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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful 


SUB TOPIC :-                        SAYING OF HOLY PROPHET ABOUT 

                   HAZRAT FATIMA ZAHRA (A.S.)  AND The response of  Ummah  

           Now  we will discuss about Hazrat Fatima Zahra in the light of Holy Prophet sayings and will see how the ummah in general regarded the wish of Holy Prophet. Hazrat Zahra   (A.S.) was the central figure of the Ahllal Bayt. If after the Holy Prophet her status and respect would have been preserved and regarded by the ummah then  no trouble would have come upon the holy race of Holy Prophet. Now just we look at the sayings of the Holy Prophet :-

  1.     Ref:-     Zakhair ul Oqba  and Neyabe ul Mowadatt.

           Narrated by Hazrat Ali (A.S.)  "Holy Prophet said Ya Fatima God gets angry  with your anger  and God pleasures with your pleasure "  ( And it is very clear that Hazrat Zahra was very angry with some of the people among the ummah )

2.        Ref.     Tareekh Abul Fawada Pt.1 P-375

            After the death of Holy Prophet people left the body of Holy Prophet and gathered in  Saqifa  Bani Saada. Only Hazrat Ali ( A.S.) with very few people were left to attend the final rites  of Holy Prophet and when the people returned from Saqifa the Holy body of Prophet was buried. Instead  of showing  any sympathy or grief on this great sorrowful  event the people started gathering with great anger on the door of Hazrat Zahra and their main aim was to get Bayat from Hazrat Ali (A.S.)

3.         Ref.    Tareekh Tibri ,  Al Imamat wal Seyasat Pt.1 P-12.

            Hazrat Omer with other people came to the door of Hazrat Zahra with fire and shouted that every one in the house must come out otherwise I will burn this house ( Be reminded that it was the same house on which Holy Prophet used to come for salam , Reference is already quoted  ) Hazrat Zahra ( A.S.) herself came to the door and said Ya Ibn-e- khttaab you want to burn the house though there are Ali and Hasnain inside the house,  he replied let them be .

4.          Ref.    Roza Al Manazer Berhashia Kamil P-113.

             The door of Hazrat Zahra (A.S.) was put on fire, when Syeda Zahra (A.S.) came to the door, the burning door was dropped on her and with the result  she was badly injured . Allama Moheen while commenting on the event wrote in his book Al-Mallel wal Nahal Shrestani ( P-20) that later the death of Hazrat Zahra (A.S.) was caused due to the injury of  burning door which was dropped on her. 

5.           Ref.   Maaraj-n- Nabuwat Chpt. 3 P-42 ,   Tareekh Yaqoobi Pt.2 P-116.

               The people got inside the house of Hazret Zahra  by shouting and destroying every thing, on this Hazrat Zahra came out and said go away from my house otherwise I will pray against you to the God.

6.           Ref.    Al-Imammat wal Seyasat Pt. 1, P-141.

                Later on the Shaikhain came to the door of Hazrat Zahra and admitted that we have made you angry and wanted to get excused but Hazrat Zahra turned her face away  by saying that till to the last breath I will keep praying against you to the God, on this both went back .

7.            Ref.     Admice of  Shamsul Ullama Nazir Ahmed Dahlavi with reference to these books.Estiahab Pt-2 P-772 ,  Alkari Pt. 12 P-18 ,    Roza tul Ahbab Pt. 1 P- 434, Azala tul Khafa Pt.2 P-52     

               Hazrat Fatima Zahra Stopped talking to Hazrat Abubakar and Hazrat Ummar and at the time of her death she advised  that both of them are not to be allowed to come to  her Janaza prayer and my body should be buried in the darkness of night. 

8.             Ref.     From Row-e-Sadiqa ( Dupty Nazir Ahmed )

                It is very sorrowful to say that after the death of Holy Prophet the Ahllal Bayt came across very sad events and their status and respect was dropped down till the condition reached to the happening of Karbala the quite unique event of its nature.

9.             As per Hafiz Mohammad bin Ali Shre Ashowb only the following people were in the Janaza Prayer of Hazrat Zahra :-

               1. Hazrat Ali,    2. Hazrat Hassan 3. Hazrat Hussain,    4. Hazrat Aqueel,    5. Hazrat Sulaman  ....            6. Hazrat Miqdad ,   7. Hazrat Ammar Yasar,   8. Hazrat Bureda, 9. Hazrat Abbas,   10. Hazra    .........       Fazal,     . 11.Hazrat  Hazeefa,   12. Hazrat Abu Zar. 

10.           Ref.      Nayabe ul Mowadat P-417

                From Hazrat Ans , the Holy Prophet said that there are  four women who are of highest status in the whole universe. They are Mariam  Bint-e- Imran,  Assia Bint-e- Mazahem ,  Khadeja Bint-e- Khulid and Fatima Bint-e-Mohemmad (A.S.)

11             Brief Comments on Fadak.

  •                Here I am not going to discuss  Fadak in detail because it itself is needs a complete  article, but just to point out the situation prevailing after the death of  Holy Prophet. To see that the people who are considered to be the most faithful to the Holy Prophet in fact  were having enmity with Hazret Zahra ( by keeping in view that as per saying of Holy Prophet The enemy of Hazrat Zahra was the enemy of Holy Prophet himself but how a strange it is that enemy of Hazrat Zahra is considered to be the most faithful friend of Holy Prophet , How the people joined  two impossibilities together )
  •                Just after the death of Holy Prophet the Fadak which was given to her by the Holy prophet was taken back from her by force by the khalipha and when Hazrat Zahra forwarded her claim of Fadak to the governing authority it was turned down by taking the support of one self made hades  which was   opposite  to the teaching of Quran. According to Ayah-e- Mubahela she was the central figure of Sadaqeen , as per Ayah Tatheer she was among those  whose Taharat was granted by God. According to the teaching  and a lot of repeated sayings of Holy Prophet she was very close rather a part of Holy Prophet , but the powerful governing body rejected her claim by considering her to be the wrong , false , unaware of Islamic teaching etc.
  •                In this regard her evidences (Ali and Hussnain ) were also rejected. Please  note that these people according to Quranic standard were Sadayqeen if they were now false in their witness  then , Is the Quranic  standard   not challenged ? 

  •        Mullana Sadduruden  Hanafi  in his book " Rawaaha  al-Mutafa " P-96 (urdu) comments that after the death of Holy Prophet many abnormal events happened , for example Burning of the main door of the house of Hazrat Zahra by Hazrat Umar, Falling of burning door on Hazrat Zahra, Gathering of crowed  and shouting on the door of Hazrat Zahra, And saying of Hazrat Zahra that these people (those who highly made her angry) should not be permitted to take part in my Janaza prayer, these all events  show  that the daughter of Holy Prophet left this world in a very gloomy state.       

  • On the grave of Holy Prophet Hazrat Zahra said . " Oh! my father , after you I faced such a terrible troubles that if they were to be faced by shinning days they would have turned into dark nights. "

  • ( Being a muslim just think that Hazrat Zahra after the death of Holy Prophet remained only 70 or 90 days in this world but even in such a shot time she was subjected to countless and terrible troubles after all who were be the  responsible for this ? )

  • Shah Abdul Haq Dahlvi in his book " Sarha -e- Meshkat Pt.3 P-453 says that among all disputes the Fadak is the most difficult one because it can not be justified in any way. 

  •            Now at the end of this sub topic we will not comment much but  leave it to the conscious of every Muslim, he himself should justify that tomorrow how he is going to face the Holy Prophet !. Did he regarded the saying of Holy Prophet in respect of  Ahllal Bait and specially about Hazrat Zahra ? How the enemy of Hazrat Zahra ( in fact the  enemy of Holy Prophet) became the most respectable figures of the Muslims world?  




    The fire which was brought to the door of Hazrat Zahra (A.S) reached up to Krbala which burnt the Khuyyam-e-Hussani!!