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  In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful



         Here in this topic we will not go in detailed back ground and to the detailed event of Karbla because it is a very vast subject. Here in brief we will review  Karbla in the light of Holy Prophet sayings. We must say that Karbla is the extreme   of Ajre Risalat given to the Holy Prophet by the Ummah. In Karbla Imam Hussain (A.S.) tore off  the veil of subtlety which was prevailing over the beautiful face of Islam for the last fifty years.  Imam Hussain by his choice selected the open field of Karbala  to expose the hypocrisy.   Imam Hussain himself saw the burning of his door, rejection of his mother's claim of Fadak  ,  He himself has seen the faces in the battle of Jaml and Safeen, he  saw the eve of 19th Ramadan 40 Hijra   in the  Mosque of Kufa when his father was hit with the sword. He saw the sorrowful death of his brother and watched the painful burial of his brother when the holy body of Hassan  was put on  arrows . The Karbla did not happen by chance or all of sudden but is has very long and deep roots in the history . In fact the Karbla started on the same day of the death of Holy Prophet and moved step by step  towards its final end , the final event of 10th. of Moherram 61 Hijra, is the exposure  of hidden subtlety and after the event of Karbla the enmity of holy race was so openly exposed that now no one could dare  to refuse that majority of the people claiming to be the followers were hiding the high degree of enmity . Imam Hussain wanted to pull out the veil of Islam from their faces to expose the actual face of hypocrisy  in such a manner that in future they could not be able to hide themselves  for ever and Imam Hussain successfully did this in the open field of Karbla.

              Now  we see that how the Holy Prophet mentioned the Karbla. 

1.            Ref. Meshkhaat through book Nayabul Mawadat P-503 as narrated by Hazrat Umme Fazal     bint Hasis 

         " one day she saw a dream that a piece from the body of Holy Prophet flew towards her . She mentioned this dream to the Holy Prophet , the Holy Prophet said that soon a son will be born to my daughter Fatima (A.S.) and you will nurse him . When Imam Hussain was born  the Holy Prophet came to see him . Holy Prophet took Hussain and the tears were flowing out from holy Prophet's eyes . Umme Fazal asked the reason for weeping on such happy occasion the Holy Prophet said Jebraiel came and informed me that my Ummah will kill my this son. The Jeraiel has given me the clay of that place where he will be killed. ( I just ask from those people who considered the weeping for Hussain as bedath , the Holy Prophet wept for Hussain before his martyrdom ..................   where this act of Holy Prophet will be put ? )

 2.         Ref.    Ibn-e- Saad Narrated  from Hazrat Aysha through, Nayabeul Mawadat P-505.

          " Holy Prophet said that Jebraeil has informed me that my son Hussain will be killed in Karbla and he has brought the clay of that place for me. "

3.      Ref.    Mullah and Ibn-e- Ahmed Narrated ( as per Janab-e- ul- Mawadat  P-506 )

             Holy Prophet told Hazrat Umme Salma that when this clay which Jebraiel has brought will turn into blood will be the indication that my Hussain is being killed. Further narrated by Hazrat Umme Salma that one night when I was sleeping I hard a voice saying " O, people , be a great curse for those who killed Hussain. Such  people are being cursed by Hazrat Daood, Hazrat Mussa and Hazrat Isa. On hearing this I started weeping and I went to see the clay which was turned into blood. 

        The news of Karbala by Hazrat Ali (A.S.)

1.         Ref.     Ibn-e-Saad narrated to Soalbi  referred by Nayabeul Mowadat. 

           Hazrat Ali While going to Syria ( Sham ) passed through Karbala. He stopped at Karbala and  wept so much that his face become wet with tears and said that once I was with Holy Prophet and he was weeping too much , I asked Ya Rasulallah, why you are weeping , Holy Prophet told that just now Jebraeil came and  told me that my Hussain will be killed near the bank of  river Farrat . The  name of that place is Karbala and Jebraeil has given me the clay of that place and when I smelled that clay my tears came out. ( Holy Prophet and Hazrat Ali both deeply wept over Hussain much before his martyrdom ....................   issue the Fattwa now  ! ! !. )

2.          Ref.    Nayabeul Mowadat P-506.

           While Hazrat Ali passing through Karbala  stopped there and  pointed to the place and said here their camels will stop , here they will get down . here the blood of Al-e- Mohammad will be shed, sky and  earth will weep on them.

3.          Ref.   Narrated in Tarmezi Shareef.

             Hazrat Umme Salma ( wife of Holy Prophet ) narrated that I saw a dream that  Holy Prophet came in such a way that there was dust  on his head and beared  I asked Ya Rasulallah What happened to you ? Holy Prophet replied," Oh !. Umme Salma I am Coming from Karbala , My Hussain is being  killed. "  On the same day Hazrat Ibn-e- Abbas also saw  the same dream.  (This is a  fact that to see Holy Prophet in dream is as some one has actually seen the Holy Prophet , now by the narration of wife of Holy Prophet and Sahabi,  Ibe Abbas ,  on the day of Ahshura the head and the beared of Holy Prophet was full of dust  and on the same day Yazeed and his followers were celebrating Eid so just see on the day of Ahshura who is resembling to the Holy Prophet and who is resembling to Yazeed and decide that who is the follower of Holy Prophet and who is the follower of Yazeed,  from Yazeed you will reach to his father Mawiyah and from Mawiyah to the people who empowered  the Mawiyah and ultimately one could easily reach to the chain responsible for the killing of Holy race in Karbala and in the beginning of the article I indicated that Hussain was killed on the same day when Holy Prophet passed away from this world. )

4.          Ref.    Janabul Mawadat P-508.

           Narrated by Zohri that after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain when any stone was taken up in Baitul Muqadas a fresh blood was found underneath it .

5.          Ref.    In Nayabul Mowadat  P- 516 , A poem of Yazeed was copied by Sibt Ibne Juzi and Ibne Hajar Maccai  when the head of Imam Hussain was brought to him in Damascus.   Translation is below :-                    

             "   Oh   , My  fore fathers who were killed in Badr  would have seen  today what I have done would have been very happy and surely would have  prayed for me. Today we have taken the revenge of the battle of Badr . If I would have not taken the revenge from the race of Ahmed ( Holy Prophet ) I would not been in the race of Khandaf (Forefather of Yazeed ). and further he said that there was no Wahi or any news from sky but Bani Hasham just deceived the people to establish the government. " 

               "  How strange is this    !      That  Yazeed who had refused the Wahi is  considered muslim and the followers  of Hussain (a defender of Wahi) are called  Kafir   Kafir  ! ! Actually it is the cursed soul of Yazeed which is appearing  in his followers in different shapes. 


6.     The Historical Admittance of  son of Yazeed ( May God Bless him )

   ( In the introduction of the article we said that the tragedy is that people fit the frame of princples on their popular personalities and then de shape the frame  , but Shiaat always test the personalities on the frames of principles  if they fit to the frame of principles they are praised no matter  one  may be  son of Yazeed and if one does  not fit to the frame he is rejected even if from  Bani Hasham. )

       As per Yanabeul Mowadat P- 519, After the death of Yazeed his son Mawiyah bin Yazeed got the power. On first day he said that my grandfather Mawiyah bin Abu Sufian unnecessarily conflicted with these who were actually entitled  of Islamic government ( Khilafat ). Who was more entitled than Ali for Khilafat?  My Grandfather  (Mawiyah bin Abu Sufian ) remained in power by force than he died with his  crimes. After him my father Yazeed took over the power though he well knew that he was not deserving for it. He killed the son of Holy Prophet's daughter, and ultimately died with his long listed sins. Getting of Khilafat was actually a great loss  for our family. My father (Yazeed )  Killed the race of Holy Prophet, legally accustomed the drinking, and disgraced the Holy Kaaba . I will not accept this Khilafat you people decide yourself and by saying this he left the throne and went into the house and was never seen again, he died after forty days ( as per rewayat -e- Ahllal Bait he was  poisoned ) After him the power was transferred to  the family of Marwan (  one of the most enemy race of Ahllal Bait )

        ( This was the power of pure blood of the Martyrs of Karbala  that in the capital of Mawiyah and Yazeed got declared by them that they Al-e-Mohammad were on right path ,In near past when  Al-Mohammad were being called opponents of Islamic government ,today   from the same  place by the successor of  Mawiyah and Yazeed was declaring  that we (the governing race of Abu Sufian ) was wrong  and Al-e-Mohammad were right. )

7.       Ref.   Nayabeul Mowadat P-536.

          When Imam Hussain decided to move to Kufa  he sent a messenger with a letter to Kufa . The messenger while on his way to  Kufa was caught by Hesseen bin Nameer and was brought to Ibne Zeiad ( the governor of Kufa). The messenger of Imam Hussain tore off the letter . Zeiad asked that who are you? and from whom  this letter was ? and why did you tear it ? The messenger replied that I am a Shia of Imam Hussain and the letter was from Imam Hussain and I tore it so that you should not be able to know about its  contents. Zeiad ordered him to go to dice and  in front of all people  curse  Imam Hussain and his father Ali and you will be released. The messenger, the Shia of Imam Hussain went on the dice look to the people and shouted , "O, People  Hussain is the best among all , help him and then the messenger cursed Ibne Zeiad and his father and then he was dropped from the roof by the order of Ibine Ziad. 

             While on the way to Kufa Imam Hussain came to know about the martyrdom of Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel ( the causin of Imam Hussain ) and martyrdom of his messenger then Imam Hussain prayed in these words " O, my God ,  gift  Jannah the best place to us and to our Shias . "  He is  Hussain , according to the sayings of Holy prophet the lord of all people of Jannah, We really can not understand that all those who favoured Yazeed and even today say Kafir to Shian-e-Hussain dream  for which Jannah ? Are they in hope for the same Jannah which is the property of Hussain ? or any other Jannah exists to which the Yazeed and his father are the lord of that ?

            Here I want  to comment on the misguided concept that the Shias killed Imam Hussain and all the people of Kufa were the Shian -e-Ali but as the topic needs the  details  therefore, I have the mind to give a separate article on this subject Insha Allah. 

            At the end of this topic I am going to give the translation of the poem of Imam Hussain which Imam (A.S.) recited in Karbala on the day of Ashura when he was left alone.

       "     In the whole universe after my grandfather ( Holy Prophet )  my father being the best and I am the son of both the best beings.

                My mother is Fatima Zahra , My father is the inheritor of knowledge , and the master of jins  and human beings. My father worshipped Allah from his child hood when the Quresh  were worshipping the idols. Quresh used to worship the Lat and Uzza, my father prayed towards two Qiblas. He prayed with Holy Prophet for seven years when no one else was there to pray. 

                   My grandfather ( Holy Prophet ) is the light in the darkness and my father fulfilled both the pacts with him. Ali is the rope of Deen and the master of the spring of Quasar.   The respect of Macca and Madina is due to him, He is one who gave the ring in the path of Allah when he was in Rukoo  ( in prayer).

                     Ali himself is a holy being and also he makes others holy and the sun returned back twice for him. He killed those who came to fight against Islam in Badr Uhad and Hunain. He dominated the Islam all over and crushed the enemies of Islam. 

                      No one has grandfather  like my grandfather  Mustafa (A.S.), He is a Ahmed -e-Mukhtar, He is the dawn in the darkness. 

                       No one has father like my father Haider-e- Karar who is being gifted with greatness and he is a inhabitant of Macca and Madina. 

                        No one has uncle like my uncle Jafar-e-Tayyar who has two wings .

                         No one in the whole universe has mother like my mother  Fatima Zahra who is the part of Holy Prophet . My father is a sun and my mother is a moon, and I am a star and a son of two stars. I am a silver which is being taken from gold and son of two silvers. 

                            God has specially gifted us with high respect and holiness I myself is shinning and son of two shinning lights. 

                             We being under the kisa (Sheet) were five , we are the  master of whole world and the Jebraiel is  sixth of us. Kaaba is ours. and the Hermain are ours. Every one in the universe is well sure of our status. 

                               Jebraiel is respected due to us and our father has cleared all our dues. God may give good regards to the people doing good deeds. We have right over all of you till a single star in remaining on the sky.  Our respectable Shias are highly beloved by us and soon they will be gifted with Quasar with us.     "  

                                          Asalamoalaka  ya  Abaabdella -hel -Hussain.