yourself   " and then at their own they consider the Matam to be a perishment ! !    and try to prove  Matam against the teachings of Holy Quran.

     Firstly this similarity is wrong, secondly can anyone prove from the history of Matam which has been long spread over  centuries of past that how many people have perished by Matam ??? 

Surely  --------------------   NONE ! !  

  Every action depends on its aim and intention,  for which that act is being done. If matam means .... to  Perish , then lot many acts come under the definition of perish , but they are never considered to be perishment or destruction because such acts are performed for some noble aim though the acts itself are  destructive in nature,  as an example .  

    If any part of the body starts mal- functioning  and in order to save the life  operation become necessary then one permits that his body may be cut with knife, this act is apparently very  destructive , just possible that during or after operation the patient may die, and if the patient dies in such state , no one will consider it as suicide or destruction because the God has given the human the right of protection of life and how this protection could be achieved will depend on the situation and the circumstances , if the situation demands that the body is to be cut with the knife to achieve the noble aim of protection of life then every one permits rather considered it necessary that body must be cut with knife, if the patient dies during operation no one says that why the patient has put himself to destruction and no  one says that operation -- cutting of body with knife ----  is against the Quran .  

     Blood is the necessity of human life. Some time this blood is required to save the life of some person. The donation of blood for a needy person is considered as highly noble act. If all of sudden during the donation of blood the person donating blood dies no one will consider it as a suicide because the aim of the person donating blood was not to suicide but his aim was to safe the life of other person. Therefore the aim and the goal will be considered and not the appetent situation which has by chance occurred .  

      The fighter jumps into the fire and meets sure death and become Martyr though he faces sure death but it is not the suicide, why ? because he did so to achieve some noble aim. By putting himself into danger he provides the safety and security to the society so his apparently destructively act is considered as a noble act. 

         In all such situations one faces the destruction  but the aim and the goal while performing such acts is highly noble so such apparently  destructive acts  are never considered to be destructive and the similarity to the holy verse 

"  don't put yourself to destruction " is never made here . 

   Now  think with open mind and alive conscience that is the person doing Matam has the aim to suicide ???????????? 

    Or has he some noble aim for his Matam ????

   If he aimlessly doing matam  and has no aim for it , no doubt issue your ruling against Matam , but if he has some great and noble aim for his Matam and unfortunately   you can not understand or do not want to understand that noble aim  then who is guilty ???  where does the fault lies  ?????? 

    Let us tell you that we ....   the Shias ( the nation of Matam ) by using  the right given by Holy Quran to Mazloom to express his Mazloomiat , want to display our severe agitation in shape of Matam in such effective and unique way so that we can awake  the conscience of the  society  from deep sleep of ignorance and unawareness and by the force of Matam we want to snatch the dark veil from the curl  face of Zalim so that he can not hide his ugly face in any noble society.    

    We see that a person going under operation has the aim to save his own life, A person donating blood has the aim to save the life of some other person , A fighter jumping into the fire has the aim to save some particular race or country, all these aims are though noble but are limited in nature but one taking part in the open agitation against Zalim has the wide aim of protecting the whole human race against the cruelty. By increasing the severity of his agitation by adapting the most effective means of  Matam   has the aim to launch his protest as wide as possible to awake the wide society and to relies the every member of the society not to overlook the misdeeds of Zalim at any cost. 

     The great sacrifice of Karbala is not only a strong blow on the face of Yazeed but is the blow on the whole Yazeediat till the last day of judgment. 

    The upholders of Hussainiyat  will continue their protest and agitation against Yazeed and the Yazeediat and the TIME itself  will decide the degree of severity and the means of their protest. 

    Today the increased  severity of protest of Mazloom is the open sign that conscienceless society ( the supporter of Zalim ) is trying her best to suppress the message of Muzloom and is trying to hide the mischief's of Zalim , with the result the whole society is falling in the dark cave of Zulm and under the law of nature , and as a reaction the severity of protest is also increasing, and this situation will continue  till the struggle of Zalim and Muzloom will reach to the highest point  ( the Zulm of Zalim will reach to peak and the reaction of Muzloom will also reach to the highest point  and that will be the point when Allah will send his Last Hujjat ( The heir of Mustafah A.S. ) who will redress to the grievances of Mazloom by taking revenge from Zalim and will purify the whole earth from Zulm and will establish the peace, tranquility and the just .  

   By viewing Assr-e-Ashoor ( the afternoon of the 10th Muhurram 61. Hijri ) one can never  think that such a suppressed Muzloom whose pieces of body were spread on the burning sand of the desert of Karbala, 

 whom the hot  particles of  flying sand were acting as Kaffn, 

Whose house was looted, 

Whose women and children were made prisoners , 

whose child of six month was cut by the sword. 

All means of propagations were used to whip him off  from the history , 

how could it be possible that the message of such a Mazloom could reach  to the future races of time . So the power of cruelty thought that Hussain (a.s) and his message was totally abolished and obliterated but the Batil  under estimated the tremendous power of Haq. He did not know that the procession of Mazloomiat event before the burial of Martyrs  has resumed her journey towards its noble and holy aim. Imam Hussain in his life has already arranged this Caravan  to achieve the Goal of his martyrdom , the curl enemy was thinking that they were the winners and were taking few helpless prisoners to their capital , but the Zalim was  not aware of the fact that they were not  helpless prisoners but was a great caravan arranged by the master of Martyrs to link the purified races of future  till to the last day , to the great scarification of Karbala. Today all the Caravan of Mazloomiyat moving on earth are linked to the carvan-e-Hussani of Asr-e-Ashoor.

    We all now that river will keep flowing on its normal way if its flow is not hindered , but if any resistance is created in the flow of river by making any dam in its way the force of water will increase and the level of water will rise so the dam has to be raised more, as the water rises high its force increases and level goes up  and the dam has to be raised high and as the dam rises higher  the strength of the dam becomes weaker and weaker. The time comes that due to the potential of stopped water the dam breakes and then the water spreads everywhere .

          So don't ask us that why the agitation of Mazloom is spread every where like an ocean  ?? ? 

         The severity in the procession of agitation of Mazloom is the result of failed dams which were made by the supporters of Zalim.   The dams of swords________  dams of wealth _________ dams of fatawa __________  dams of allegations _________   But the fast flow of the agitation of Mazloom has wiped off all these dams  and is spread all over like an ocean. 

    Who is Hussain  ?

  Hussain is not only the lord of heaven but he is lord of this world as well     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

   History has only seen  Hussain as a Mazloom of Karbala , But  many people may not know that  Hussain is the most richest man of the universe !!!!!!!!!

    Look ! !  through out the world everywhere Hussain has his home ,   Where there is a house of Allah ( Masjed ) there is a house of Hussain ( Hussainia ) 

   A countless and numerous property is devoted on the name of Hussain   through out the world.

   As property of Hussain  heaps of gold and silver are lying in the world. 

    In every year millions of the people are fed at the Dastarkhan of Hussain.  

    The millions of rupees are spent to pay homage to  Hussain.

        So all those powers working against Hussain and his mission are sincerely advised to pay attention to such a great  arrangement of almighty and should try to read the wish of Allah who has made Hussain the most shining star of His universe. 


     Hussain .........  and ......................    Hussainiat

     Yazeed  .........   and ......................   Yazeediat


      To whom you are adding  ................???????


      ASK  YOUR  CONSCIENCE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!