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  In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful




PART - 1


         All the nations of the world spend millions   every year for their luxury but there is only one nation which spends millions on weeping.

    These tears which are not swords nor guns nor bombs but yet nations are afraid of them . All possible means are used to stop these tears but none of their tactics could stop them and the Caravan-e-Azza is continuously proceeding forward with all its glory. 

    Azzadari is our lifeline. Our existence is due to the Azzadari. If we look in history and the era through which we passed or are still passing we might have been finished ! Because none of the factors which are necessary for the existence of any nation were or are  with  us. We have never been in power , All means of propagation ( past and present ) always remained against us. The swords of the rulers always remained red with our blood,  We have never been with strong center. Some times we were hanged and some times we were nailed in the walls , We were continuously slain by swords , our bodies  were burnt in the fire or were shattered  into pieces by bomb blasts ,  our tongues were pulled out ,  Thousands were engulfed by the terrible dark jails and countless flowers were  rubbed off before flourishing. 

    In spite these cruelties  we still exist with all the glories. Our existence is only and only due to the Azzadari -e- Mazloom. 

   We see that when anyone performs any deed purely for the wish of Allah , Allah makes such a deed  eternal. This is the routine of God (Sunnat -e- Eelahia ) and His routine never changes. 

   When a mother for the wish of God sat down with her infant in the dry grassless and waterless mountains . And she ran between the hills for the search of water for her thirsty infant , her act liked so much by the God that He preserved it and made it everlasting.

    When a father for the wish of God put the knife on the throat of his young son , the sacrifice was liked so much by God that He preserved it for ever. 

   So as a result we see that when any one gives even a single sacrifice  purely for the sake of God , God makes it eternal . And IF someone  scarifies his entire house, his children and relatives , his friends and companions even an infant of six months for the sake of Allah , Will Allah let such a great sacrifice go in vain or let it 

abolish ? ?  Never , because it is against the routine of God. 

   God himself is the protector of this great sacrifice and if someone links himself to it he becomes eternal.

    But here the question is that Is Azzadari with all its glory  itself an end or aim or target ?   or is it the way to achieve some higher target or aim  ? ? ?

In order to reply to this question  we have to first understand what  a sacrifice is ? and how it comes into existence?

  We will take up this question to find its answer in the second  part of this article.