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 In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful

        QAmAR  DER  NAJOOM   



          A famous hadees of Holy Prophet (narrated  by Ah- Le- Sunnah)is that" My Sahaba are like stars " Let us see very carefully these stars  around the moon (Holy Prophet ) and also visualize  that  all of them were on  correct path and also that all of them were in the position to guide to the correct path and to follow any of them will be the guarantee of correct path ? 

           From this article we don't mean to point out to the holy and faithful group of Sahaba-e- Karam ( Rezwan ulla alhe ) their respect and love is the necessity of Iman, But the great problem is that among the faithful Sahaba Karam there were many dangerous enemies of Islam badly mixedwith them , and to separate them from the faithful Sahaba Karam was a  very difficult task. Such dangerous people were not few that just by separating Abdullah ibn Abe or some other known Munafeqeen we could get satisfied that the rest of all are faithful and we blindly start following the rest.

          The Holy Quran has repeatedly indicated that in and around the Madina  Munafeqeen  were in great number. They used to sit with the Holy Prophet like other faithful followers , they used to pray like others, and even  they used to participate in the holy Islamic wars, hence it was very difficult to separate them . Among them there were such deep and hidden enemies that God in Holy Quran said " O, Prophet you do not know them , but we know them " Now just see that in the presence of such deep and hidden Munafeqeen around the Holy Prophet  is that possible and advisable that we consider  all of them to be of same status and respect  by just closing  our eyes , and to search the enemies of Islam among them is considered to be un-Islamic act and against  the respect of Sahaba Karam ! 

          To us, the best way to protect the respect of Sahaba Karam is to separate such deep enemies from the faithful Sahaba Karam . They must be brought out, with their true faces and ,we being a Muslim, must know that under the  blind influence of respect for the Sahaba Karam , we must not be respecting the enemies of Islam and the enemies of Holy Prophet. And we must be careful that  these worst and hidden enemies of Holy Prophet under the beautiful cover of Sahabiat  may not  be taking revenge from the Muslims in a such a way that although being  enemies of Holy Prophet they may be getting respect from the followers of Holy Prophet.

          If we adopt this view that to be a Sahabi is sufficient than whatever he does we have to respect  and regard him by all means, No matter if he disgraces the Holy Prophet , and the Holy Prophet heimself expel him out from the city of Madina but we will respect him beause he is a Sahabi, If any one among them murders any other sahabi ,both will be respected because they are Sahaba, If Holy Prophet clearly indicating a person  said "Any one who fought against him is as he fought against me "and after this clear indication if some one among that mixed group knowing the saying  of Holy Prophet openly fought against that person so as per saying of Holy Prophet he is fighting against the Holy Prophet but will be respected because he is a Sahabi.

            Under the above view , all the enemies of Islam and the enemies of Holy Prophet   (Munafeqeen) will automatically get in the respectable circle of faithful followers ( Sahaba Karam )  Because the Munafiq is one who apparently looks like other Muslims sitting among the people generally called Sahaba Karam but internally the worst enemy , His hidden enmity is unknown to the people of that time ,when such dangerous enemies were found in the society how wise  is it to close eyes and say that all of them are Sahaba Karam so they have to be respected what ever they are, and what ever they did . Can this view be right according to the Islam , the religion that claims to be the religion of light , the religion of knowledge and the religion of facts. Can such religion drop its followers in the darkness of ignorance where they can not distinguish between the right and wrong , where they can not differentiate friend and foe, where they con not differentiate  Momin and Munafiq, Where they con not differentiate the Zalim and Mazloom ( how foolish it is that Zalim and Mazloom both are to be Called Raziallah Taala Anhoo ) 

              During the life of Holy Prophet when the Wahi was being continuously revealed these enemies always used to feel that they are in the state of danger that at any time they could be exposed and could be clearly pointed out by God. But God gave the general indication that around the Holy Prophet there were munafiqs and some of them are so clever and so deep that even the Prophet doesn't know them. ( Though the Holy Prophet was knowing every one of them , the saying of God that O,Prophet you do not know them is actually to show the depth  and the seriousness of the issue and it was also a warning to the Ummah that they must not drop over  blindly.)

              After the death of Holy Prophet when the heavenly link of Wahi was discontinued the Munafeqeen became happy on thinking  that now they could not be exposed out. Now the question is that Did Holy Prophet layout any principle for the ummah to read out the  faces of those dangerous enemies so that they could not deceive the Momineen ?

            Yes , Definitely , the Holy Prophet did not expose their names because it was due to  Rahmat, but the Holy Prophet gave the principle and this was the need of Adalat.

              If  the Holy Prophet showed by clearly indicating and nominating  some one that ' No one will be your  enemy except the Munafiq and No one will be your friend but the Momin.' Then such a Ummah who claim  to follow their prophet in every bit of their life like cleaning of teeth   (Miswak) , Combing of hair , Keeping up of Shelwar , the way of taking water, etc who can this ummah over look such a  important principle of Iman and Nefaq ? Or the Munafeqeen after the death of Holy Prophet had become so powerful that they for their own safety wiped out such an important principle from the Ummah and gave the beautiful idea that respect everyone and do not worry who is what.

              We believe that the principle given by Holy Prophet can never be wrong at any time , and we are sure that the Munafeqeen generation after generation will show their enmity against that indicated standard of Holy Prophet in different  and changing forms , some times by direct fighting, some times by disliking him , some times by showing love and attachment with the enemies of that indicated standard and some times hating and abusing the followers of that indicated standard and all these actions will keep on exposing them till the Day of Judgment.

                 If after the death of Holy Prophet any individual or group openly stick against the given standard of Holy Prophet and even then we close our eyes and keep bowing to those people and keep respecting them ,is this not the open revolt to the Holy Prophet and also revolt to the faithful followers of Islam ( Sahaba Karam ).

                  Now in our next sub topics we will take the verses of Holy Quran ( in five parts) to discuss the gathering around the Holy Prophet those who all are considered the stars but as a fact all of them were not so, although some of them were real stars even more bright then the stars and to protect their status is must for every Muslim ,But we must be very careful that under the unnecessary pressure of respect one must not   protect the respect and the status of Munafeqeen. 



 The moon in the stars.