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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful





PART - 2

Now we will see what sacrifice means  ? 

     In sacrifice a person gives his life  for a great noble aim and this aim must be higher then his life. Than he become martyr if the life is ended aimlessly or not for a noble aim than it is  suicide . It is the aim and the goal which decides that whether it is sacrifice or suicide. Higher the aim , higher will be the level of sacrifice.

     The life of infallible (Masoom) is just according to the will of God.  How great  an aim will it be, for which the life of Masoom is being sacrificed. The master of martyrs Hazrat Imam Hussain left the holy city of Madina with a great and noble aim. While leaving Madina he said, 

" I am leaving Madina not to create any disturbance or lawlessness, but for the correction and the betterment of the Ummah of my grand - father (Holy Prophet). I want good deeds are to be enforced and bad deeds to be stopped  , I am following the way of my father  (Hazrat Ali ) and grand father (Holy Prophet ) "

        The correction of Ummah was the main aim of Hazrat Imam Hussain. He wanted to pull away the veil from hypocrisy and dexterity which had defaced the beautiful face of Islam for the past many years. To achieve this great aim , Imam Hussain selected the open field of Karbala for his great sacrifice ! ! !!

          On the day of Ashura at the last moment of his struggle Imam Hussain gave the call for help. He loudly said  " Is there anyone to help " Halminnaserin, But whom did he call for help ? Because by that time all of his friends , companions and relatives were martyred . Then whom did he call ? From whom did he want help?  

           The last call of Imam Hussain shows that Imam needs Helpers ( Ansar). No doubt  on the basis of Azzadari we are Azzadar , but ,

Are we Ansar also ?

           This is a question which every azadar must ask  himself ! ! ! Because the call of Imam Hussain is still roaring even today. Imam wants Ansar ! 

Azzadari is that holy path through which we can reach to the aim of Imam Hussain . Because only Azadar could become Ansar. No doubt that history is unable to reproduce Ansarran -e- Karbala ( Companions of Imam In Karbala ) because Imam Hussain himself said, " By God no one had batter companions than me. 

No doubt that the Holy Prophet and the other A- Emma (A.S) had a lot of companions but there is a basic difference between the companions of Imam Hussain and the companions of the Holy Prophet and the other A-Emma (A.S). No doubt the Holy Prophet and other  A- Emma (A.S) had a very faithful followers and companions ,but all of them were not of same status of faithfulness and bravery. There were such those used to leave the Holy Prophet and used to run away from the battlefield. Some of them were  who used to make the false excuses for not to go in the war by saying that their houses were not safe, In the companions of Hazrat Ali  there were such whom when he used to call for war they used the hot and cold weather as an excuse. There were such people around Imam Hassan who used to object on his actions.   BUT,

The companions of Imam Hussain  --   Totally different from all ,

Imam Husain  (A.S) in the night of Ashura said that tomorrow whoever will be here will die so I let you go away from here , save yourself, I permit you to leave this place, but in reply they said " O '  the son of prophet, how many times are we to die ?" and when Imam replied that only once, they said that if we are to die seventy times and our bodies are burnt even then we will not leave you . 

No doubt , the history from Adam to the last day of existence is unable to produce such companions who can compete to the Ansarran-e-Hussani.  The status  of their faithfulness is much higher than the level of all attainable possibilities. 

     But see the greatness of Imam Hussain (A.S) that in his last call he asked for Ansar and let the way open to the future generations to get in the holy caravan of Ansarran-e- Karbala. Imam Hussain did not let any one who has the capability be deprive of this holy status.

   It is the nature of human, that when anyone gets some blessing he wishes that it may reach his forth coming generations . When Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S)  got the status of Imammat which was a great blessing of God , he at once asked it for his generation. Imam Hussain who was the Imam of all purified (Momen) races till the day of judgment  saw the high status of his Ansar in view of Allah so he wanted this great blessing should reach all the forth coming Momen races. Therefore, he asked for ANSAR in his last call on the day of Ashura.

      This was the kindness of Imam (a.s) that he did not forget his followers  in such a difficult and critical time ( Asr-e-Ashur )  and how  big cruse and thanklessness will be if we in such a comfortable time forget and overlook the aim of Imam Hussain   (a.s.) and deprive ourselves from  that high blessing which Imam (a.s.) wanted for each of his Azadar ! ! !

       He is the most lucky one who links himself to the pious and pure caravan of  Ansar -e-Hussain.  But this caravan has some terms and conditions and special parameters which are to be fulfilled.

      Imam Hussain collected the pearls in the desert of Karbala. Imam Hussain made it clear from his character that he do not want the poor-spirited majority , may be few but pure and shining like stars.   When Imam Hussain was forlorn , and though wanted people for help , in that difficult time he did not let an ineligible people to get in his pure and pious caravan and now how  will he let any characterless one to get in the  caravan of  his shining followers.

      There is a strong watch of character around the Caravan-e-Hussani   and on the basis of strong character  the Ansar-e-Hussani  attainted  such high  levels of  courage and  dignity that even death was surprised and astonished.

      Did an eye see ,that some sister brought a coffin for his brother ------  ?

      Did an old mother make ready his young son for death ------------ ?

      Did  a mother let her infant to go for the journey of death ------------ ?  

       Did an old father colour his beard with the blood of his infant ------------  ?

    In the desert of Karbala death was shivering but the Ansarran -e- Hussani were  fortitude and  firm in their aim. 

     If really we wanted ourselves to be in the Carvan-e-Hussaini then everyone of us has to review his character and question himself that am I able to join with Ansarran-e-Hussain ?

     For old people, the character of Habib , Muslim and Zubair ,

     For young, the character of Hazrat Abbas , Ali Akbar and Qasim ,

     For Children , the character of Awn and Mohammad ,

     For women , the character of Hazrat Zainab   ---------  

                           -------------   is the glowing flambeau for guidance.


Imam Hussain (A.S.) has put on the shining flambeau  on every corner  of life , whose glow will never dim till the day of judgment.

    In the third part of the article we will put forward our call for help ( Estaghasa ) to Imam Hussain.