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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


sub topic :- Saying of Holy Prophet ,  about Hazrat Ali            and the response of ummah  

             In this part of the article we will see what was the position and the status of Hazrat Ali to  Allah and to the Holy Prophet and why the ummah in majority reacted against Hazrat Ali? There were countless enemies  of Ali both inside and outside of Islamic circle. Out side the Islamic circle the enmity was based on the fact that Ali fought with the enemies of Islam in Macca and protected the message and the Holy Prophet.All Plannings of the Mushrekeen  failed due to Hazrat Abu Talib ( the father of Hazret Ali ) and due to fully devoted help of Ali himself till the night of migration reached and Holy Prophet safely left the Mecca and only Ali proved to be the strong shield between Holy Prophet and Mushrekeen -e- Mecca. So this act developed  the enmity of Hazrat Ali in the hearts of all Mushrekeen. This enmity  increased due to  Hazarat Ali's brave action against the Musrekeen in the battle of Badr, Uhed and Khandak so the hearts of  Mushrekeen were full rather overlapped with the enmity of Hezrat Ali. (A.S.)

                   The second front of the enmity of Hazrat Ali was inside the Islamic society because of   his faithful, sincere, endless efforts for Islam and for the Holly Prophet , Holy Prophet at the wish of God mentioned such a high and great position for Ali which was quite unattainable for others. In all the battles of Islam Ali came out like shinning star while others were not in a position to be mentioned. This gap of position and status created jealousness in the majority of the people which ultimately led to the enmity of Ali. The enmity with Hazrat Abu Talib, enmity with Hazrat Fatima Zahra and the enmity of Husnain were actually based on the enmity of Ali.   (In Karbala Imam Hussain said the same that these Bani ummiah will never leave me because I am the son of Ali ) So the enemies of Hazrat Ali were both inside and outside the Islamic circle and this condition remained till the city of Mecca fell in the hands of the Muslims . With the conquest of Mecca the Mushrekeen -e- Mecca had to accept Islam and majority of them accepted Islam only just to be safed,  but kept the  enmity of Islam in their hearts. So as before it was mentioned that they were the worse  enemy of Ali  now they  enter in the Islamic circle with the enmity of Ali and there they found a lot of helping hands in this regard. Now a strong and over dominating group of the enemies of Ali became the part of Muslim society.  During the life of Holy Prophet they were keeping this enmity in their hearts and were not able to put it in a practical shape , Holy Prophet was well aware of the situation ,and due to  this Holy Prophet did not leave any ambiguity  in  explaining  the position of Ali so that these so called Muslims  should correct themselves and should keep away from the enmity of Ali which in fact  was the enmity of Holy Prophet and the enmity of God. But these masses were just counting the days of Holy Prophet's life, and as soon as the Holy Prophet passed away these people came out with their actual faces, and the endless troubles started for Ali and for whole of his family. Now with this brief back ground of  enmity of Ali we go to the Saying of Holy Prophet who did his best to explain the worthy position of Ali and Ahllal Bait, But those unfortunates whose hearts were boiling with the enmity of Ali and his holy generation, could not be taken out from the burning hell.  

Let us now pay attention to the sayings of Holy Prophet :-

1.     Ref.     Masnad Ahmed bin Hambel   Referred through Yanabeul Mawadat .

           Narrated by Ammesh bin Addi , Holy Prophet said, " O, Ali no one will love you except Momin and no one will be your enemy but Monafiq. "  { Now it is up to the conscious of every Muslim to decide that those who were fighting with Ali with their naked  sword , were fighting on the bases of love or enmity , if they were fighting on the bases of love with Ali than this love is really not understandable to us, and if they were fighting due to the enmity of Ali than according to the above saying of holy Prophet what they  were ? 

2.       Ref.     Yanabeul Mawadat P-396.

           By Alqama bin Qais and Aswad bin Bareeda , once we both went to the house of Hezrat  Abu Ayub Ansari (R.A.)  and asked him that you are highly regarded by God due to Holy Prophet that his camel sat in front of your house , kindly tell us about that war which was fought against Ali. Hezrat Abu Ayub Ansari said that I swear to God , one day Holy Prophet was sitting in my house on the same place where we are now sitting. Ali was on his right and Ans Bin Malik was standing in front  of Holy Prophet when the door was knocked. Holy Prophet  asked to see that who is on the door ? Hazrat Ans Bin Malik went to the door and said ,  Ya Rasulallah ,  Ammar Yaser has come ,on this Holy Prophet said let the Ammar Yaser come in. When Ammar Yaser came in the Holy Prophet said " O, Ammar see ! very soon many unpleasant  events will appear in my ummah , People will kill each other with swords when you see such things be firmly with one who is on my right and pointed to Ali. If all the people   (here all people means all Sahaba Karam because they were the people of that time ) are walking in one valley and alone Ali is walking in other valley , you leave all of them  and be with Ali because Ali will never let you to be away from the right path and will never let you to drop in the errantry . 

            Further Holy Prophet said , Ya Ammar be sure that obedience to Ali is  my obedience and  my obedience is the obedience of God.   ( Today after more than 1400 years passed we know these sayings of Holy Prophet about Hazrat Ali and the people of same period  who were fighting with their naked swords with Ali were not aware of these sayings of Holy Prophet, Surely they were knowing all this but still they were the worse enemy of Ali because they were badly driven by their Nafse Amara and Shatain and were controlled by both of them. ) 

3.         Ref.    Yanabeul Mowadat P-397 .     

            Narrated  by Hazrat Jaber Bin Abdullah Ansari ( R.A.) the Holy Prophet said, " On the door of Jannah it is written  "Laaelaha Illalla, Mohammad dur Rasullala, Ali un Waliullah " ( So called Muslim and the enemy of Ali will never like to go in that Jannah where Ali un Waliullah is written because he will take it as Imambarah and it should be,   because in this world the Imambarah is the house of Imam Hussain and in the next  world the Jannah is the entire property of Hussain as Holy  Prophet said "   Hassan & Hussain  are the lords of all young lots of Jannah "

4.        Ref.     Tafser Imam Sohalbi  referred through Yanabeul Mawadat  P-434 .

             Hazrat Sofyan bin Aniah  was asked about the meaning of Ayah 29. Surah  Al Moahrej, that  Some one asked for the happening chastisement  " what was that happening chastisement? and who was this person who asked for this ? on this Sofyan Bin Aniah said that I heard from my father who heard from Imam Jafar Bin Mohammed ( A.S,) and the Imam narrated through his fore- fathers up to Holy Prophet , that in the Khum -e- Ghadeer when people ( Sahaba Karam ) were called up,  when all gathered the Holy Prophet held the hand of Hazrat Ali raised it up and said " All those to whom  I am a master ,  Ali is their master "  After this great event when Holy Prophet reached Medina   the news of Ghadeer spread every where  that Ali is the master of every Muslim. one man ,a Muslim of that time ( Is he not Sahabi ?) but enemy of Hazrat Ali ,named  Haras bin Nooman  Faheri came to the mosque of Holy Prophet in a very aggressive mood  and shouted Ya Mohammad  !   You told us about God we believed ,  You told us about your Prophet hood we believed , You asked for prayer we did, You ordered to keep fast  we obeyed you, You asked for Zakah we gave, was it not sufficient ?  that you made Ali as our master, just tell me that this order is from you or from God ? The Holy Prophet replied that this order is from God. On this the most unlucky person said that if it is from God than ask the God to drop a stone on me ! !  ( just think , such  people were there in Medina who preferred  Azab-e-Ilahi than to accept Ali as their master.) As  he left the mosque a stone dropped from the sky on his head and he died on the spot. ( I will say that he hurried,  if he could have waited  for few months more  things were going to  happen of his choice. After the death of Holy Prophet same happened what he wanted . Very important point to be considered is , that what he said , We believed in God, We believed in Risalat  We prayed , We kept fast ,We gave Zaka but in spite of all he faced a horrible  end only because that he did not accept the Welayat of Ali, he did not accept  Ali as his master so every thing went in vain. Therefore, it is lesson for all those who have not accepted  Ali as their master and putting  their best in Ebadaat  must know that their end is not going to be different than Haras bin Nooman .The second important point to think is that this man only opposed Ali but did not take the sword and fight against Ali and reached to this terrible end what about those who physically fought with their naked sword against Ali ? ??  )

5.         Ref.   Mustedrak Imam Hakim Pt.3, P-129.

            Holy Prophet said, " Ali is the Imam of Good people and killer of evils, Who so ever will help him he will be helped and any one who did not help him will not be helped. "

6.        Ref.    Mustedrak Imam Hakim Pt.3, P-138. Kanzul Ammal Pt. 6 P-151.

            Holy Prophet said, " Three things are told to me about Ali through  Wahi ( Massage of God through Gebraiel) that Ali is the master of Muslims, Imam of God fearing people   (Mutakeen) and leader of shinning face and praying people"

7         Ref.    Kanzul Ammal Pt.6 P-156.

           Holy prophet said, " Ali is one who first believed on me, the day of Resurrection he will be the first to shake hand with me, He is the most truthful ( Siddique Akbar) and he is the separator  of true and false ( Farooq ) and he is the master of momanain . "

8.        Ref.    Above referred book P-157 Sarah Nahjul Balagha  Ibn Abl Hadeed, Pt.2 P450

            Holy prophet said ," Oh group of Ansar, why I should not tell you such a thing that if you keep holding that firmly you will never loose the right path, Look !  Ali is the one to whom you must love as you love me, Must respect him as you respect me and this I am not saying  myself but it is from God through Jebraiel "

9.        Ref.   Sayouti Jame Sagheer P-107. Mustddrak Imam Hakim Pt.3 P-227 

            Holy Prophet Said, " I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the door of it , anyone who wants my knowledge  must come to the door." 

10.       Ref.    Kanzul Ammal Pt.6 P-401

              Holy prophet said, " I am the house of wisdom and the Ali is the door  "

11.         Ref.   Mustddrak  Imam  Hakim Pt. 3. P-122 ,    Kanzul  Ammal Pt.6 P-156.

              Holy Prophet said, " Ya Ali ,after me when my ummah will  get into disputes and differences then you will be the only who will indicate the right path "

12.         Ref.    Mustddrak Imam Hakim Pt. 3 P-121,   Masnad Imam Ahmed bin Hambal Pt.6 P-323 ,                         Khsais Alwia Nasai P-17    

           Holy Prophet said, " Any one who abused Ali he abused me ." ( Just ask from your conscious if it has not been dead completely ,  when Ali was abused by the order of Moyawia bin Abu Sofian from seventy thousand  Masques for ninety years by the  followers of Moyawia in fact who was abused ? ) 

13.          Ref. Mustddrak Imam Hakim Pt.3 P-157 

             Hazrat Ali himself said that Holy Prophet told me that his Ummah after him will not be faithful to me although I will be on his path .( The path of Holy Prophet ) I will be killed and my beard will be coloured with my blood.  

14           Ref.    Mustaddrak Imam Hakim PT.3 P-139 and 141.

               Narrated by Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari, the Holy Prophet said ," Ali will fight against the people who will  break the pact, (Bayait) and who will tripping out from the balanced path  and quiting  Deen e Islam"     ( Be remembered that Ali fought against some of the prominent people in Jaml, Safeen and Nehrwain , what the Holy Prophet said about  them and what a highly respectable status they are enjoying in the Ummah of Holy Prophet .This is the worst type of enmity  that people totally forgot the saying of Holy Prophet )

          There are such a large number of Ahades  of Holy Prophet in the honour of Ali that one can not cover them all only a few just fourteen (Equal to the number of  masumeen )   are quoted but those whose hearts were boiling with the enmity of Hazrat Ali never accepted the reality ,  and  did always against the wish of Holy Prophet, and this enmity is still continue till to this date as because the present generations inherited the enmity of Ali from their fore- fathers .

( Note :- In all the above references  where ever the reference of book Mustaddrak of Imam Hakim is given that means that the Rewayat or hades is exactly according to the standard of Bukhari and Muslim but purposely both of them denied such rewayaat in their books .This is also a very distinct way of enmity to hide  the status of Ali as far as possible but both poor men were not aware of the fact that God will manage to sent a man like Imam Hakim within their own house who will tear the veil of  their hidden enmity . )        

            At the end of this topic before I give some valueable poetry of Imam Shafi I will give a touch of history  to indicate that in the early age of Islam after the death of Holy Prophet  how   difficult it was to be with Ali or to show the love for Ali. Allama Ibn Abi Al Hadeed narrates in his book Sherae Nahjul Balagha Pt.3 P-15.

  •            "   The enmity of Ali was wide spread and was so strong that if any one was proved to be having love with Ali , His beard used to be shaved, and he used to be moved in the bazaar as an highly accused person, all his rights used to be forfeited . all his approaches used to be cut, he used to be declared the most unwanted person from the government. Ultimately he was been killed or his tong used to be pulled out or his eyes used to be damaged and his property used to be divided among the people. Lot of houses were burnt, hands and feet were being cut many were hung on the trees because they were having love with Ali. In the government of Maweia this situation prevailed for continuously twenty years and later on during the period of Bani Ummiah and Bani Abbas such hardships remained for the lovers of Ali and Ahllal Bait for hundreds of years

  •                 A lot many narrators of Ahades were bribed or under the pressure were forced to make changes in Ahades and Rewayat in the favour  of the governing bodies and many Ahades were made and spread  among the people against Ali and Ahalla Bait.The Raweyain -e- Hades under pressure used to reject  all such Ahades which were in the favour of Ali or used to make changes in such Ahades and to make them fit on their popular self made big personalities that is the reason that today in many books of Hades we find a lot of admiring ahades in the favour of those people who were not even mentionable in the period of Holy Prophet. The people were highly afraid to narrate the correct ahades in the favour of Ali. The Government machinery used to force the Ulama and Khotaba to  curse  Ali during their  religous lectures . This is the reason that  Bukhari and Muslim ignored a lot of Ahades which were in the favour of Ali and Ahllal Bait though they were according to the standard laid down by both of them. Such Ahades were later collected by other people like Imam Hakim  and  were indicated that they were correct Ahades and were according to the standard of Bukhari and Muslim. Now we end this topic with the poetry of Imam Shafi 

             Imam Shafi says "  Whenever in any gathering I talked about Ali ,Hussain or          Zahra Zakia the worst people of the era started  talking about other things and they say that do not talk about Ali because these are the narrations of Rafezes. I hate these people who think to respect   Hazrat Zahra is a Refz.  Blessing of God  for the race of Holy Prophet and cruse for their enemies , If the love of Ali is Rafeziat than I am the biggest Rafazi in the world. "

              Note :- In the whole topic  no Shia  Rewayat is referred though there are hundreds of Ahades in this respect in Shis's book of Ahades..