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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful



PART -  3


( estaghasa )


O '   Martyr the great  !      -----------      O ' Mohsan-e-Islam  !

O ! Guardian of the dignity of Quran ! 

O ' Who turned  the red hot desert of Karbala into  golden flowers !

O ' who provided  the shade of grace to  humanity , which was roaming in the burning desert of existence  !

 O ' who acted as a boat of Nuh to  the hard work of all prophets from the storm of errantry. 

O ' the great courage of Khaleel , against the Namrood of your era !

O ' the call of Kaleem against the Pharaoh of your time !

O ' universal Maseeha for the dying humanity ! 

 O ' the Inheritor  of  Noor -e- Mustafa (A.S.) !

O ' the up lifter of the flag of  braveness of Haider !

O ' the loveliest  one of the center  of infallibility (Fatema Zahra )!

O ' the upholder  of the peace-pact of Hassan !

O ' the leader of the purified and the faithful caravan  ------ ----  ------  

---------- --------- --------  YA  ---   Hussain !

ya 'Moula ! you did not forget your followers even under the sword of the enemy !  You did not forget your followers at such a critical time when the slained  body of infant Asghar was in your hands

how we could think that you have forgotten us now ! ! !

Please look to our pitiable condition , 

We are crushed from every where , -------   Again the Yazeed of our time are around us with their necked swords --------    The ummah of your grand father is caught by the horrible troubles -----------    The earth is being coloured with the blood of faithful followers of Islam  ----------   All the curls are united to finish the ummah of your grand father . ------------ The voice of the faithful  is being suppressed 

Though this is all due to our ineligibility and mistakes   !      But ,,,,,

You are the one who saved the Hur by taking him out from the hell of Yazeediat! 

You are the one who gave the equal status to the blood of Joan 

   as  that of Bani Hashem ! !

O ' the up-lifter of the equality of human beings ------ -------- ----- Hussain !

Please don't look at our weaknesses but look to   your greatness ! ! !

Ya ! Moula ''' we have spread our hand before your greatness and begging  for your grace 

Ya ! Hussain  ''''''   give us courage and fortitude ! ! !

O ' our master ! neither we know how to live nor we know how to die honorably ????????????

Ya --- Hussain '''  in such a pitiable condition we look for your help !  We have fallen down fully, and we need your support

and if you don't support us we will  perish !!!!!!!!!!!!


Ya Hussain --- your support is really a great support .

   In the next part of the article the same " Estaghasa " ;  is presented in Urdu.